Sellouts at the Young Turks IGNORE Morgan Freeman’s Propaganda Video

And by their actions you will know them.

Cenk Uygur sold out to Hillary/Obama-backer Jeffrey Katzenberg and now it appears he’s in so deep he and his fellow FAKE ALTERNATIVE CHANNELS are ignoring one of the biggest stories of the week, Morgan Freeman’s disgustingly shameful propaganda video about Russia “attacking” us during the election last year.

The Young Turks, Jimmy Dore and Jordan Chariton all seem to be ignoring this major story because if they cover it as they should, their OWNERS wouldn’t like it. So they are ALL silent on the subject.

You should unsubscribe from their channels.


13 Responses

  1. Not defending tyt but… I don’t see how an elderly Hollywood actor doing a Company propaganda piece is big news these days?

    • well, it means the Russia hacking mythology isn’t dead anymore and it isn’t just for centrist dems anymore either. whether or not you think it’s a big deal, fact is, LOTS of folks reported on it and called him out for making it. LOTS. Not just me. So, yeah, the New McCarthyism push being rekindled is kind of a big deal.

      • Fair enough. But I’m not saying the new McCarthyism isn’t a big deal. Just questioning the significance of Morgan Freeman. They’ve been running this RussiaRussiaRussia full court press for like a year and a half ad nauseam. This just seems like more of the same soup.

  2. I wonder if you can call Uygur a sellout, which presupposes that there was a time he had not been owned.

    • Great point, ariadnatheo.

      People confuse the rhetoric and slogans that someone says with the genuine stance of the speaker. The idea of “controlled opposition” is simply not in the consciousness of most people.

      Trump is another example. You hear people say he “turned” or “was turned”, as if he changed. On several topics during the election campaign he was lying through his teeth, like a used car salesman. People simply can’t see that. It worked to get Obama elected so they used the same tactic with Trump.

      • By the way, has anyone seen Hilary Clinton lately having coughing fits or stumbling as she gets into vehicles? She was PAID to play a part and NOT to win. It was all a transparent farce.

        • I do not believe that. I think her episodes of coughing, choking, eye rolling and knee buckling were her genuine moments of “authenticity.” It is a lot easier to control these “candid” manifestations on her current schedule than it was during the campaign.
          I also very much doubt that Trump was meant to win, not because he is not a trustworthy Shabbos Goy but because he is temperamentally unreliable. He was a planned contingency. When his victory became a mind-boggling inevitability they decided to make the best of it and I thin the plan was (and is):
          1. Make sure he does what he is told to do
          2. Make sure that #1 ensures his alienating his base
          3. Discard him when opportune, secure in the knowledge that the remanding will cause little or no outcry (see #2).

          • Just a theory. Worth considering.

            What is goyish about Trump? Most likely he’s crypto. It is said that almost 50% of Berlin’s Jews had converted in the previous two generations by 1850.

            • You changed the point of view. From one side Trump may look like a “crypto” because he walks and talks like one.
              From the “Elite” ‘s pov Trump is a Shabbos Goy.
              Don’t forget that for them even Ariel Sharon was not a jew and he was refused burial in a Jewish cemetery with the pump reserved for “jewish heroes” despite his CV. He was buried on his farm.
              Here’s a Jewish opinion:
              “Ariel Sharon’s parents were Shmuel Scheinerman (1896–1956) of Brest-Litovsk and Vera Scheinerman (1900–1988) from Mogilev, both locations are nowadays in Belarus; yet, they met in Georgia after they fled WWI.
              His father was Jewish. One of the reasons for the maiden surname of his mother not being in the public domain is that she was not Jewish, she was a Subbotnik. Most followers of this Russian Christian sect practice circumcision, do not recognize the New Testament, and observe Sabbath on Saturday. Their name is derived from the Russian name for Saturday.
              After the war, they arrived at Israel through the Third Aliyah movement and settled in socialist Kfar Malal. Vera Scheinerman became Dvora Sharon, and in 1928, Ariel was born. Born to a non-Jew, he is a non-Jew.
              What happened afterwards is the stuff legends are made of. Dvora Sharon decided to convert according to the Halakha. She accomplished that. Yet, Sharon was old enough to be asked questions by the Ultra-Orthodox rabbis that converted his mother.
              Thus, according to the law, he was asked by the rabbis if he wanted to be a Jew. “No!” young Sharon said and went out to play with the dagger his father famously gave him as a birthday present when the toddler reached the age of 5.
              Sharon never converted afterwards; thus he remains a goy.”


              • Thanks. So the butcher of Sabra and Shatila was a goy! I should have known.

                There’s too much there to extend the discussion. Except to say that it reminds me somehow of the story a couple of years ago of the person in Israel who was “not Jewish enough” to marry a Cohen.

                By the way, my statement, “Just a theory. Worth considering.” was referring to Hillary Clinton.

  3. On the topic of propaganda (and gate keeping):

  4. I guess I didn’t realize how much of a dick Morgan Freeman can be…

  5. Ha ha that was hilarious – they even took the piss out of it on the Majority Report, which is pretty centrist, (but often interesting IMO)..

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