Las Vegas Shooting: Stephen Paddock “found dead” in Hotel Room Across Street from International Airport… hmmm

by Scott Creighton

After tons of reports said Stephen Paddock, suspect in the Las Vegas shooting last night, was killed by local SWAT team after they breached his hotel room door on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Vegas, now they are slightly changing the story.

The change is EXTREMELY important.

Eventually, the Nevada resident was stopped from causing more widespread devastation by SWAT teams who quickly descended on the concert and casino before using explosives to get into his hotel room.

The gunman was found dead in his hotel room and the motive for the attack is not immediately clear. Metro UK

So Stephen Patsy Paddock was dead before they entered the room.

And the hotel is right across the street from the hangers for private jets at the international airport.

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20 Responses

  1. I’m not seeing the significance of the fact that the airport with the private jets is across the street from the hotel. Can you elaborate and also tell us why you think this guy is a patsy?

    • Easy escape route for the team of Blackwater types who did the actual shooting.

      • Right. But if past gladio events are any guide, airport escape routes are not required. They can just as easily drive away.

    • well, doesn’t seem to be a motive. his family down in Florida says it’s remarkably out of character for him. Somehow he gets 10 rifles into that hotel, a casino hotel, and no one notices on the MILLION SECURITY CAMERAS? and no motive and he’s FOUND dead in the room… PRESUMABLY by a self inflicted gunshot wound. and no motive. As for the airport… when the shooters (yes plural) left the building, all they had to do was get across the street basically to a private plane fueled and ready to go. probably the LAST flight to leave airport before being shut down. Why is a private plane significant? No id required and it could go anywhere and would WAIT for the crew to get there from the hotel. that’s why.

      • Motive is usually not required in these bullcrap stories… but, they just announced he had converted to Islam a few months ago… announced by ISIS Human Resources department… my guess is that Rita Katz has seen this on one of the ISIS websites that she keeps five eyes on…

      • Aah–thanks, all–very good observations. Do you think the Blackwater types may have planted the 10 guns?

        • Or were they the ones who did the shootings? (Or were there really any shootings?)

        • yes there were shootings. watch my video coming out in a few minutes. the 10 guns are there because CLEARLY it’s several guns being fired at the same time and there will be projectiles fired from DIFFERENT rifles found in victims so… they had to leave weapons there so they could say Stephen SOMEHOW fired all the guns himself. How he fired at least two simultaneously is beyond my comprehension, but that’s the level of stupid the MSM possesses.

  2. I don’t know if it has any significance, but Mandalay’s architecture is floor to ceiling glass throughout the facade with no balconies. So, it’d be fair to assume that these windows do not open. I have looked through many room photos, and haven’t seen anything that would suggest otherwise.

    That doesn’t mean an assassin with intent to kill would not simply break the glass, or start shooting through it until glasses gone. Either way, there would need to be a gaping hole on the facade. I looked for a morning shot of the hotel to see if there is a broken or busted window on the 32nd floor, but haven’t come across one yet.

    • Here’s a photo that shows a very prominent “flash” in a window. Hard to say what floor it is because we don’t see the base of the building, but it is definitely 32nd or above.

      I know nothing about weapons. Is this kind of a flash typical of the weapons in question? (so bright and so large that it almost drowns all the other bright Las Vegas lights around it)

  3. New theory: the killer had converted to Islam. Daesh claims responsibility.

    That does it for me. I like this one the best:
    • he was bad white male and • he was a freshly minted Muslim (it also explains the girlfriend– Muslim herself, why didn’t I think of it before?).
    I say, we need to send more troops to Syria to fight Daesh, because if we don’t fight them there we have to fight them here — why, we ARE already doing it!…

    • Yap, he converted to Islam for 666666.66 sheckels. Gayyesh ran out of dollazz paying at the strip clubs and printing Qurans. 🤑🤑🤑

  4. The private airport IS significant considering the woman who was known to be this poor guy’s companion WITH him in Vegas is “out of the country”. Woman is a high stakes hostess & world traveler. Also consider the description of witness that said Hispanic “looking” couple were escorted out by security 45 mins before gunfire, after the woman said “you’re all going to die tonight” **Also please look at that ground footage towards the end, you can actually see shells flying over white gazebo which IS NOT trajectory from alleged hotel room.

  5. Heard in passing a reference to Paddock having been a Northrop Grummond auditor…

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