And the Winner of the New Korean “CRISIS!” is…. Lockheed Martin

by Scott Creighton


In May of this year, Adam Johnson of FAIR wrote about how Lockheed Martin was pushing all sorts of propaganda in order to get South Korea’s new government to buy more of their Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile systems. It’s a billion dollar product of theirs they wanted to see installed in the country that was trying to mend ties with their neighbors to the north.

Last month on Aug. the 10th, I wrote:

The Latest North Korean “Crisis” – Brought to you by your friends at Lockheed Martin “We’re CRUSHING Peace for Profit”

In that article I speculated that the motive behind the lies and fear-mongering and propaganda about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was all about forcing the new president of South Korea to back away from his plans to improve relationships with the north and to get him to agree to purchase more THAAD systems from our military industrial complex (MIC).

Of course, all the crazy talk coming from the White House about dropping fire at little Asian people in North Korea, though it might be a little insensitive coming around the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and Aug 9 respectively), it has been HIGHLY PROFITABLE for… wait for it… Lockheed Martin.

Yep. Look at that. Turning a potential loss in profits into a win-win-win for the boys of war. Can’t beat that with a dead mother’s burnt arm, can you?

You see, the new president of South Korea rejected a deal the corrupt exiting president made with our MIC as she was slinking out the door, forced out for being on the take by the way. The new president halted the purchase order and suddenly… PRESTO… life or death threats from ebil “North Korea” were coming fast and furious… for no apparent reason.

The lying generals over there in South Korea were steadily trying their best to help our propaganda machine gin up some terror for the South Korean people and our complicit media (as well as a couple fake “alternative” websites) jumped on board the Lockheed sales campaign as well.

And wouldn’t you know it:

Seoul announced the deployment of four additional US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile systems in North Gyeongsang Province following the recent nuclear test by Pyongyang, local media reported Wednesday.

The THAAD systems will be deployed on Thursday at a new base in Seongju, 300 kilometers (186 miles) from Seoul, the Yonhap agency reported, citing the Ministry of National Defense. Sputnik International

Just yesterday Julian Assange chimed in like Captain Hindsight.

“South Korea is China’s Cuba. By provoking conflict with the North, US is creating cover to place THAAD etc. on China’s border…”

Of course, on Aug the 10th, I was already all over it back when it mattered.

On Aug. 6 of this year, right before this latest round of destabilization rhetoric began, a Rand Corp warmonger had an Op-Ed published on one of South Korea’s complicit media sites telling the new president he better get with the program and let Lockheed Martin stick another billion dollar THAAD system on that golf course.

Just yesterday the CIA’s Washington Post published some more bullshit about Un’s “miniaturized nuclear warheads” brought to you by secret “intelligence” assets via their “secret assessment study” based on “secret evidence”

We now know Lockheed-Martin got what they wanted. They got to sell 4 of their systems as opposed to just the one the previous corrupt president bought as she was being ushered out the door.

Unlike Captain Hindsight, I predicted as much when this whole thing kicked off:

Lockheed Martin is going to get their money for their glorious rocket system regardless. And they’re going to trample on the hopes of a new lasting peace in Korea in the process. Cus we all know there really is no peace dividend for the for-profit war industry.

You might ask “why Scott? Why would the new president cave in and buy 4 of these damn useless things now, after everything that happened?” and that would be a good question.

Perhaps you might think of it like this:

The new president understood that these ghouls were NOT GOING TO STOP THE ESCALATION until they GOT WHAT THEY WANTED and he figured he better grit his teeth and buy the damn things BEFORE THEY LAUNCHED THE FALSE FLAG PART OF THEIR OPERATION.

You might think of it that way. Corporate terrorism waged by a complicit government (U.S.) and their assets in the military (ours and South Korea’s)

You might think of it that way. Or maybe you’re a coincidence theorist and you figure Kim Jung Un just HAPPENED to do all this right at a time when Lockheed-Martin was going to be on the hook for a couple THAAD systems no one else wanted.

Now that the MIC got their pound of flesh, I anticipate a calming of relations on the Korean peninsula. Russia and China are pissed off, but, Big Business doesn’t care so why should anyone else?

But that’s how it goes in ‘Merika! What Big Business wants, Big Business gets. Even if they have to take two nations to the brink of war to get it.

Gee, I hope we can keep running our government like a business even more cus we all know, business is good. Gubmint bad. Right?

7 Responses

  1. “…business is good. Gubmint bad. Right?”
    No, not exactly. Voluntary exchange of goods/services (business) is good. Aggression is bad.
    Gubmint = aggression. It’s very existence relies on aggression/ coercion.
    MIC/Big Business = Gubmint cronyism.
    Pure voluntary business has zero Gubmint involvement or influence or regulation or licensing or funding or…
    Get Gubmint completely out of business, and business will be good.
    The world will thrive with much much less Gubmint.
    The world will die without business.

    • ever since humans have been gathering together and exchanging shiny rocks for loaves of bread, there has been commerce and I am not opposed to that. It’s part of SOCIETY and I get that.

      However… demonizing government, all forms of government, doesn’t do any of us any good because as I have said before, we don’t go into a country and regime change it for the fun of it. We do that because SOME forms of government, or should I say SOME governments run by CERTAIN people are the most effective bulwark to repel the kinds of fascist neoliberal invasions we export these days. Those countries, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, South Sudan, Somalia, Ukraine and even Egypt… THEY all have “less Gubmint” these days… and how exactly did that work out for them?

      On the contrary, the government of Syria resisted our efforts at regime change through terrorism… and where are they now? You think “less” government would have served them as well? I doubt it.

      I get what you say about “Gubmint cronyism”, I call that fascism, and I agree business is not ALWAYS what I refer to as Big Business. By the same token though, with government, less is not always more. It depends on the TYPE and WHO controls it. Used to be US here in the U.S. but not anymore.

      So we are kind of on the same page I guess.

    • When I say “government”, I only mean ours – the US. For the past many decades the US government (i.e.: military – which is part of the government) has been the cause of so much woe around the world. (Not to say other governments haven’t also caused woe, but ours has easily caused the most, all over.)

      I agree with you that WHO controls it is extremely important, but also ask you to consider:

      If there is much less of it TO control and wield, then wouldn’t it minimize the amount of woe it causes?
      Has not the US government (military) been the cause of so much woe not only because WHO has controlled it, but also because it’s grown so LARGE?

      I would rather all governments be very small and powerless, in case they ever fall into the wrong hands. (for reference, see the last 5,000 years of human history)
      Just imagine if the US federal government’s annual budget was only $10 billion, roughly the same size as Montana’s. Regardless of who controlled it, how much woe could it cause the world with only a $10 billion budget?

      Couple of good related posts I just found:
      View story at
      View story at

      (and I truly mean it)

  2. I hope S Korea now says that since they own these “things”, they will just cover them up with strong wraps and no one will rent or use them.

  3. As soon as Moon was elected, his campaign utterings about diplomacy with his northern neighbor were “corrected’ by the almighty light on the hill…

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