Tucker Carlson Helps Eric Prince Promote His Katrina Plan for a Post Irma Florida

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Tucker Carlson had Eric Prince on last night to help him promote YET ANOTHER profit making opportunity, namely, sending his ruthless mercenaries into Florida in the wake of Hurricane Irma so they could “help” like they “helped” the poor people of New Orleans in the wake of Katrina. Tucker also had Prince on recently helping him promote his “new East India Trading Company” idea for Afghanistan. This is SICKENING. Disaster profiteering and historical revisionism of the worst kind from Prince and obviously Tucker Carlson. Despicable. I hope to God people protest outside Tucker’s studio or boycott his advertisers until they fire his ass.

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What if I told you there is a growing possibility Irma misses the Florida peninsula completely?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Irma has slowed considerably in both moving speed and wind speed. Looks like she is now a Cat. 3 and still on the northern coast of Cuba moving due West.

11:00 AM EDT Sat Sep 9
Location: 22.8°N 79.8°W
Moving: W at 9 mph
Min pressure: 941 mb
Max sustained: 125 mph

I know the doom-porners will get mad at me and I will probably get an earful about how it’s better to have people over-react than get hammered by hurricane Irma without any preparation at all… however, that said… it seems like a steadily growing possibility that she doesn’t make landfall on the Florida peninsula at all.

Early Friday morning I wrote in part:

As slow as she is moving I fully expect Irma’s path to continue to deviate before hitting us down here. Some models suggest it could make landfall in Cuba and then get pushed out into the Gulf and make it all the way up to the Panhandle before landing again.

If it continues on that westward track, Irma could pass the tip of Florida and make way in the warm waters of the Gulf before heading north and God only knows what it will be by time it lands where ever it lands.

I wrote that because Irma’s been tracking further and further westward for the past three days (as I showed in that article) and at the time of writing that, there were two lesser known models that predicted she would bounce around on Cuba and head out into the Gulf missing the tip of Florida completely.

Right now the updated spaghetti model map a NUMBER of them projecting this result.

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