Facebook Blocks SYRIANGIRL’s Account After Criticism of Kurds

from Russian Insider

SYRIANGIRL, the Australian activist Youtuber and social media powerhouse tweeted on Thursday evening (EST) that her Facebook account has been blocked for her exposure of fraud during the Kurdistan referendum. She had 75,000 followers.

She also has 70,000 followers on Twitter, and 75,000 subscribers to her excellent Youtube channel.

She had recently been saying that the Kurds were intimidating voters to support the referendum, and that is wasn’t a fair vote.

She has very critical of the Kurds in the past, arguing that the idea of Kurdistand is ridiculous, because the Kurds were always a nomadic people, who wandered around other civilization’s territories. She says that is Kurdistan is an invented issue to create a force to continue the war against Syria, now that ISIS is collapsing.

8 Responses

  1. Truth telling about Kurds + Truth telling About Israel = You can’t talk about that- and a new ‘label’ will be created to shut down criticism of the Kurds, you know “antisemetism”?

    boy is she correct about the Kurds attempting to steal Assyrian history and claim it as theirs!
    I’ve written about that. Years ago.
    And I love how she is comparing the creation of Israel and and Kurdistan aka 2.0- because it is the same, with the same mythology- man oh man I’ve said that for years.

    Last week I recalled:

    “Years ago I wrote about how very similar the mythology of the Kurds/Judiac is/was. How much it aligned. Including the righteousness of a nation state for both- at the expense of millions of others! Not sure how it was so many others failed to see the obvious similarities? ”

    I still scratch my head Scott? Not wrt to you, but, this last week or so, suddenly everyone is writing about the Kurds..The referendum etc. The connection to Israel

    When the horses are already out of the barn, one doesn’t suddenly close the door.

    That’s the equivalency in my mind

    • well, part of that is the referendum. It’s hard to ignore the Greater Kurdistan project when 25% of it is on a forged ballot in one of the states involved. Also, our puppets in Iraq don’t even support the idea. And they are being LOUD about their anger towards this project. So, yeah, you will hear more about it right now. And you will hear more about the Israeli connection to it because, in my estimation, Tel Aviv is so invested in the plan (Greater Kurdistan lines up perfectly with Greater Israel as she points out) they want to use their renewed PR efforts to try to push this along as well. So, while the US and Britain are telling the Kurds to cool their jets for another year or so, the Israelis are using their influence peddlers in places like the Times and Hollywood to push forward with it. This may be one of the biggest differences I see between what the Trump foreign policy looks like and what I expect Killary’s might have been. Also explains how much the Deep State has been harassing them for the past couple of months. we will see what the Orange One’s glorious generals do, but for now it looks like they are looking to slow things down a bit in hopes they can get Russia back on track to negotiate a settlement i.e. “Rojava” (which might also explain the Russiagate hype… trying to make sure Trump doesn’t cut a deal for less than what the Greater Kurdistan planners want out of Syria and Turkey)

  2. Do the Kurds have a ‘White Helmets’ group or a ‘Kurdistan Observatory for Human Rights?’

    They soon will.

    Bet Hollywood is working on some Kurd movie showing them fighting jihadists with the American flag flying in the background.

    • Oh yes, there will be a Hollywood movie on the glorious Kurds
      I had started to work on a post regarding this some time ago- never finished it

      There has already been two documentaries that I know of
      One done by a Canadian- The other one shilled by Bernard Henri Levy

      • @jag37777 and Penny: You can fool some of the people, some of the time. So sad and ironic to see the anti-establishment left be deceived so easily by neocon agendas. But it has happened over and over and over again. Until last year, most of the alternative media had been singing in chorus about how Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the devil, so he must be overthrown, and Southeastern Turkey must be handed to the poor widdle Kurds (who most definitely wouldn’t be ruled wisely by the Barzanis).
        His pro-Kurdistan editorials make obvious how Webster Tarpley has disgustingly betrayed his former leadership, for example.

    • Kurds need to meet up with the Kardashians and saturate our teevee!

  3. Thank you for posting the Syrian Girl video. There is no information on this in my country (Portugal).

  4. Somebody should inform all the liberals cheering the Kurds on that they commonly practise FGM, unlike Arab muslims.

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