Israel Uses Bogus UN Report to Justify Illegal Attack on Syrian Arab Army (AE video)

Israel has launched an attack on the SAA using the bogus report from the International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic as justification. Apparently Israeli Zionists aren’t ready to give up on their “snatch the Golan Heights forever” project or their Greater Kurdistan plan. The report dusts off the old chestnut of Khan Sheikhoun sarin gas attack. The “report” is a complete fabrication based ENTIRELY on al Qaeda-linked terrorist “witnesses” and Britain’s White Helmets propaganda vehicle who USED TO BE CALLED “the Islamic State Fire Brigade”

links after the break

SANA report on Israeli attack

International Commission of Inquiry on the Syrian Arab Republic

the ridiculous report

my collected work on Khan Sheikhoun

The White Helmets are actually the Islamic State Fire Brigade

Tahrir al Sham (al Qaeda) kidnapped civilians as they fled to Khan Sheikhoun

On behalf of Tahrir al Sham (al Qaeda) Trump bombs SAA airbase

My work on Greater Kurdistan project

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2 Responses

  1. I was in the dentist office this morning and NPR news came on and they started talking about the Syrian Gas attack and was thinking have I gone back in time? What the F? Oh now I get it. The ZioCon-owned media get their marching orders, along with the UN minions, and poof! – Operation Save Face is initiated.

    Imagine the uproar if there was one lonely shell fired into the illegally occupied territory named Israel. But of course an illegal bombing operation into Syria is perfectly fine because the gas, the gas, the gas, the gas, the gas…

  2. This is the Israeli hit on the Syrian area near the Russian base using a missile fired over Lebanon? I think it may be an act of desperation, a hope for Russia or Syria to respond in kind thereby pulling in the US to “save” Israel. The Syria gassed its people is the MSM cover excuse for this what I believe is a desperate Israeli effort.
    I think Netanyahu realizes that he not only backed the wrong horse and attacked the wrong horse, but his horse is being left behind as the US winds down its Syrian campaign and heads off to Afghanistan to finally get those blasted pipelines built.
    IMO Trump could care less who has the Golan Heights and now BIbi knows it, Trump has bigger fish to fry, when and if his IC handlers let him.

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