Notes from the Powerless in Tampa (AE video)

UPDATE: It’s now 4:35pm and we have electricity. It came back on about 30 minutes or so ago. Thank you all for your concern. A/C feels great. We’re doing OK.

I have been away for about a week. Down here in Tampa there is no power in my home. Been like this since Sunday, 6:00pm. Today is Friday and it’s about 1pm. Just want you to know what’s going on and why I haven’t been posting. Still alive. Still here. Hoping for some relief sometime soon. Take care folks.

If you want to help and can, here’s my Paypal address. Anything would be helpful. Thanks and I will be back as soon as I can

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  1. Glad to know you, mom, and the kitties are still with us, although in reduced circumstances. I hope they get the power on very soon!

  2. Hey Willy:
    I’m sorry to read the news wrt electricity, but, glad you are your mom are ok- And the cats and squirrels too 🙂
    Stay strong- sending good thoughts to you and your mom both

    • thank you. Power came back on about 35 minutes ago. Mom and the animals are doing well. Rescued two turtle during the ordeal. Right now I am going to order a pizza and relax in the A/C. Thanks to all for your concern. back to it tomorrow.

  3. Glad to see you come out of it all in one piece… Welcome back… (so to speak)

  4. I can donate a few bucks, but not thru Paypal, they tried to fuck me out of $300 once and I don’t want a repeat.

    Do you have a general PO address I can send a check to?

    • Yeah hi Greg. thank you very much. I just found out from FEMA that I don’t qualify for any of those Big Government $$ in spite of getting my neighbor to help me get power yesterday morning and filling out the application for an hour online. I guess loosing all our food and having mom nearly stroke out from the heat for 5 days doesn’t qualify for anything. They sent a note back saying “hey, at least we didn’t drone strike you. Suck it up!”

      scott creighton
      9214 n. 13th st apt A
      tampa fl. 33612

  5. About those turtles Scott rescued. After the storm passed us….. Scott called me to the kitchen window to look at something. I was expecting another tree down, but all I saw was Teddy (a feral cat he feeds). He said no… look closer. Then I saw a dark brown round shell, as big as a basketball, pushed us tight against the next door neighbor’s fence. Scott picked up his large blue work bucket and went outside… he very carefully picked up the squirming turtle and set him down in side the bucket….. it was just big enough. We got in the car with the bucket-turtle and Scott drove about two blocks over to a grassy enclosed pond which was now much bigger due to extra rain from the storm. We figured the water must have reached the street during the storm and the turtle must have swam out onto the street. Confused and unsure where he was , he must have kept crawling forward while looking for his home. Scott took him out of the bucket and carefully walked him over to the grassy pond edge. The turtle’s head perked up … he looked around (and stopped trying to bite Scott) … his little feet started
    moving … Scott set him down….. he crawled forward fast and dove into the water and hit the bottom of the pond and scurried off toward the center where a high mound of dirt and grass was… he was home and he knew it. Scott said the little guy was so happy …..and yes, Scott was happy also. He just knew that turtle had thought he was going to be turtle soup… and was very happy to be safe.
    don’t worry… the water had receded well away from the road by now.
    The other turtle was in the middle of the right hand side of the road that we were traveling in… Scott was driving. He stopped rather quickly and gave signals that he was stopping. He pointed to a large brown thing in the road… “Another turtle.” He would have run over it. the cars behind us had to stop also… 🙂
    Scott didn’t care. He jumped out of his car and picked up that turtle (as big as the first one)… and gingerly carried him (while the turtle kept trying to bite his hand) ..across the street to the grassy edge.. then up a sloping mound and at the top… Scott set him down. The turtle sat there and his head was stretched out far.. he was checking out where he was … guess he saw some familiar sights…
    Scott got back in the car.. the lady passenger behind us gave him a thumbs up sign while her husband (driver) was looking a little irritated… LOL
    guess the storm left a lot of animals homeless and confused.
    I was amazed that Scott connected with two big turtles….. !!

  6. done 😀

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