Charlottesville Attack: Did Counter Protest Leaders Know What Was About to Happen? Looks that way

The counter protest was supposed to follow White Nationalists… but they didn’t. Instead someone stopped them at 4th, bunched up the protesters into a pile, then apparently turned them up 4th street at the EXACT same time the Challenger turned off Market St. heading their way. Someone bunched them up and then turned them up the ONLY street that car could have come down and hit them. Why? Another coincidence the leaders strayed from following the White Nationalists and turned their bunched up protesters right into oncoming traffic? Or did someone leading that march lead their lambs to slaughter?

Had those counter-protesters continued down Water St. to 5th, they would have been well past 4th by time the Challenger got there. He couldn’t have followed them down Water because it was an active street. Traffic could have gotten in his way. On that note, the van that was parked there was there to keep cars from turning north on 4th from Water… so they wouldn’t get in the way of the Challenger.

The scene was clearly staged. It was set up like a trap for those protesters. And someone did it deliberately.

links available after the break

footage from drone that just happened to be there

Charlottesville Google map,+VA/@38.0301737,-78.4801251,18z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89b3862dea50a48f:0x9086f096c38b74fc!8m2!3d38.0293059!4d-78.4766781

Ford Fischer video

SonofNewo video

Skype: americaneveryman

2 Responses

  1. Boy this thing stunk from the beginning. Soon as I see the assholes with the ‘Jesse James’ handkerchiefs wrapped on their grill you know something’s up.
    Been waiting to hear what you has to say so I wouldn’t have to listen to the Shape Shifting Lizzard Alien Overlord crowd.

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