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  1. Yeah, John Perkins really opened my eyes with this some years ago. Good to see it again. What I especially like about him is that he is also into shamanism, as am I. Not too many people into shamanism and political Truth.

    • he’s done some questionable things since coming out with his book (not shamanism, but other things) but it’s important to remember his early days before his transition.

      • Yes, important to remember. I’ve seen him do some questionable things at his shamanism workshops, seemingly rooted in streaks of immaturity and recklessness. Nothing terrible as far as I was concerned, but others complained and some walked out. What questionable things has he done politically?
        At one of his shamanism workshops, I tried to turn him onto 9/11 Truth, but he wasn’t very interested.
        One thing I always wondered about was his story that he was paid a lot of money to not write his book, which he didn’t write for a while, but then he wrote it anyway. Made me wonder why he didn’t suffer any backlash (that I know of) for reneging on the deal.

        • Perhaps he is yet another controlled opposition asset.
          I also take issue with his description of Saddam Hussein as the “strongman controlling his people”. His government did engage in repressive actions, but he is highly popular among the Iraqi population for good reason (modernising the country and protecting its stability as long as he could). If you can find his letters online, he comes accross as a cultured and eloquent man, too. Beats Daesh, al-Qaeda, Mossad, CIA and Kurdish separatist terrorists rampaging freely, along with IMF debt slavery and almost totally destroyed cities.

          • I wondered about that. But if Perkins “is yet another controlled opposition asset,” what purpose is he serving?

      • So Shamanism is not questionable? Is this willyloman being pc? Ah, the church of shamanism is not questionable. Nor is wicca? Don’t answer. Strictly rhetorical. I don’t care any more than to post this comment.

        • There is no church of shamanism. All spirituality (and other, e.g., political) perspectives are questionable–including atheism, agnosticism, and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, upon which I was brought up and escaped from. Whatever works for you, works for you. As long as you’re not hurting anyone else, believe what you want.
          As for the Bible itself, especially the Old Testament, well, take a look here –> http://www.evilbible.com/

  2. Of course, Wikipedia, Google and company are perfectly happy to lead unsuspecting users browsing about these topics to “debunking” pieces. Their mission is to gaslight you and deprive you of different information.
    One minor nitpick: ALL types of money or credit could arguably be considered “fiat”. Metal and paper currencies use tangible commodities in their manufacture, and may be pegged to valuable products, but they ultimately symbolise points being moved around to distribute labour and resources. Credit cards and cybercurrencies such as bitcoin are simply those virtual numbers untied to any real-world material. Money and credit are chosen to mediate economic transactions as an implicit social agreement, not because of intrinsically magical properties. The propaganda of Ron Paul and others works to obscure this fact, but all currencies, lending, debt, trades or barter are social constructs. They weren’t handed down by Jesus or Aslan. Precious metals are highly valuable, of course, but until we discovered them and found utility for them, they had no effect on our survival. They don’t feed you, educate you, employ you, cure diseases, etc.

  3. I stopped taking notice of him when I read his ‘responsible’ capitalism stuff.

  4. One matter I always wondered about was his report that he was paid a circumstances of money to not drop a line his rule book, which he didn’t drop a line for a while, but then he wrote it anyway. I wondered about that.

    • In the video I posted above, he says something to the effect that publishing the book was his best insurance policy because if they killed him, the book would become and even bigger best seller and wake up even more people.

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