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  1. Agree with your points with one exception: “fascist Obamacare,” which you keep repeating is a nonsense term.
    You would know this if you knew the basics of health care in the 3rd Reich.
    It was a single-payer, universal health care system provided by the government–oh, those odious bureaucrats!…
    It was focused on prevention, which was not just a slogan but vigorously researched and practiced, all of which you can glean from these articles, not exactly friendly to National Socialism:


    We are not likely to achieve the level and quality of national health care of those bad fascists in our life time in the US.
    “Fascist Obamacare” is as much a nonsense term as “republican/TrumpCare would be.
    I know you use “fascist” as a superlative for evil in regarding authoritarian/totalitarian regimes but sometimes the teeth of evidence shred it to pieces, which is this case..

    • I think ;fascist obamacare refers to the fact that people are forced to buy insurance from a short list of Insurance corporations… mainly young people who will rarely use the insurance … this creates high profits for the insurance corporations.. so it is a part of fascism to have corporations take control of insurance and health care……

    • bullshit it’s “nonsense” and I don’t use the term fascist for “evil regarding totalitarian regimes” but rather as the term was meant to be used… when the state is so embedded with Big Business you can’t tell where one ends and the other begins, THAT is FASCISM and THAT is how and WHEN I use the damn term. And ObamaCare/RomenyCare/Heratage FoundationCare is FASCIST because.. it is designed to FORCE healthy young people into paying insurance premiums they neither want or need, in order to benefit BIG BUSINESS… in this case, the insurance industry and Wall Street. Ergo, its’ fucking fascism. If you actually read my work, you would know I NEVER use the term “as a superlative for evil” thank you very much.

      • Both Ariadna Theodopoulos and Elizabeth Harris love white-knighting for Nationalsocialist Germany. You won’t change their minds anytime soon.

      • “…when the state is so embedded with Big Business…”

        I’ve known that for years, but it’s refreshing to read it here. That’s why I like this site so much.

        Keep at it, man, long as you can.

  2. Yes, I agree, he was definitely coached. The much larger problem is, as you already alluded to in your video, is that he never actually comes out against the ACA (in fact, he simply wants some ‘improvement’), and most telling, while he does focus on the basic affordability of healthcare and rightfully so, he doesn’t critique healthcare based on employment status, and still considers himself lucky to have such care, which is fundamentally wrong to start with.

    The one great point you brought up in your video was that the basic fact that Obama Care originated with the Heritage Foundation to start with, thus is it perfectly logical that both parties are perfectly fine with it, since it only paves the way for further “private/public partnerships” into infinity.

    The only reason why Sanders’ push for Medicare-for-all is even allowed to enter the spectrum of public debate once again, is because it has NO CHANCE of congressional approval whatsoever…i.e. that hopey-changey thing, which not only keeps the status quo in place, but actually makes it worse in the long run.

    Needless to say, the basic strategy is to keep people so bombarded with dis(in)formation, cycling 24/7, today the NFL, tomorrow back to North-Korea, then back to Russia, until people finally tune out and simply watch Netflix or stay glued to their phones until the power goes out, and when it comes back on, the same thing all over again.

    Basically, at this point, what we are witnessing is nothing more than political theatre.

    Chris Hedges was correct for the most part, when he said that corporate fascism has finally dismantled any notion of democracy once and for all. Neo-liberalism and it’s partner neo-conservatism will lay waste to most of the planet, and those surviving the continued onslaught will be fighting amongst themselves merely to survive – thanks to the latest surveillance apps from the likes of Eric Schmidt, Gates, Zuckerberg and newly minted Saudi and Chinese Billionaires not far behind.

    No, thanks.

    • No offenses, but if the end is nigh, streaming anime and eating ice cream with egg nog is more like my idea of fun before perishing, than vegetable gardens and hiking in the mountains.

      • Bluegreen2017, very little about your posts on this page make much sense to me. You don’t contribute anything of value at all. Is that your intention, to bring down this blog? Or are you on the booze?

        • My mistake. I see your “Kafkaesque” comment was about what Scott said in the video, which I only watched just now.

  3. So Kafkaesque, isn’t it? No large company will hire you because dignified employment is “so expensive”, but asshole judge wants to flay you alive for the glory of the free market. Would a job in telemarketing, or similar office work, be.feasible for you? Try to use claims of ableist or ageist discrimination against you with (other) judges in court, to land yourself a job that pays rent and everything else.

  4. We should crowd source a private investigation team to track down all these fake actors and start a wall of shame site. Funny how so many of the same people tend to “just be there” when some sh!t goes down.

    The saying “same sh!t, different day, should be “same person, different role”…

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