And the Winner of the New Korean “CRISIS!” is…. Lockheed Martin (AE video)

Now that the MIC got their pound of flesh, I anticipate a calming of relations on the Korean peninsula. Russia and China are pissed off, but, Big Business doesn’t care so why should anyone else?

But that’s how it goes in ‘Merika! What Big Business wants, Big Business gets. Even if they have to take two nations to the brink of war to get it.

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#UNRIG Admits they Never Bothered to Write Election Reform Act of 2017 ಠ_ಠ

The Election Reform Act of 2017 was the whole point of their #UNRIG campaign and they never got around to writing it and now say they’re looking for congressional staffers who might “help” them write it… because of course, no one associated with #UNRIG would know anything about actually writing a bill for congress…

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And the Winner of the New Korean “CRISIS!” is…. Lockheed Martin

by Scott Creighton


In May of this year, Adam Johnson of FAIR wrote about how Lockheed Martin was pushing all sorts of propaganda in order to get South Korea’s new government to buy more of their Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile systems. It’s a billion dollar product of theirs they wanted to see installed in the country that was trying to mend ties with their neighbors to the north.

Last month on Aug. the 10th, I wrote:

The Latest North Korean “Crisis” – Brought to you by your friends at Lockheed Martin “We’re CRUSHING Peace for Profit”

In that article I speculated that the motive behind the lies and fear-mongering and propaganda about the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) was all about forcing the new president of South Korea to back away from his plans to improve relationships with the north and to get him to agree to purchase more THAAD systems from our military industrial complex (MIC).

Of course, all the crazy talk coming from the White House about dropping fire at little Asian people in North Korea, though it might be a little insensitive coming around the anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki (August 6 and Aug 9 respectively), it has been HIGHLY PROFITABLE for… wait for it… Lockheed Martin.

Yep. Look at that. Turning a potential loss in profits into a win-win-win for the boys of war. Can’t beat that with a dead mother’s burnt arm, can you?

You see, the new president of South Korea rejected a deal the corrupt exiting president made with our MIC as she was slinking out the door, forced out for being on the take by the way. The new president halted the purchase order and suddenly… PRESTO… life or death threats from ebil “North Korea” were coming fast and furious… for no apparent reason.

The lying generals over there in South Korea were steadily trying their best to help our propaganda machine gin up some terror for the South Korean people and our complicit media (as well as a couple fake “alternative” websites) jumped on board the Lockheed sales campaign as well.

And wouldn’t you know it:

Seoul announced the deployment of four additional US Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) missile systems in North Gyeongsang Province following the recent nuclear test by Pyongyang, local media reported Wednesday.

The THAAD systems will be deployed on Thursday at a new base in Seongju, 300 kilometers (186 miles) from Seoul, the Yonhap agency reported, citing the Ministry of National Defense. Sputnik International

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