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  1. Funny how the Roossians turned out to be the reasonable ones… considering their history over the last hundred years or so. Pretty amazing that they’ve managed to check the empire without taking the ww3 bait (so far).

    • To edgar eugene bradley:

      You wrote, “… considering their history over the last hundred years or so”. Think. How do we know their history over the last hundred years? Who told us this history? Knowing what we know now in this internet age and looking at geopolitical events from the past two decades (and more), I suggest we should question EVERYTHING.

    • Regardless of politics, it’s wrong to stereotype an entire population (in this case, Russians), remember?

  2. I am gratified to see that Lavrov has finally taken his gloves off and calls them as he sees them rather than use the diplomatic circumlocutions he favored for public statements, perhaps hoping to find a way to deal with the liars in private confabs. He must have understood finally that was a hopeless endeavor. His speeches serve to inform the world not still awake who the insane, reckless war mongers are.

  3. It goes without saying that Sergey Lavrov’s speech is more measured and mature than Donald Trump’s, deeper and more intellectually eye-opening to those who are just becoming familiar with the ideas therein.
    But I must disagree with him on DPRK, climate change and “lowering barriers to trade”. May Lord Athe protect the Russian people from neoliberalism.

    • I suspect that the Russians & Chinese pretend to go along with the climate change rhetoric because it is the official stance of the United Nations and they want to be seen as good members of the UN. That especially applies to China, who only got a UN seat in about 1972. When the Chinese government talks about “low carbon” they really mean low in carbon particulates, soot, not low in CO2.

      Also don’t forget the Paris climate change accord was non-binding and expressed in such weak, general terms that countries like Russia & China can say they agree with it without agreeing to any major new policies.

      • The January 14, 2010 episode of an English-language program called ‘Dialogue’ on Chinese government TV is quite revealing about China’s real position regarding man-made global warming. Here is the archived copy of the program:


        That program was about the Haiti earthquake but, strangely, the host asked a question about global warming to Chen I-Wan, advisor to the Chinese government and spokesperson from The Commission of Natural Hazard Prediction. Fast forward to 20:30 minutes (if you can) in the video and watch it until 23:19.

      • This is an unpopular position within the 21st-century left, due to how how well-promoted the theories are, but the financial sector and other businesses of the oligarchy clearly stand to profit from climate change legislation plus “green” or “sustainable” corporate strategies. If the UN, the IMF or other similar global institutions declare an emergency seizure of developing countries’ economic policies due to glooobal waaarming, Wall Street could enjoy a rich harvest from the enforced dependency and opening up. In addition, they harbour noble intentions and are generally well-informed on different topics, but the belief of some environmentalists that their interests still makeup an obscure, underground, anti-establishment field, is laughably deluded or out of date when all the important social institutions pay homage to the conservation of nature, though they probably don’t always put into practice for various reasons.

  4. In case you can’t view that archived TV program, and to save you time, below is a copy of the relevant question and answer that I am referring to.
    Yang Rui: “Do you believe the hurricanes and this 7.3 magnitude earthquake are an integral part of what we call the, “global warming”? Do you think the extreme patterns of weather conditions have all contributed to the unpredictable calamities, such as the one that took place and befell Haiti on Tuesday?”

    Chen I-Wan: “This relates to a related issue about global warming. Myself, and a number of experts in the committee that I work with, The Commission of Natural Hazard Prediction, as well as quite a number of experts abroad, agree with the global warming, which means the temperature during the past several years is increasing. This is a fact. However, we disagree that the main reason causing the global warming is human, mankind’s activities. So I believe that, … um … because what we see is, there is natural cycles in the history of the earth. And especially, … you know…, China with a very long history of, … you know …, several thousand years of written history, there are massive records that show that during different periods of time there are times of warming and there’s also times of cold, coldness. And the warming go warmer than today and there’s also times that go very cold. So, what we see is that, … eh … these … eh … what we call these extreme meteorological events are more natural cycles and natural developments.”


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