Hurricane Irma: It’s Already Begun


by Scott Creighton

The technocrats and disaster capitalism vultures are barely settled down in east Texas when all of a sudden… Irma!

And for those of you who DON’T know, Florida and her neoliberalized government have been pushing the reactionary envelope just as far as they could in the last couple of years… and now… Irma is literally a gift from God for them.Can’t wait for more shitty for-profit schools and those wonder “free trade zones” where billionaires can become richer billionaires and poor displaced workers are slaves. God bless ‘Merika!

As expected and right on cue, the panic and over-reactions have already begun.

Above we see insurance company owners, after enjoying a full 12 years without Florida being hit by a major storm, hitting the bricks before the claims start rolling in.

Like that year we were hit with no less than three major hurricanes, you can expect a good part of those companies to fold and their owners head for non-extradition companies BEFORE Irma makes landfall if she continues on her projected path.

Anyway, you can rest assured my impoverished disabled ass will sit right here and ride it out no matter where it hits or how powerful it is when it does.

Couldn’t do otherwise anyway.

I mean, Mom’s car wouldn’t make it a hundred miles and I can’t afford to get mine fixed and neither of us could have afforded a bus-ticket BEFORE they started the price gouging.

Well at least I haven’t got to worry about “stocking up” since I have a whole $20 left on my food-stamp card. If the storm continues on it’s projected path, that’ll buy about half of a day-old loaf of bread from Walmart.

If you were at least hoping for a few hours worth of live-streaming as American Everyman gets washed away… sorry, can’t accommodate you there since my cell was pawned long ago for an insurance payment on a car that won’t run and to an insurance company who’s execs are probably leasing a private jet to Ecuador as I type this.

But thank GOD I’m no longer sponging off the disability system, right? ‘Merika is better off without useless eaters like me.

At least that’s what the SSA is saying these days.

But if it hits I will do my level best to give you guys a blow-by-blow (pun intended) as Dorothy takes off for Oz and the Sharknado swirls around outside my little hovel.

Until the cable goes down after the second rain-drop hits the ground.

Me? I’m not worried. Cus everyone cares so much about us poor disabled folks around here. Oh wait… I mean… us HURRICANE VICTIMS. Yeah, that’s the one.

Of course, it’s probably going to peter-out in Cuba or something. But it’s fun while it lasts, right?

15 Responses

  1. Oh noooo
    the darn thing might run right over Tampa…. it is a cat 5 now with more warm waters to travel over….
    and we can’t go anywhere….. I thought it was going up the East coast and away from the shore line….
    we need some cold air….
    so next Sunday …. maybe it will go away…
    I hope.

  2. i’m imploring mama nature irma karma to crush south florida.
    (& i dwell here!)

  3. A large tropical storm has formed in the Gulf….. would that help push Irma away from Florida?

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