Tucker Carlson Helps Eric Prince Promote His Katrina Plan for a Post Irma Florida

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Tucker Carlson had Eric Prince on last night to help him promote YET ANOTHER profit making opportunity, namely, sending his ruthless mercenaries into Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma so they could “help” like they “helped” the poor people of New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. Tucker also had Prince on recently helping him promote his “new East India Trading Company” idea for Afghanistan. This is SICKENING. Disaster profiteering and historical revisionism of the worst kind from Prince and obviously Tucker Carlson. Despicable. I hope to God people protest outside Tucker’s studio or boycott his advertisers until they fire his ass.

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Tucker’s episode last night titled “How to prepare for a disaster” and I guess he means ‘contract ruthless mercs to go in and treat Florida residents like Iraqi insurgents” http://video.foxnews.com/v/5569875784001/?playlist_id=5198073478001#sp=show-clips

Smug Eric Prince on Tucker Carlson Aug 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDv41W3v-SI

Salon article on Tucker helping Eric Prince sell the East India Trading Company plan for Afghanistan http://www.salon.com/2017/06/03/erik-princes-dark-plan-for-afghanistan-military-occupation-for-profit-not-security/

The Nation Blackwater Down (2005) https://www.thenation.com/article/blackwater-down/

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24 Responses

  1. Bluejays and mockingbirds protect their homes from predators. If you don’t like bluejays then maybe I don’t like you. Why would you even say such a thing, birds being so endangered? Hell, even BUGS are now endangered. THANKS HUMANS! GOOD JOB.

  2. Don’t know about Afghanistan, but don’t recall any stories of Prince’s people shooting folks in NOLA. Sadly, I can see the need for serious protection for places like WalMart whses trying to restock after a catastrophe. Mankind did not aquit itself well post Katrina.

    In Tucker’s defense, he has also been talking about the dangers of Google the last few weeks. The ONLY person I am aware of doing this, so cut him some slack 🙂


    • Cut an ASSHOLE some slack. Oh. Right. Let’s do that. Ugh.

    • some say as many as 11 were killed by Blackwater. Hard too say since the only ‘law’ in those areas during that time… was Blackwater. And what did Blackwater do in Afghanistan and Iraq? You don’t know? Look it up. Point is, these fucks are thugs… 350 dollar a day thugs who treated the people of New Orleans JUST like they treated Iraqis and Afghanis.

      • Huh. Will have to read up. I honestly hadn’t heard about Blackwater in NOLA til Tucker’s piece last nite. Was aware the police did some questionable things…maybe Blackwater got comingled with cops in reporting or my hearing!

        As for overseas, yeah I heard some things about Blackwater but that is a storyline I have never really followed in detail.

        BTW, hope your house holds. Have several friends in your general area but they have all evacuated

        • ah, well, aside from the articles I linked to regarding Blackwater in New Orleans during Katrina, there were plenty of others written. not sure how you missed all of that but there you go.

          Sounds to me like you think having a company of mercs run by a guy who thinks the East India Trading Company is a model corporation running around down here in the chaos after Irma is a swell idea. Is that what you are saying?

          • Sigh, I was taking care of my dying mother when Katrina happened so I didn’t immerse myself in the aftermath. Also did not stumble onto your site til Aurora.

            As for Blackwater, I know they made the news yrs ago over some atrocity in Iraq. Again, not something I was interested in studying. In fact, I have never heard them compared to East India. Just thought they were guns for hire.

            All that said, I can still see the need for armed security post Katrina. My memory of it was a total breakdown in civilized society. Houston has shown there were actually lessons learned. Would also note the contrast between the behavior of victims of Fukishima & those of Katrina.

            • Yes, we all have problems. Sorry for your loss.

            • So, seems you are saying there were differences in how Katrina victims behaved in the aftermath as opposed to the victims in Houston and Fukishima? Is that correct? Would you like to elaborate?

              • No need to elaborate. You seem to be fully aware of what went on post Katrina. Assume you are somewhat familiar with post Fukishima. I have not heard of any real horror stories of lawlessness in Houston, but as I said, it appears there were some lessons learned from Katrina. Also appears Texas has better state & local govt officials than Katrina era NOLA. My big memory of Katrina is the picture of the school buses to be used to evacuate people sitting submerged in flood waters,

    • cut him some slack because he says Google being a monopoly might not be a good thing while he literally tries to help Eric Prince send his mercs down to MY HOMETOWN after a damn hurricane so they can Katrinaize us next? PLUS the guy has been trying to help the merc warlord privatize the Afghanistan occupation a little more? Uh… no?

      • LOL. OK. Looks like Blackwater is a bit of a hot button with you & I have no horse in this race

        • yeah, outward privatized fascism running rampant in the streets of the U.S. is kind of a hotbutton issue for me. Kinda like when the state did it after Boston. Same kinda thing. And no, I don’t give a shit about Walmart’s profit margins.

          • Oh come on. Boston and Katrina are apples and oranges. The armed house by house searches by the military after Boston Bombing was horrifying. Both in the fact they did this, as well as the fact the country hardly blinked. Should say the media normalized it…expect a lot of us did more than blink to no affect.

            It was about more than Walmart’s “profit margins”. The stores were bare and whse replenishments were vital in restocking the stores to everyone’s benefit, unless you believe in every man for himself & only the strong survive & I don’t think you really do.

            • during katrina, law enforcement went around to people’s homes to confiscate guns. and of course there were those blackwater snipers to deal with people looting food & water in a disaster area … but of course katrina was no big deal, right?

              blackwater absolutely was brought in for walmart’s (and others’) profit margins — to protect private property while the media talked euphemistically about “lawlessness”. and one of the advantages to mercenaries being brought in was that they weren’t accountable in the same way as the police (and we know that many cops were out of hand in new orleans, too).

            • how many were killed by mercenaries in Boston? Just curious.

  3. Right. Hot button. Let’s go with that. LOL

  4. Erik Prince gloating about the foundation of a modern-day East India Trading Company. The plutarchy sure wants to turn backthe clock on any societal improvement that threatens or isn’t conducive to its privileges, right?

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