Trump Betrays Base AGAIN: Uses DREAMers to Push for Bush’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform

by Scott Creighton

In the fascist state, everything “we” (the government) do is for Big Business.

We illegally invaded Iraq for Big Business. We are “surging” in Afghanistan for Big Business. We “regime changed” Libya with terrorists for Big Business. We lie about and then sanction North Korea in order to benefit Big Business. We are trying to “regime change” Venezuela on behalf of Big Business. We are arming Saudi Arabia and helping them bomb the CIVILIANS in Yemen on behalf of Big Business. We are starting up the Cold War again on behalf of Big Business. And… we are about too see sweeping changes to our corporate tax codes in order to benefit Big Business.

And back during the Bush days (the same days we allowed Big Banking to undermine our economy so they could profit from it and we could use the crisis to further neoliberalise America and other Westernized nations in Europe PLUS started Big Business’ Global Free Market Wars) we tried our damnedest to push Comprehensive Immigration Reform down the throats of the American people which would benefit NO ONE other than Big Business.

The bill’s sole sponsor in the Senate was Majority Leader Harry Reid, though it was crafted in large part as a result of efforts by Senators Kennedy, McCain and Kyl, along with Senator Lindsey Graham, and input from President George W. Bush, who strongly supported the bill.

Cheap labor is the point of Comprehensive Immigration Reform. Cheap labor which benefits the profit margins of Big Business. Argue whatever the hell you want, but congress and Big Business don’t give a SHIT about displaced brown people from down south.  NAFTA and a slew of brutal regime change operations and a host of bloodthirsty dictators serving Big Business’ interests prove that point BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT.

They tried to push Comprehensive Immigration Reform on us again under the left cover of President Peace Prize but again, the American people rejected it. And the American people rejected it for good reason.

So, President Obama resorted to using an executive action to pass PART of Bush’s Comprehensive Immigration Reform, the DREAM Act. That’s the same “progressive” DREAM Act that was originally cobbled together by “progressive” thinkers like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and George W. Bush (of Katrina fame)

Yes Obamaites… the DREAM Act was George W. Bush’s plan.. not Obama’s. Kinda like ObamaCare was really RomneyCare or, more specifically, the Heritage Foundation Care plan. Get over it.

Today Big Business wants their cheap labor to stay exactly where they are and the corporatist Dems and their idiotic minions online and on the street are out in numbers championing Big Business’ wishes with all their heart.

This article from the CIA’s (Big Business’ fascist intelligence agency) Washington Post makes everything perfectly clear with their headline “How big business is trying to convince Congress to save the ‘Dreamers’ from Trump

Business leaders across industries, from tech to agriculture, are appealing to Congress to protect nearly 800,000 undocumented workers from deportation as President Trump is expected on Tuesday to announce a plan to revoke their permission to work.

The Trump administration has indicated it would phase out the five-year-old Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which allowed immigrants who have lived in the United States illegally since they were children to work without punishment

Robbins said the national business coalition, founded by former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg to advocate for immigration reform, will have more than 100 corporate and conservative leaders lined up in at least 15 states by Tuesday to begin pressuring Congress to act…

The renewed pressure on Congress comes on top of a petition that more than 400 business executives — from Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and other companies — have signed urging Trump and Congress to protect the “Dreamers,” 97 percent of whom are in school or in the workforce (almost ALL of them are in the workforce by the way).

Over the weekend, executives from a diverse array of companies, including AT&T, Wells Fargo, Best Buy, Ikea and Kaiser Permanente, added their names to the letter.” Washington Post

Big Business wants their cheap labor and idiots are out in droves demanding we give it to them.

Last night Rachel Maddow used her propaganda hour on MSNBC to call everyone who opposes Comprehensive Immigration Reform a “racist”, an “anti-Semite” and a “white supremacist”

To do this, she drudged up some ridiculous website from FBI asset Richard Spencer and talked for 30 minutes about how they think Latinos aren’t as smart as WASPs.

So you see? Everyone who opposes George W. Bush’s DREAM Act… is a “racist”, an “anti-Semite” and a “white supremacist”. Makes perfect sense to me, right?

Of course, there are OTHER reason to oppose Big Business’ wishes. Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

The labor force participation rate has been steadily dropping in this country since 2000 and that is by design. Now you would think the law of supply and demand would necessitate that translating to higher pay rates for employees, since FEWER are competing for the jobs. You would be WRONG.

Real median household income has been in a sporadic but seemingly steady decline for years.

Image result for average income graph

I don’t need to explain to you how tough it has gotten for average working class Americans over the past couple of decades. All you have to do to understand that is look inside the Oval Office and remind yourself why the Orange Man is there. Or look at your savings account. Or think about the last year you could afford to take your family on a real vacation. You get the picture.

But here’s another picture or two for you to consider. (source)

These numbers are staggering. I know it’s a pleasant fiction to think that unemployment here in the U.S. is something like 4.5% or some other such non-sense, but the reality is vastly different. And that reality is a driving force behind the drop in real median income here in the United States. And again, this is by design.

We don’t hear much about it anymore, but last year the youth unemployment rate in the United States was an issue. A big issue that even the Huffington Post and Bernie Sanders addressed… once.

At Sanders’ request, the Economic Policy Institute conducted a study on youth unemployment, finding that among blacks, 51 percent of high school graduates and 23 percent of college graduates are currently unemployed, much higher rates that what was expected. Among Hispanic high school and college graduates’ unemployment was at 36 and 22 percent, respectively, with whites coming in at 33 percent and 13 percent.

Well, Bernie addressed it more than once because back then he was looking to sheep-dog young UNEMPLOYED voters back into the Killary camp. So he addressed it quite often.

But now that the election is over, all he seems to care about is getting George W. Bush’s comprehensive immigration reform passed and keeping the nearly 800,000 DREAMers employed by Big Business.

According to the Pew Research Center (hardly an “anti-Semitic” organization) the illegal immigrant labor force participation rate has been holding steady since 2009 but keep in mind, that doesn’t include companies that hire illegals UNDER THE TABLE and pay them cash off the books.

That’s 8 million jobs REPORTED officially. The REAL number is higher if you take into consideration the ones that are off the books.

Now look back at that U3 unemployment number. It’s 7.8 million.

Starting to get the picture?

Donald Trump promised his voters he would do away with the Bush/Obama DREAMers executive order on the first day of his administration so we could put our young people back to work. He also promised to crack down on Big Business hiring illegals so we could put our old people back to work as well.

None of that happened.

And now Donald the Glorious is taking a page from the neoliberal ObamaGod by setting up a pending “crisis” with his promise to end the DACA program in 6 months if congress doesn’t do something in the mean time to stop him.

So, Big Business and the complicit media are pumping up the useful idiots in America to get them to run out in the streets and protest against the “racist”,  “anti-Semitic” and “white supremacist” plan to take Big Business’ cheap labor from them.

They intend to use Trump as “populist cover” just like they used ObamaGod as “left cover” in hopes that they can finally get the two-tiered slave labor system Bush used to call Comprehensive Immigration Reform passed in congress. And they will get it. They will get that just like they got CISPA thanks to their manufactured hero Ed Snowden and just like they got their new Reaganite attack on the disabled under the “progressive” Barack Obama.

The DREAMers are the “crisis”. Big Business is the victim. Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the solution. And it will all be brought to you by your populist President of Orange and his Goldman Sachs administration.

And you and I can fully expect that Real Median Household Income graph to continue on it’s downward trend.

Yes, the Gilded Age is back folks.

6 Responses

  1. The mockingbird press and idiot politicos/businessmen on both sides of the border never mention that if third-world citizens were allowed to be prosperous in their own lands, they WOULD NOT be begging foreign states to live in THEIR territories. The Mexican establishment crying crocodile tears over “DREAMers” happily discriminates against those same people back home. The female sex and the elderly still won’t be employed as favorably as young men, among a plethora of other problems.

  2. I like the picture up there. Some of them might be relatives of mine.

    I like the headline, too. Shame on me for voting for Trump.

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