Progress of the Orwellian Dystopia Type

Gee. What did I say a week after the story of the manufactured hero “Edward Snowden” first broke? Something about demonizing “big gubmint” spying while normalizing Big Business’? Something like that? Something that got me labeled a “Snowden Truther” by Salon magazine? Yeah, I think that was it.

5 Responses

  1. I now always think about this theme when seeing stories about smartglasses.

    For example, Snap Spectacles (Wikipedia):

    • oh God forbid ebil gubmint has 12 guys who can spy on us… but if Big Business has a couple THOUSAND per company and they not only SPY on us but they SELL the data so OTHERS can as well while they turn a profit, that’s Okay.

  2. who prints the currency…er um filthy lucre ?

    or who are the good economic terrorists…?

    are {{{THEY}}} ugly as sin …?

    • People from any ethnoreligious group can be good or bad. It’s easy to cave in to anti-Jewish sentiment because of the high Ashkenazi concentration in politics and business, not to mention that many of them believe themselves to be above the rest of humanity (and accordingly participate in certain corruption), but there have always been such characters from all backgrounds, unfortunately.

  3. I find voice controls to be extremely creepy, personally. I practically grew up tethered to technology, though some developments still make me uncomfortable because I feel they go too far in blurring the lines between the real and the fake. Have any of you seen Spike Jonez’ “Her”? Observing the protagonist (plus his female friend) become so attached to an A.I. is not only depressing, but incredibly eerie.
    It looks like we have yet to catch up in other ways with our technological advancement, for all intents and purposes. Tieing in to surveillance, I wish I could get drones banned. In all honestly, screw them. I’ve.already heard of incidents like boys using them to spy on girls’ locker rooms.

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