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  1. The Gladiators’ Revolt in the NFL isn’t just a distraction from the imperial wars, it’s a direct result of them. So yeah, it’s newsworthy too.

    Also, not that I have anything against MoA, but centcom has been killing Russians on purpose for several years now and somehow full blown war hasn’t yet happened. Why should the Russians take the bear bait now that they’re close to encircling our glorious special proxy army? Why is this latest hit more significant than all the previous ones?

    • and which of those previous times did they kill them on a battlefield with US troops embedded alongside the same “ISIS” terrorists we are supposed to be at war with right AFTER Russian officials came out and said we were not only NOT fighting the terrorists but instead were supporting them? And which of those previous times did they have some actor work with neocons too say we were ALREADY AT WAR with Russia right before that attack on Russian troops happened? And which of those times did we have those same US troops fighting alongside terrorists for stolen land and access to oil fields that Russia is helping a sovereign nation reclaim in bloody battle?

      I’m sorry. Maybe you know more about recent history than I do. feel free to tell me again how Trump calling some NFL millionaire player an SOB is a bigger story than all of that. be my guest

      • Dude, don’t go Full Reaganite on us. I am not saying the NFL is more important than the war. Only that there is a relationship between the two. I don’t give a fuck what Trump says or doesn’t say. The NFL is a considerable propaganda outlet and recruiting tool for the MIC. The players protests (which didn’t begin yesterday btw) have reduced viewership and pissed off the advertisers. That’s good, right?

        You may recall that during our dear leader’s Mooslim ban you pointed out how it might negatively impact proxy force recruitment. I’d argue the Gladiators’ revolt has similarly diminished recruitment for conventional forces. Kinda like “millionaire” Ali’s protest against the Vietnam war.

        Regarding the MoA story (weren’t they on your suspect list the other day?), there have been previous attacks on the Russians that were also accompanied by propaganda. Remember a while back when several Russian aircraft fell out of the sky with help from US F16s and USIS terrorists? Not saying this hit on commanders is insignificant. But I wouldn’t go panicking like Alex “the nukes are coming!!!” Jones quite yet just because MoA says so.

        • really? I wrote and did a video about this developing trend the other day and have been covering the growing McCarthyism in this country for YEARS… and you dismiss my work by saying I’m pulling an AJ because I read ONE MoA article?

          Have you ever seen my website?

          And YES, I did call out MoA a while ago, maybe even several times, for promoting the Greater Kurdistan project via the “Turkish regime change” angle… but like I SAID in my video… it seems like MoA has “finally” figured it out.

          Have you ever actually viewed the video?

          • Yes. And yes. And no, I’m not dismissing your work. Just questioning some of your assumptions and conclusions.

        • As far as this long standing “protest” you are talking about is concerned… one guy is now blacklisted… a couple others performed their silent “protests” by themselves in recent games before this, but no one noticed or gave a shit. NFL ratings are down because people are cutting off their cable because they don’t have the money to pay for it (now that ObamaCAre demands MORE) and others are switching to NFL Redzone. Look up the stats. It’s got NOTHING to do with some quarterback from San Fran who doesn’t even have a job anymore.

          Are there a lot of pissed off ‘Merika! love it or leave it! types out there? Of course there are. There were those types calling black kids “n*gger” at lunch counters 60 years ago. There were still more telling an elderly woman to get to the back of the bus back then as well. What does that prove? We can still be race-baited?

          • You’re dismissing the protest and limiting it to race-baiting? Man. Are you saying it’s all part of a vast Soros-funded conspiracy to poison our precious bodily fluids?

            I’ll concede that I don’t know anything about the inner workings of cable television or NFL ratings evaluations. But regardless of the protesters effectiveness I’ll still support them. Any resistance is better than nothing.

            • Soros doesn’t steal bodily fluids. He funds destabilization campaigns in nations like Ukraine for instance. And he gets his assets in politics to “humanitarianly intervene” in other nations like Libya for instance. But you go ahead and make your silly references to Dr. Strangelove all you want. And besides, I didn’t say the players worked for him like Antifa and BLM do… I said they were BAITED by Trump’s SPEECHWRITERS. Did you notice back in the day everytime the IDF attacked Gaza they did it when the American public was distracted by something else? You ever notice that? It’s called “politics” and it’s pretty well understood that if you need to do something that you don’t want a whole lot of attention to be focused on when you do it, you wait til a bigger story comes along… or you create one. They’ve been doing that shit since Rome. Doesn’t mean it’s all a “vast Soros-funded conspiracy” as you so charmingly put it, but it does happen and it’s pretty widespread.

              Are you going to mention my “tin-foil hat” next?

              • Sorry, boss I didn’t realize Strangelove references had become passe. I’m hip to your take on propaganda and whatnot as I’ve been reading your work for about ten years. But I think in this case you may be confusing correlation with causation.

                • I’m not going to argue about this with you all day long. When the Syrians or the Iranians or a Russian kills a US serviceman outside Der Ez Zoir and everyone jumps up yelling about Russia starting war and they all forget to mention we already killed three of theirs… then you can get on board then with them if you like. Till then, go hang out at GQ with Olbermann talking about “the resistance™” which I am sure he will be all day today. Me? I’m gonna keep hoping that someone picks up on the story and tries to let folks know Morgan Freeman wasn’t right or prescient with his “they already attacked us” video. Kay? you do you, I’l do me.

  2. There is a lot to distract attention from. Like this:


    Nevertheless the anthem “revolt” is not just a useful distractor; it is also part of the continuing campaign to sow discord and atomize the nation. The Dem/Rep spiel is losing its power as more and more people realize there is no difference between the High Heels and the Low Heels parties. Division between blacks and whites is the newer work in progress, for which SPLC, BLM and ADL can be proud of.
    A nation united is a huge inconvenience for the elites.

    • So we should shun those speaking out against the empire for the sake of national unity?

      • Trump is calling for national unity. Sanders went on the “unity tour” with the corporate dems not that long ago. McKinney and Steele are calling for “unity” as well aren’t they? “National unity”? Even Killary says we need “national unity”. Gee,that sounds like a distraction now, doesn’t it?

        • Sounds like mitigation (or a Rick “mothfucking” James song?). Either way, not addressing my question…

          • what “national unity” are you talking about? Are we supposed to unify behind millionaires and billionaires who get paid unGodly amounts of money for playing a game? And under what context? I saw ONE player talking about the REAL issue at play… not “racist cops” or “accountability” or “community policing” but the REAL issue which is CLASS BASED. I saw ONE player giving and interview about that aspect of this “crisis” and not a single other. And we should unify with them… how? You want I should start posting pro-Antifa or BLM Soros destabilization campaign propaganda? I got an idea… lets unify behind NO FUCKING WWIII FOR GREATER KURDISTAN AND THE FUCKING ISRAELIS… hows that for unity? Think we can get behind that or is “Hands up don’t shoot” better?

            • National unity wasn’t my idea, kemosabe.

              I don’t care how much football players get paid. It doesn’t mean their protest is illegitimate. You can use all the all caps you like but you’re still avoiding my question. Simply asking if we should shun the people making a public display of resistance or not?

              • and I will ask you again… resistance to what? WHAT are they resisting? Police violence? The US imperial activity in the Middle East and Africa? The vast discrepancy between what billionaire NFL franchise owners make and what the average worker makes in America? What millionaire athletes make and all those millions of people who are no longer listed as unemployed because they have given up? Perhaps the prison industrial complex? WHAT… are… they… protesting… exactly? You tell me because, they don’t know either. And in a week, it will be over. In two months… nothing. In a year the NFL will have made sure to send enough unemployment slips out to enough ring leaders in this movement of the week that NO ONE will DARE do it again. And there will be your lesson, lying in ruins, having done nothing, having SAID nothing… because as far as I can tell, it means nothing… except “Hate Trump” and if that is why you like it, if that is why you think it’s news worthy, you may have read my work in the past but you damn sure haven’t understood it.

      • I have no idea how you came up with that conclusion from what I said so I cannot help you.

  3. Is it true ISIS is changing its initials to USIS? A Kurdistan along with a couple million Palestinians forcibly moved, that will be Chump’s Big Deal, while the UN doesn’t do a god dman thing.

    • Hey Greg. I got your letter the other day. Thank you very much. I didn’t send an email because I don’t know if it’s a real address you list on the site so. But, thanks again.

  4. The NFL protests are just another ratcheting up of the Cultural Marxist response following Trump’s election victory. Previously, for the last many decades, they’d advanced contentedly at a frog-boil pace dictated by Horkheimer et al.

    “We” aren’t starting WWIII in Syria but the folks Admiral Moorer spoke so eloquently about are.

  5. There may be more layers here to look at. First, this bit of theater is both a distraction from how messed up things are overseas for us and also provide some convenient cover for the NFL, which is mired in many controversies beyond Kape’s thoughtful protest.

    In other words, the NFL gets to look like the good guy for a change after alienating fans with such mishandled issues as officiating/replay, player concussions, players using pot instead of opiods, bizarre de facto disciplinary proceedings. Oh yeah, the cable companies are bleeding cash (go cord cutters!) and future rights fees may not be as fat as expected. How this may affect Wall St. could be of some relevance.

    This sets up the players to take a smaller cut on the next contract as the owners say “hey, we did the right thing and now ”we” (you the players, haha) have to pay the price.”

    Add to that the possibility a separate element is being mobilized here in terms of AA America, parts of which are still desperate for a Hillary world despite the horrors the rest of the world sees with her. These folks may be mobilized for further stunts from those clinton-connected sore-loser killers of the party who just won’t leave. In particular I’ve noted some rather party-line comments in the NBA. This might be the new Oprah card.

    Returhing to Trump, the real question is his timing, especially given how he’ strenghtening his opposition. The fact he’s friends with so many prominent people in the NFL could be evidence of staging though we should remain vigilant as to real motive(s).

  6. In my opinion, the whole purpose of this post by “Hans” is to propagate the bullshit term, “Cultural Marxist”.

    Who are most of the readers of this blog? It’s young Americans with some interest in politics and a desire to seek clarity and the truth. And what is their level of political education? It’s woeful. They are full of confusion and ignorance.

    And what do the elites in the US fear more than anything? It’s a mass movement of the people towards acceptance of various forms of socialism. Hence the propagation of bullshit terms and ideas that further sully the name of Marxism, more than it has already been vilified in the consciousness of Americans.

    The invention and propagation of labels and terms such as “Cultural Marxism” is an example of changing the language, which is one of the most powerful ways to influence people’s attitudes and beliefs.

    • P.S.

      Of course, “political correctness” does exist. The ideology of so-called “progressives” or “liberals” today reeks of this political correctness, as does most of the mass media. But it has little or nothing to do with Marxism. Do you really think a multi-billionaire currency dealer and stock market player like George Soros is a Marxist?

      • Are you genuinely ignorant of the Schiff and Warburg backing of Lenin and Trotsky (for starters)? Sad.

      • Ever heard of the Frankfurt School? Of Horkheimer, or Adorno, or Leo Löwenthal or Friedrich Pollock? How about Gramsci? If not you have a lot of exciting reading ahead of you that will clarify what “cultural marxism” stands for.

        • I know about Schiff & Warburg financing the Bolsheviks and I have read about the Frankfurt School. The Frankfurt School guys were not as relevant as they thought themselves to be, in my opinion. They were similar to the kind of intellectuals you find in current Social Science departments of universities today.

          And I still stand by my opinion that what is being called “Cultural Marxism” today has little to do with genuine Marxism, which is all about state ownership of the major means of production (and state ownership of the central bank, for you libertarians) and a one-party state that truly represented the population.

          As far as I can see, today’s so-called Cultural Marxism is a tool used by those who rule over us, the investment bankers and their ideological allies. They are the very opposite of Marxist. Therefore the name “Cultural Marxism” is bullshit. Just because it bears some resemblance to the totalitarian nature of Bolshevism in its intolerance of opposing ideas is not enough to convince me that it is actually representative of Marxism, which was basically an economic and sociological theory for a more just society.

          • Time to read Stanton Evans’ Blacklisted by History.

            • that book is based on the premise that mccarthy was right — and is utter bullshit.

              • That book is based upon primary sources and exposed the Fake News bullshit we’ve been fed about McCarthy. Read it.

                • that should be cartoon bullshit. don’t forget the endless repetition. always a sign of something.

                • the “mccarthy was right” narrative is not only bullshit, it’s OBVIOUSLY bullshit, since communism has not become more accepted and has not gained a significant foothold in this country. in fact, any politics even perceived as leftist have become more demonized and more marginalized.

                  the historical revisionism re mccarthy is one of the more disgusting attempts to fear-monger about leftist agendas — something that both parties increasingly fear as they move farther to the right.

                  • yes. it’s “obviously bullshit” just not factually bullshit. go with the Fake News version. it obviously is all you need to know.

                    • no, it has nothing to do with “fake news”; i’m just acknowledging the reality around me — which is something you seem incapable of doing.

                      communism is despised by the vast majority of americans and socialism isn’t far behind. in our current time, even progressives are smeared as extremists, while simple minded right-wingers accuse even mainstream (corporate sell-out) democrats of being “far left”.

                      today’s democrats would never pass legislation as liberal as the new deal or the great society. and they’d most likely turn on any of their own who would support such measures — but you think our gov’t has been infiltrated by communists? you’re delusional.

                      there was much greater support for leftist agendas in the early 20th century than there is now. do you think someone like eugene debs would enjoy as much support these days as he did in the 1920’s? what percentage of the electorate votes socialist or communist in today’s elections?

                      so, yeah — i’ll choose to ignore a book that makes the ridiculous assertion that “mccarthy was right” when the political reality of this country is telling a different story. but you’re free to believe that paranoid fairy-tale if you like.

        • Gramsci was from Southern Italy, attacking the Great War when Adorno was a teenager.

      • i agree that the phrase “cultural marxism” is nonsense & is used to further demonize the left. but are you really going to defend actual marxism while demeaning progressives because some people are suckered by “political correctness”? i’m pretty sure there are a lot of us with progressive ideals who see through the p.c. bullshit.

        • Whether or not you label yourself as “progressive”, if you’ve been suckered by political correctness then you’ve been brainwashed to support the agenda of those who rule over us. Anyone who supports that agenda, especially if they actively work to support that agenda, deserves to be demeaned.

          Many so-called progressives also call themselves “humanists” and even “socialists”. They actively support the agenda that is propagated through social engineering organizations such as The Tavistock Institute of Medical Psychology and the Club of Rome and of course, George Soros. But in their ignorance they don’t realize they are supporting the very people who they think they are fighting against, the people who fund those propaganda organizations. And why do they fund those organizations? In order to maintain and even increase their own political power and wealth.

          • Sorry for my less productive comments.

          • If the Bolsheviks were just a Warburg front, then what would be a real example of a Marxist government? What would your response be to Michael Parenti? Just curious.

            • I don’t have the time or inclination to go down that rabbit hole at the moment, so I have not clicked the link. But I will do so in a minute and save the article.

              Information about 19th century Russia and the Soviet Union is a bit murky but I doubt that the Bolsheviks were simply a Warburg front. That said, it seems to be a proven fact that Warburg in Germany & Jacob Schiff in NY helped finance the 1917 revolution. Tribalism would have played a role here but that might not be the full story. For example, I read somewhere that Schiff was repaid in gold from the Soviet Union FAR IN EXCESS to what he gave Trotsky when Trotsky visited New York just before the1917 revolution.

              “Real examples” of a Marxist government or attempts at such would include the Soviet Union under the Bolsheviks, China under Mao, Cuba under Castro & Venezuela under Chavez and of course, North Korea under the Kims. In all of those cases, immense opposition was or has been exerted against them from outside, damaging their ability to continue as Marxist.

              By the way, Mao did not kill millions of his own people. Famine killed millions. China had been experiencing famines that killed millions for a long time, going back into the 1800’s and earlier, and the appearance of a Communist government in 1949 did not change that overnight. Anything you hear about Mao being a murderer is CIA Cold War propaganda, lies. I lived in China for almost two decades.

  7. NFL is disobeying its own rule book. All players are required by NFL rules to honor their country before each and every game. The rules are found on pages A62-63 of the NFL game operations manual:

    “The National Anthem must be played prior to every NFL game, and all players must be on the sideline for the National Anthem.

    During the National Anthem, players on the field and bench area should stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand, and refrain from talking. The home team should ensure that the American flag is in good condition. It should be pointed out to players and coaches that we continue to be judged by the public in this area of respect for the flag and our country. Failure to be on the field by the start of the National Anthem may result in discipline, such as fines, suspensions, and/or the forfeiture of draft choice(s) for violations of the above, including first offenses.”

    Who says the Pentagon and the NFL aren’t in bed?

    Why didn’t any NFL player take a knee when the illegal Iraq War was launched?

    Or the illegal bombing of Libya?

    Or the illegal US–thru proxies–invasion of Syria, or does killing ‘ragheads’ not count?

  8. I always thought the National Anthem was respected due to the total value of our Bill of Rights and Constitution, but since our government has almost totally destroyed our ‘rights’ and ‘Constitution’ AND we no longer fight to just defend our Country (we go out of our way to destroy other nations now)… now we don’t owe the National Anthem any respect… it is useless. If NFL players need to protest due to Trumps baiting them,,,, then so be it. They are caught in a legal contract…
    the WWIII situation needs to be front news and attention needs to be pointed straight at it….. this confrontation will rob Americans of what ever is left of our Constitution… if the war ignites… men and women will be forced to serve in a violent war…. control of all aspects of our life will be legally applied to us for the sake of winning a bloody war.

  9. This kinda says it all:


    If the players suddenly stop protesting at some point to “unite” behind our latest false flag or WWIII operation we’ll all know this was part of the fix.

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