Proof Once Again that the White Helmets are Actually the Islamic State Fire Brigade (AE video)

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New Report Destroys Fabricated Myth of Syria’s ‘White Helmets’ –

Why a Real Leftist Now Hates Bernie Sanders: Sanders Meets with and Supports Leader of al Qaeda/ISIS-linked White Helmets –

“ISIS” Video With John Cantlie (“John can’t lie”) Shows White Helmets and Describes them as “Islamic State Fire Brigade”

my work on the White Helmets psyop

Yet another video shows U.S.-funded white helmets assisting public-held executions in rebel-held Syria

‘We don’t hide it’: White Helmets openly admit being funded by Western govts

Bernie’s loving tweet about John McCain

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2 Responses

  1. I must be so obsessive over this small small detail, but notice how much much of the prog or anti-establishment media is still rabidly on the anti-Erdogan bandwagon. This was probably the intended insinuation of RT choosing to broadcast the interviewee stating that “The White Helmets sell organs to the Turk”. How can voices such as Caleb Maupin (who compared him to Hitler), Stephen Gowans, Andre Vktchek, etc., be so damned thick (or dishonest) on this issue, considering their work is brilliant much of the time?

  2. I also must say, it is most likely the same case as with the rest of film and television productions from Hollywood, Netflix’s original productions using some consultation with the Pentagon or CIA. The pseudodocumentary on the “White Helmets” is the most blatantly obvious example, but I think “Beasts of No Nation” (look at those kooky events in Africa with which we most definitely have nothing to do!) and the series “Narcos” (which conveniently omits the Company’s involvement in the Latin American drug trade, as pointed out by Chris Rulon) are also highly suspect. Streaming and premium cable are pushed by naive critics as cutting-edge alternatives to traditional TV, but they are actually owned by, and/or distribute content from, subsidiaries of the same few media conglomerates. Touche.

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