And the Winner of the New Korean “CRISIS!” is…. Lockheed Martin (AE video)

Now that the MIC got their pound of flesh, I anticipate a calming of relations on the Korean peninsula. Russia and China are pissed off, but, Big Business doesn’t care so why should anyone else?

But that’s how it goes in ‘Merika! What Big Business wants, Big Business gets. Even if they have to take two nations to the brink of war to get it.

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More THAAD launchers to be deployed Thursday

And the Winner of the New Korean “CRISIS!” is…. Lockheed Martin

The Latest North Korean “Crisis” – Brought to you by your friends at Lockheed Martin “We’re CRUSHING Peace for Profit”

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5 Responses

  1. Same old story. 1) Build up the “enemy” either by selling them real weapons or “pretend” weapons of mass destruction. 2) Fear monger at the top of your lungs. 3) Sell new shiny weapons. 4) Rinse and repeat

    • remember how Smedley Butler listed all the corporations he served in the military when he was a ‘gangster for capitalism”? this is nothing but the same old fucking story.

  2. Take care in the storm. Also, I like how you say “boo” after climate change. Batten down your hatches and good luck.

    • that “boo” thing… I don’t remember where I started that, but I know I wrote it a while ago and it just kind of stuck. it’s childish I guess, but, I like it. thanks. and yeah, I wont be outside filming with a selfie stick or anything in the hurricane trying to be all macho or something. if it comes this way I’ll be cowering in the corner with my furry family.

  3. On Sep 5 2017 Michel Chossodovsky posted an article, “Proposal for a Lasting Korea Peace Agreement: Signing of a Bilateral North-South Korea Peace Treaty”.

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