Anubis Unleashed: This is Spanish Democracy in Action

by Scott Creighton

Anubis: a god associated with mummification and the afterlife in ancient Egyptian religion, usually depicted as a jackal or a man with a jackal’s head.

Back in June of this year, the regional Government of Catalonia set a referendum on Catalan independence to be held today. The issue has been one they have been considering for a number of years but it’s come to a boiling point over the past few months due to socioeconomic issues that have caused great tension in Spain as of late. It’s part of a larger “constitutional crisis” that faces the entire nation this year. The independence movement has been a thing in Catalonia for decades but it really kicked off in 2008 with the Spanish debt crisis… inflicted on the people of Spain by the masters of the universe when they demoed ours and everyone else’s economies to serve their interests.

Needless too say, the government of Spain has declared today’s referendum to be illegal, saying it goes against Spain’s constitution. When you take a look at the demographics, you start to understand why they feel that way.

Sunday’s referendum does not cover the entire Catalan Countries. It is confined only to Catalonia, an area in northeastern Spain, which has a population of 7.5 million people. The area accounts for 15 percent of Spain’s population and 20 percent of its economic output. al Jazeera

Barcelona is the symbolic and perhaps future capital of Catalonia with a population of about 1.5 million people and is itself a major economic hub and tourist destination.

The question of independence isn’t so much about EU membership as it is Catalonia leadership feeling like they aren’t getting a solid return on the taxes being leeched out of their region from the Spanish government. Of course, austerity and weaponized refugee issues probably factor in as well, but it’s hard too find specific grievances of the Catalan separatists on the neoliberalised web I have available to me.

Spain says they will force Catalonia out of the EU if the referendum yelds a “yes” vote but that’s not a foregone conclusion.

The way the vote works is like this: if a simple majority of the people decide they want out of Spain and to form their own nation, the government of Catalonia has two days to make it happen.

Many are comparing this independence referendum to the Brexit vote but that one was directly tied to EU membership whereas this one is not, and that one had all sorts of loopholes built into the plan and it’s now being betrayed even more by Theresa May, just like I wrote it would be.

In the Catalonia vote… when you vote for “out”… you get out. Immediately.

The leaders of the EU nations are not supporting the referendum, many saying they support the constitution of Spain, which means they don’t support and probably wont recognize the results were Catalans to decided on independence. Trump does not support it either.

In fact, the only world leaders to openly support the referendum are Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela and Nicola Sturgeon of Scotland.

I cannot claim to have a deep understanding of the Catalonia independence movement or this referendum as I have not covered it as of yet on this blog. But I can say, judging by the company they keep, I would tend to support the right to self determination of the Catalans.

Also factoring into my decision is my growing understanding of the reaction of the Spanish government.

When the government of Catalonia set the referendum date, the government of Spain began something called Operation Anubis in an effort to cut the heads off the referendum operation by raiding their homes and dragging them off to jail. They’ve been spying on and disappearing independence movement leaders for months now and even raided locations where ballots were being stored and made off with them hoping to derail the referendum in that way.

All of this repression has had the opposite effect. Millions have turned out in protest of the Spanish government’s fascist tactics over the past few months with a massive demonstration taking place a week ago in which an estimated 1 million Catalans gathered to show support for their government and their right to self determination.

Of course, very little attention has been paid to that growing movement by the complicit media over here who seem to want to focus on millionaires playing a child’s game taking a knee or not on Sunday.

Today the Anubis campaign has been unleashed. Thousands of police and Federal Police from all around Spain have descended on the people of Catalonia to beat them into submission. Quite literally. That’s not hyperbole.

Anubis has been unleashed.

Reports of police violence are surfacing from all over Catalonia. They are beating and shooting voters with rubber bullets in an effort to stop the will of the people from being recorded.

These graphic reports of state sponsored violence are all over social media outlets and even starting to make their way to the complicit media who find themselves in a position to either start covering the story or expose themselves as the sycophants that they are.

So of course.. Spain is shutting down internet access in Catalonia.

“Voting has been halted at some Catalonia polling stations due to an internet outage, as rubber bullets were fired by riot police” The Independent

I am sure Twitter and Facebook will start censoring posts in the next few hours as well. You know.. the whole “Russia did it” thing and all. Saves “democracy” don’t you know.

Neoliberalism requires violence. When you can’t get what you want through negotiations with corrupt politicians and you rarely can because what honest political servant would subscribe to such fascist and unfair conditions like those “constitutional reforms” and austerity measures demanded by the IMF and other assets of the masters of the universe, then what you have to do is resort to violence.

First they send in the economic hit-men to try to buy their way into a country or region and when that doesn’t work… they send in the jackals. At least, that what John Perkins said. And he should know.

In go the jackals huh?

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7 Responses

  1. I don’t know, Scott. It rubs me the wrong way, even if the progressive web ostracises me. To me, Scotland and Catalonia remind me of Balkanisation. Their separation could go wrong, and lead to ethnic enclaves with people who used to be neigbours now at each others’ throats. Their separation will not get rid of the European Union and its neoliberal policies. I’d prefer overthrowing the current political parties in Spain by way of massive protests, then voting in favour of Spexit, but I may be wrong, and you may be right.

    • what do you mean I might be right? I support their right to hold the referendum but aside from that, I don’t know one way or the other what it’s all about nor do I pretend to. I do think the lengths to which Spain is going to stop it tells us a great deal about the nature of the resistance to it and the fact that the whole of the EU, Germany and the Trumpster reject the referendum also tells us a good deal… but again, aside from that, I don’t know what’s behind it all. Well, except, they wanted out back in 2008 and independence for even longer than that. they should be allowed to hold the referendum in peace and then the Spanish government should negotiate a resolution the government of Catalonia can live with.

      • I hope Spaniards and Catalans don’t have bones to pick with each other. Catalan is related to Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Latin and Romanian, a Romance and Indo-European language. I hope the two populations can continue to coexist.

  2. I think the violent Spanish govt’s and highly negative EU’s reaction to their wish to leave is because they are a prosperous area of Spain/EU, not an impoverished Greek island for example. This breaking away of a prosperous region could impinge on the real goal which is UN Agenda 2050 so heads will be cracked. Does Spain have gun laws?

  3. This whole issue is extremely complicated and I don’t pretend to fully understand it either but there are some things that can be said for certain. Firstly, Spanish govt violence is as disgusting as it is to be expected – in this respect Francoist history is merely repeating itself. Secondly, if the referendum had been allowed then the odds are that surprisingly high that the Catalans would still have voted no – just as voters did in Scotland. The reasons for this are quite complicated too.

    For one thing many Catalans do not want to leave Spain, others fear a forced exit from EU, and some regard the Catalan govt (who called the election) to be little better than Madrid. This is indeed the view of a good friend who lives in Barcelona and regards herself as a pro-Catalan nationalist and yet fears rule under the Catalan govt. Today she has cast a blank vote in order to show her disgust for Madrid and its contempt for democracy though refusing to endorse Catalan independence (given the current conditions). On my blog you can read her thoughts directly because I posted some of our recent correspondence (with her permission of course).

    Lastly, Sturgeon and the SNP will be bound to back every call for independence from every region on Earth simply because it boosts their own position – not that Scottish independence is gaining much traction at present. In reality, however, there is little useful comparison between the two situations. Scotland is comparatively poor region whereas Catalonia is rather wealthy; British govt under Blair encouraged Scots ‘devolution’ and then Cameron enabled the ‘indyref’ whereas Madrid says independence is illegal under the Spanish constitution; Scotland gets a very good deal from Westminster whereas Catalonia rightly fears the return of Francoist occupation and repression. Personally, I sympathise with Catalan independence position but believe that secession is misguided. Balkanisation will only weaken their position in the long run but still I totally get why they hate Madrid. Who wouldn’t after the events of this weekend…?

  4. If Europe conceded to the independence of Bosnia Hezergovina and Kosovo, why can’t they accept Catalonia’s independence?
    After all, like Portugal in 1640, the catalans were also fighting for their independence. Their revolt was defeated. The portuguese still had to fight 20 years for their independence.
    After the appaling images I saw yesterday of policemen beating old people and the propaganda that TVE gave all day, I tell you that I dont believe in Spain anymore. This is still Franco’s Spain. Mariano Rajoy is a weak man, with no character.

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