Countering Neoconservative New McCarthyism Campaign: We Were NOT “Attacked” By Russia

A new line of neocon propaganda about Russia already starting a war with us is out there and being promoted in the complicit press. We need to counter this lie loudly and often.

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As Syrians Recapture “Rojava” from Our Newest “Freedom Fighters”, the Covetous Deep State Jockeys for War by Any Means Necessary

Rob Reiner Helps Launch Committee to Investigate Russia

Committee to Investigate Russia (Morgan Freeman video here)

Securing Elections from Foreign Interference study (Brennan center)

The Method to Their Madness: Deconstructing the Washington Post’s “why Russia is a hostile power” Op Ed

The Yates/Clapper Hearing Proves “Truth is Treason in an Empire of Lies” (links to Jan. 6 2017 report on Russian “hacking”)

Russia Propaganda Campaign is Covering Internal Fraud/Crimes & ESCALATING (Sane Progressive video)

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12 Responses

  1. Well before the founding of the Soviet Union, parts of the Western ruling classes have always been hostile to any remotely powerful state in Russia. Tsars, Soviets, modern Communists (under Gennady Zyuganov, who Clinton’s friends kept from winning the mid-’90s elections) and the United Russia Party (the one Putin belongs to) alike, have always been seen as unwanted competitors or challengers to their designs. The octopus is now seen as a symbol of the evil commies trying to conquer the world, but it was actually first used to demonise the Tsars. Most people don’t do their own research, so they are putty in the hands of propagandists.

  2. Please read Stanton Evans’ book on McCarthy, Blacklisted by History. Essential information. “McCarthyism” was well justified and we are living with the results.

    • nonsense. and some of the obvious proof that’s nonsense is the fact that communism did not grow or become a significant power in the u.s. when mccarthyism was put to pasture.
      what we are living with now is the steady march towards fascism that was mostly kicked-off by the 9/11 false-flag event. this march towards fascism is also the reason behind the hysteria over any perceived “liberal” & why even center-right/corporate sellouts like obama are labeled as “far left” by certain pundits.

      • LOL. What we’ve seen is the steady advance of Communism via the patient Cultural Marxist agenda. Look up Max Horkheimer’s quote on the process. Explain to us why the Frankfort School was booted out by the Nazis but the “scholars” had no problems finding homes at Columbia and other universities around the nation.

        Better yet, READ the book and point out where the author’s is wrong. It’s an astonishing book based on primary documents that – surprise, surprise – puts the lie to the Fake News/Fake History version we’ve heard over, and over, and over ever since.

        • once again i point out — in obvious contrast to the book you referenced — that communism has become probably even more marginalized now than it was in decades past. in my entire life i’ve never known a self-described “communist”. in the early 1900’s i would maybe have known a few.
          are you one of those guys who’ll insist that our government has gone to the left in recent years? do you really think that today’s corporate-sellout dems would pass legislation like the new deal or the great society? you are sadly mistaken if you think any such thing — just look to the “affordable care act” to see how “liberal” and “socialist” today’s democrats are.
          tell me: what percentage of the electorate do communists & socialists command? can they even get the votes that eugene debs won in the 1920’s?
          communism is anathema to the vast majority of americans today. but fascism is something they don’t seem to understand in the least; most people say things like “but shouldn’t the gov’t be controlled by people who know money & create jobs?” — or people like antifa, who seem to think that racism is the be-all & end-all of fascism — or guys like you who buy into the anti-left hysteria when there clearly is no significant left in this country.
          i noticed you didn’t address my statements re fascism. i can only wonder why…

          • Just what is so “Marxist” about NAFTA, CAFTA, TPP, TISA, TTIP, the War on Terror, Clinton ending welfare, the same presi repealing Glass-Steagall, the 1996 Telecom Act, or the regime changes in places like Honduras or Libya? If Coughlin wants GOOD conservative writers, I recommend to him Ron Unz, or Phillip Giraldi.

      • Speaking of the left…
        Honestly, the European and North-American left are becoming just a different flavour of neocon. Their condescension and conttempt towards even moderate truthers, their love of regime change and so-called “democratic humanitarian intervention” wars, their fanboyism for the corporatist, neoliberal European Union… none are perfect, but I now honestly find, Press TV and Telesur, plus small-time blogs in the vein of “Truth and Shadows” or “American Everyone” to be more credible in their reporting and editorials than the likes of CounterPunch, The Guardian, Mother Jones, etc.

  3. Even the American actor Morgan Freeman stars in a video accusing Russia of “seeking revenge” for the fall of the USSR and “plotting” against the United States. The (sell-out) veteran actor accuses Russia of using social networks to “spread propaganda and false information” to “convince people of democratic societies” of the Kremlin’s vision.
    In this video the Russian president appears in images not very after the fall of the USSR. At the end of the video, Freeman calls on Trump to “sit at the table in the oval office” and “tell the truth” to the American people about Russia’s alleged interference in the presidential election.
    “The free world needs our leadership,” says the actor.

    • I like how the black actor says the world has looked to us as a shining example of freedom and democracy for 240something years… 2017 (present) – 1865 (year slavery ended officially in US) = 152… that’s right. the black actor thinks the world looked up to us as a beacon of freedom and democracy for the last 90 years of slavery in America.

      • some of george w. bush’s “fuzzy math”, perhaps? nah, just another sellout. i wonder how many of our neighbors saw that ad & counted & said “hey, wait a minute…”.
        there are still many in this country who are painfully aware of slavery & the institutionalized racism that followed & continues to this day.

      • Morgan Freeman does not fool anyone with this misleading advertising. He just gives the image of being an actor sold to the great interests of the American military lobby. He is a proof of how Hollywood exists only to sell the image of the power of Washington mafia. What a weak talent he showed in this video.

  4. I just watched Freedman’s video and I am gasping for air, I never ever thought I would see a film in my lifetime that was a replay of the worst of McCarthyism. And this from the very guy who played god how many times??
    Assessing the extraordinary level of falsehood in this video I don’t think it is a one off, I think it is the beginning of the end of the republic.
    For I think it is very possible the Dems/neocons are ratcheting up the “Russia did it” story to lay the groundwork for their much touted Trump impeachment hearings and as they have no proof of anything, a false flag will occur at the beginning of the hearings.
    The false flag will be labeled a Russian attempt to deflect from the hearings, they will just shortly before the US false flag deployed a false flag in Ukraine which will give Ukraine a pretext to attack Russia.
    Once Ukraine does so the US will come to their aid and probably will declare martial law a la Lincoln at home until the war is won
    And that my friends is how fascism will come to the US, “holding a cross and wrapped in a flag.”
    The only thing that could stop this is China who, with its 3 million man army capability, can shut down any war on the Eurasian continent if it has a mind to.
    OK, I have now vented my worst fears and am going to watch Game of Thrones until I feel better.

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