Iranian FM Zarif Reveals What Could be US ‘Priority’ Goal in Syria

from Sputnik International

While the Iranian government is interested in settling the Syrian crisis, Washington is pursuing the opposite, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said in New York on Wednesday.

“Today it seems to me that priorities have changed and for the government of the US it is more important to prevent the Syrian government from taking over the border with Iraq than it is to defeat ISIS [Daesh],” Zarif said in an interview with the Asia Society, a non-profit based in New York.

The minister underscored that Tehran is interested in ending the conflict in Syria. At the same time, according to him, the settlement of the crisis is not the priority goal for Washington.

As for Iran’s involvement in Syria, it is aimed not at supporting any of the groups, but at “fighting terrorism,” Zarif stressed.

The Iranian government has repeatedly accused the US of supporting militant groups in Syria, including Daesh (ISIS) and al-Nusra Front (al Qaeda)…

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One Response

  1. NATO has no legitimate presence in MENA, South or Central Asia. If the bosses were tactful, respectful adults, they wouldn’t send troops to occupy and regime-change states who refuse to toady for the Masters of the Universe. But especially in Washington and Jerusalem, there are psychos in power of the opinion that a conflagration around the world with deadly next-generation weapons is worth of the price of taking anything of value without consideration for the peoples who live in those parts of the globe. Am I the only one who thinks the likes of David Petraus or Benjamin Netanyahu belong in a funny farm?
    I guess it does no harm if the Hizbullah/IRGC/SAA/Russian Air Force axis appears more diplomatic in public conferences, press releases or interviews than the side represented by President Cheeto.

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