Absolute Proof London Bucket Bomb Video was Staged (AE video)

I don’t know who put the bucket of doom on that subway or why but I can tell you that video of it burning in the station was 100% staged. And that tells you something right there.

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Trump Wants to Shut Down Internet Over London’s Bucket of Doom https://willyloman.wordpress.com/2017/09/17/trump-wants-to-shut-down-internet-over-londons-bucket-of-doom/

My writings on the Umar Fizzlepants Diaper of Doom story (scroll down for earliest work) https://willyloman.wordpress.com/category/umar-farouk-abdulmutallab/

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  1. I’m so sick of all this media deception!

    Just look at that photo of Wiley Coyote at the United Nations. I have 100% proof that this is a photo-shopped image. There is irrefutable evidence that Wiley Coyote was nowhere near the United Nations on that day!

    • By the way, by writing that post I was not trying to ridicule the language Scott used in his video. In my post I was trying to highlight how brilliantly funny I think that image is! And how ridiculously obvious the media deception has become.

      • I wish I could take credit for the photo. I found it on the interwebs. It is funny. I changed the title of the video but not because of anything anyone said but because I feel it was a bit click-baity and I don’t do that over here.

  2. Hey Scott, You’ve made the big time. I googled London Bucket Bomb….and Your story is right up there ..front and centre..not sure whether thats a good or a bad thing…

    From The Sun “Some 29 people were left with horrific burn injuries after the device exploded and flames ripped through the eastbound train carriage – but experts say it could have been much worse.” (Yes if the paint on the inside of the carriage had been damaged…we would have had to re-paint)

    “Witnesses described scenes of terror and panic after the blast sent a “fireball” and a “wall of flame” through the train”. ( these bucket-bombs only target living flesh and will not damaged paintwork or fittings)Telegraph UK
    And from the New York Times … “The Islamic State asserted responsibility for the bucket bomb hours later in a message on its Amaq news site that said a “detachment” of its disciples had carried out the attack — language that suggested more than one assailant”.
    (police are scrutinizing their security footage for 2 or more men carrying 1 plastic bucket onto the train…
    If it wasn’t so sad ..it would be hilarious

    • Mitch, maybe it’s relevant in this instance that you used the word, “googled” but I’d like to mention something about the language I use when referring to internet searching.

      I NEVER use the word, “google” as a verb to mean “search the internet”. Instead, I use “search the internet” even though it is a longer phrase. Why? Because to use the word “google” as a new verb in the vocabulary of English is to strengthen the power of this company by making people think that Google is the only search engine available. If you, like many other people, do not like the Google company, don’t use “google” as a verb.

    • honestly I am surprised because Google seems to keep my website off their searches. I can search for articles that I have written that have had thousands of views and on the first page of the search it will turn up showing websites that reposted my article and clearly received far fewer views. Yeah, I keep getting comments from folks saying people were all cut up and there was a “blast” in the subway car… clearly the mythology of the event is being dramatically exaggerated for political purposes in spite of the fact that the evidence is right there for all too see if they were to simply open their eyes.

      • Your video is a deconstruction of the bucket of bullcrap they just served us, Scott… The location of the train is so damn obvious once someone like you (sharp eyes+brain) points it out… Gotta say, as far as hoaxes go, this one might be one of the crappiest productions. Almost like the train company said “Ok, you can use one of our trains for your hoax, but our insurance does not have hoax-coverage, so you can’t damage our train.

        But, the main reason I am commenting now is to point out one really annoying reality as far as the hoax busters online go…

        Every time there is one of these Gladio circus shows, I had gotten used to watching the videos that a handful of people put out almost immediately. Some of them were very decent, others felt either compromised, or well poisoners (by associating their videos with flat earth and what not).. Nonetheless, I did have 4-5 people I could count on for analyzing every single photo or video available out there. Even when I did not agree with their conclusions, at least they served as a rich depository of imagery I could scrutinize myself. But, mostly in the past 6-8 months or so, google and youtube (and/or other powers) seem to have done a real job on these people and have eliminated them for bullshit copyright and or terms violations. And the only ones that come on top nowadays when you search for [event name]+hoax are the idiots or disinformation agents who won’t stop using their idiotic numerology tricks to try to squeeze out a 33 or 22 or whatever the magic numbers they believe to be code for the illuminati, the freemasons, etc.

        All the more reason for me to be glad that you are producing these types of videos. I am not super knowledgeable about when and how one breaks copyright laws in these types of videos, or whether or not the copyright infringements youtube hangs people for are even legit… But, please be careful about it. Especially if, as Mitch says, you are coming up high on the search results (something I haven’t been able to replicate in my search attempts)…

        Thank you for the video… (even though you miserably failed to point out that “Parsons Green” is 906 in English gematria 😝)

        • H3H3 does these humorous videos in which he basically makes fun of idiot Youtubers and he got hit with a big time copyright violation case which he just won in court after 2 years. Big time decision from the judge regarding fair usage rulings. And no, I haven’t seen my work coming up on the front page of Google searches for sometime now. About a year or so actually. Especially since they have been using their new algorithm that censors real left leaning websites.

  3. Well done, sir, as usual. Minor point- the woman is likely not holding a EU flag, as the stars on that flag are yellow, not white. So most likely a US flag. Why some random tube rider in England is carrying a US flag is beyond me.

    • Thank you. Yes, I thought they were yellow or gold colored, right? On the EU flag?

      Propagandists are like marketing professionals. They can’t help but cross-purpose everything they do. And for me that’s a clue in and of itself. Some random woman JUST HAPPENS to be allowed to walk up to a subway with a suspected bomb in it while someone behind her records it on video and she JUST HAPPENS to also be carrying an American flag? That’s ridiculous in my opinion. So yes, the video shoot was absolutely staged… kinda like that State Department guy being there to record the vehicle driving by in Charlottesville.

  4. Just ran across this new-ish political party in Germany called the Deutsche Mitte. Refreshing to see a political organization (albeit very small) call out Gladio operations in the EU. Of course they’re sidelined by the mainstream media in Germany too.


    Rough translation…

    Five hallmarks that a terrorist attack is state-managed:
    1. The circumstances are too elaborate for a spontaneous rampage.
    2. Identity cards of the terrorists are found at the scene.
    3. The terrorists are long suspected by state authorities of being affiliated with a terror cell, but somehow they manage to evade surveillance just prior to an attack.
    4. The terrorsts originate from an area where the state intelligence agencies have been recruiting for a long time.
    5. The terrorists are either killed quickly or disappear without a trace (with exceptions proving the rule).

    • That’s fascinating. I wonder… how long was it before the original Gladio was acknowledged by the press in Westernized nations? It was what? A 30 year project when it was all said and done? I know they never talk about it these days but at least, when pressed, they will admit it happened, if only to give readers/viewers a distorted understanding of what it was and WHY it was more specifically. To be honest, I would expect too see this in Europe before I would from some political party or candidate here in the states. We are far more controlled than most of Europe in terms of our political system. Though I could add to that list, it’s pretty comprehensive. Imagine having a political party that EXPECTS critical thought from their constituency rather than condemning it. What a wonderful concept, huh? Refreshing. Depressing for us, but refreshing for them over there.

  5. After multiple attempts, my comment is not posting on this page. Nothing I said in it was terribly important, but if you come across my comment, could you please pull it out of the WP purgatory? Thx.

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