St Louis police assault an elderly woman for protesting the St Louis police

Watch St. Louis’ finest Goosestep through a little old lady then march right over top of her to stop those pesky leftists who think St. Louis’ finest aren’t so fine. Then a small woman simply tries to help the little old lady and she gets Goosestepped on and kicked a few times for her leftist leanings. Eventually a couple of St. Louis’s finest yank the little old lady up off the pavement and shove her back toward some other waiting cops for processing I guess. Or maybe questioning.

Watch as St. Louis’ finest handcuff a little old lady and drag her off after assaulting her in broad daylight at a police brutality protest.

Anybody else want to move to St. Louis?

See what you get when you hire Baghdad’s finest and send em down to Tel Aviv for “training”?

7 Responses

  1. They handcuffed her and was taking her to a police car. She only walked in front of them.. protesting……we have the right to protest.
    they interfered with her legal rights and safety.
    that cop is not a police officer… he is a thug…..

    • “that” cop? I didn’t see ONE try to help her. They are ALL thugs. And it starts at the top. Thug leadership hires THUG cops. Fire ALL of them

      • I guess this is the liberal democracy the punditocracy on either side of the Atlantic creams its pants over so eagerly. Never mind that some governments designated as dictatorships have lower rates of police brutality, among other things.
        How tenable would it be for that lady’s family to sue the pigs who abused her? We need more humour in the vein of Duke Nukem 3D changing the Los Angeles Police Department’s initials to “LARD”.

  2. Notice how some of the protestors were dressed like their Antifa heroes, black clothes and hoodies?

    But they had a point, that cop murdered that kid in cold blood, even bragged on the radio he was going to kill the SOB. And he did.
    He’ll get a good paying job with Dynacorp or SAIC or some other murderous outfit.

  3. […] via St Louis police assault an elderly woman for protesting the St Louis police — American Everyman […]

  4. Brave boys those.

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