Trump Wants to Shut Down Internet Over London’s Bucket of Doom

by Scott Creighton

While I was away trying to figure out how to cook turtle soup without a microwave, some dreaded “tuuurrrurrrurriist” decided to launch his big plan of attack on the gentle hobbits of the Shire, or better known now as London, the center of Big Banking’s Globalism movement.

I hear Bilbo is now a hedge fund manager who likes snorting cocaine off the buttocks of Elven hookers but… that’s just a rumor.

When I got back online early Friday just before TECO got around to hooking up my electricity again, I saw there had been a “tuuuurrurrist” bombing in a London subway and was told by the complicit media that 22 people were “injured” and most of those “injuries” were of a “flash burn” nature.

Ok. The strategy of tension game goes on without me, I thought to myself as I searched for another extension cord long enough to reach the microwave and the turtle waiting patiently inside it.

Yesterday I posted a few things, sent some emails, figured out mom’s car is more of a piece of crap than I thought it was the day before and generally wasted the day setting the turtle free and standing in front of the A/C dancing a little jig.

This morning I read President Fake Populist’s Tweets on the subject that he unleashed right after the “bombing”

As usual, the Duke of Orange was his normal, reserved, mature, presidential self.

Lots of talk about being “proactive” which translates to “arrest people BEFORE they do something”

There is a mention of being “nasty” which I guess could mean all sorts of illegal and immoral things being done to people BEFORE they do something.

Perhaps most interestingly, he Tweeted about “cutting off” the internet and “using it better”… which OBVIOUSLY implies the Duke of Orange is now on board with censoring the interwebs on behalf of the masters of the universe.

Let’s not forget also… the Obama administration MADE “ISIS™”.. which explains their “lack of progress” fighting them. And Trump’s glorious generals are using the military in SUPPORT of “ISIS™” in Syria… even airlifting some of their leaders out of Deir Ezzor.

So for the record, the only ones making progress against “ISIS™” are the Syrians, the Russians, the Iranians and Hezbollah. Trump is just taking credit for someone else’ work.

Kinda like he’s done his entire life.

Anyway, I decided to take a look this morning at the horrors Trumpster was Tweeting about. I figured it had to be pretty bad. I expected something like this:

Image result for london train bombing

What I found was this:

Image result for london train bombing

Image result for london train bombing

Yeah. That’s a bucket in a plastic bag which is kinda on fire… a little.

Here they are investigating.. the bucket.

Related image

Here’s a video showing folks just walking up to the burning bucket of doom casually and recording it with their cell phones before being rushed off by authorities who immediately recognized the significance of the important, earth shattering event.

The video goes on to show they stopped the subway in the middle of the track outside the station and evacuated everyone making them risk injury walking on the tracks back to the station. Then the “hut hut” guys with the big guns got to bravely walk up to said train with said bucket and point their guns at it for a while before it was moved BACK into the station, bucket still on fire, where casual passers-by were able to film it with their cell phones (HELD THE WRONG DAMN WAY)

That last part is VERY VERY important.

Go back and look at the video she recorded. The bags are already on the ground where they were when the subway was stopped OUTSIDE of the station. Which means… that video is filmed AFTER the all the time the subways was OUTSIDE the station. Right? No question. But look at how LITTLE the bag is burnt. That means… someone lit the bag RIGHT BEFORE BRINGING IT BACK INTO THE STATION… no other explanation is possible. AND they did it… so someone could FILM IT BURNING… to make it as scary as possible.

How long did it take to stop the train, get all those people off on the tracks, bring the “hut hut” guys in to point their guns at the bucket for a while, then decide to bring it BACK to the station? And do you have any idea how long a thin plastic bag like that would burn? 3 minutes? Less?

They lit that thing right before bringing it back in and had that woman and her cell phone (and her American flag?!?) waiting there for the bucket bomb photo shoot. Why the HELL ELSE would some random citizen be allowed on the station platform when they are supposedly bringing back a LIVE BOMB!?!?

The woman, the video, the fire, the flag… all part of the show folks.

UK Prime Minister Theressa May has taken some time off from her job trying to stop BREXIT to issue some dire warnings about... the bucket bomb.

Britain raised its national security threat level to critical from severe on Friday, meaning an attack is expected, after a bomb on a London commuter train injured 29 people.

Prime Minister Theresa May said in a televised statement that armed police and members of the military would be seen on the streets in the coming days.

For this period, military personnel will replace police officers on guard duties at certain protected sites that are not accessible to the public,” she said.

British police are chasing down the people they suspect of being behind the bomb, the country’s most senior counter-terrorism officer said.

Not since Umar Fizzlepants has a nation over-reacted to a ridiculous staged little Gladio op.

The burning bucket may go down in history as having more of a lasting effect on our lives than the Burning Bush did. Or Burning Man for that matter.

Apparently all you have to do these days to get millions in increased military and police spending and the opportunity to put your troops on the ground in your country to terrify your population is… put a couple stupid yellow wires on ANYTHING… and then set it on fire. And that’s it. Do that and instantly you got “ISIS™”, tuuuurruuruusim, existentialist threats to our precious way of life, tons of money pumped into whatever coffers you want and… a police state ready, willing and able to knock down and step over any old lady that gets in it’s way.

You get all that AND you get to “cut off” the dreaded interwebs and “proactively” do “nasty” things to people.

All for a bucket in a smoldering bag with some useless wires sticking out the side… THAT ARE OBVIOUSLY ATTACHED TO NOTHING AND JUST THERE FOR SHOW.

Oh. Wires. It MUST be a BOMB.

You know, I went over to the pond after writing what I wrote above and I asked the turtle if I could move in with him. Seems a much safer place. Quiet. Cool. Peaceful.

Turtle said he was evacuating. They found a wire in the muck and all of his turtle friends were afraid it was put there by a tuuurrruurist turtle… so he had to leave.

He looked at me… I looked at him. We sighed and went our separate ways.

The Shire is gone, Mordor rules and a darkness has descended over the whole of Middle Earth. Even the turtles wont be spared… after I spared em.

But still… its good to be back in the fight.

Gotta go stand in front of the A/C for a while.

6 Responses

  1. Poor little turtle. Poor all of us.
    cut off our internet…….. wait, then we won’t have to pay for it! Then we won’t get to see all the bad news…. we would be richer and happier. Trump is glorious! of course our interne providers will be poorer and upset, but Trump doesn’t care…… then he can tweet all day for his own view… private view…. and wait, ‘they’ won’t need him anymore.. uh oh… they won’t need him… doesn’t sound too healthy for him….either

  2. How much time do you give it before they seriously put into action their plans to clamp down on the Internet? Can people wake up on time to the contrived nature of these “attacks”? The MSM appears to be losing audience share among the younger generations, so that should help.

    • they already are clamping down on the internet. Google is already doing it. stuff like this just promotes the myth that Big Business is doing it for our benefit.

      • Already in the 2000s, I remember Google directing me to neocon and neoliberal sites if I typed in political or economic keywords. There have also been accusations of 9/11 research being blocked since Bush’s first term as president. The Big G suppressing independent scholarship and journalism is sadly nothing new under the sun. But nevertheless, we musn’t acquiese to their plans for destroying alternatives to their discourse on the Web.

    • Wake up? People will never wake up. Most people like to sleep. They like to dream. Give them any reason to stay asleep and dream, they will take it. You will never wake up a larger percentage than are awake now.

  3. Everyone needs to flat out admit abcgiggledroidqtelephony is malcrap run by shady characters for their interests and not ours. Just compare its search results with other engines and the difference is astonishing and obvious. Groups also continues to host ISIS pages so perhaps the best view of Trump’s words is he’s finally fed up along with the rest of us and is ready to pull the plug on those lyin’ data-pimping thieves and propagandists.

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