Notes from the End Times: Doomed IRMAcalypse Victim Says “See you on the other side”

Is that click-baitey enough?

Thanks for all the well wishes and support. Will see you when TECO gets around to fixing the power in my neighborhood.

Do me a favor and bash the trolls for me till then. Take care of yourselves.

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uh… you can’t so what’s the point?

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  1. […] via Notes from the End Times: Doomed IRMAcalypse Victim Says “See you on the other side” — America… […]

  2. According Patrick Roddie, a chemist and geoengineering activist, he says that Hurricane Harvey, as well as the assets Irma and Jose, who are scouring the Caribbean islands in the Atlantic this week, have been “made” and created by man. This is the conclusion reached by Roddie, promoter of the environmental group Stop Spraying Us, after studying the images of NASA in the interactive tool Worldview, which allows us to see our planet from the perspective of satellites. In his investigation the activist discovered “suspicious guidelines” in the trajectories of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Specifically, Roddie says that in these images are distinguished “feathery elements, mist and wave patterns” that -display- are common in “the wakes of chemical agents sprayed,” which reveals the existence of “geoengineering materials” around the hurricanes.
    Well, it’s not me saying, but who knows? It might be true.

  3. Almost everything is closed around here since yesterday…. like a ghost town….. we went to Walmart grocery on Friday and the shelves were mostly empty of cat food, water, milk, canned goods, bread (they had about 6 loaves of something), … people were packed in the store and buying anything and everything…
    If the electricity goes off… then probably it will be off Wed. too…. no b-12 shot for me…. and many people will be without medical care….
    if this thing was engineered, the people that do it… should be hung by their toe nails from a tall palm tree …..
    the sky is thickly clouded outside…..making it dark inside…. please don’t cut my electricity off!!!
    take care everyone

    • This machine is full of Black Magic, Jan. I’m going to take it out to the back yard. Got a nine pound hammer out there.

      Take care of yourself, lady.

      • I received your letter Roy. Thank you very much.

      • We are watching the wind now…. only up to about 40 mph gusts and raining hard…. getting very dark. A large branch from the yard next to us has already broken off and fell into our neighbor’s back yard…. filled the yard, but nothing damaged. Lucky… it missed the house by a foot. Any minute we expect the lights to cut off. LOL Like waiting for Dracula.
        Scott has everything secure…. I think we will be OK, Roy. you can still swing that Black Magic!
        thank you
        and take care.

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