Arrest of University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels (Thank God Trump is Giving These Guys Grenade Launchers. WCPGW?)

by Scott Creighton

So basically the story here goes something like this:

the Salt Lake City Police Department got into a high speed chase with a suspect of some kind who was driving a truck. That truck wrecked into another truck and the suspect died at the site. The innocent victim in the second truck, collateral damage as it were, was severely burned and fell into a coma before being transported to the hospital. Upon the police getting there to said hospital, Detective Jeff Payne of the department’s blood draw unit demanded he be allowed to draw blood from the comatose innocent victim of the crash… I suppose so he couldn’t later sue the Salt Lake City Police Department for wrongful injury. You see, if Det. Payne had gotten a hold of the victim’s blood, then he could run off and run his own ‘special test’ and determine the guy was under the influence and therefore NOT ENTITLED TO SUE THE DEPARTMENT.

Nurse Alex Wubbels was the head nurse in charge at the ER that day and she told Det. Fascist “no” he couldn’t take this VICTIM”S blood so he could do his “special test” to it and “find” the victim was under the influence.

Well Det. Fascist was having none of that. After all, he is a member of the Glorious Police so anything he wants, he feels he should get and how DARE some nurse peasant stand between him and the accolades he would receive for saving the department from a multi-million dollar lawsuit. Hell, something like that might get him a new set of golf clubs or something.

So Det. Fascist literally breaks once he realizes his “I WANT IT SO YOU … GIVE IT!!” tantrum isn’t going to work. He goes off, flips out and decided to do the one thing he knows how to do (I mean aside from framing people with his special “blood draw” trick)… violence.

The doctor-looking person tried to intervene… a little. And the pussy cops who were there standing around… did NOTHING to help the nurse while she was attacked by Det. Fascist. I guess the thin blue line is about as “thin” as Michael Moore these days. Didn’t learn SHIT from Serpico I guess.

Turns out Nurse Wubbels was eventually released. She was humiliated. Terrified. But released from Det. Fascist’s custody.

Det. Fascist was suspended from the “blood draw unit” but he’s still collecting a paycheck from the Salt Lake City PD. I wonder how much of Head Nurse Wubbels’ paycheck goes to Det. Fascist every year? I often think about things like that.

All the pussy cops who were standing there doing NOTHING to protect the nurse from Det. Fascist… well, they’re still on the job “protecting and serving” the good people of Salt Lake City.

So now I guess there will be TWO lawsuits rather than just one. I really hope this nurse demands money AND Det. Fascist’s badge.

This is what happens when cops are allowed to start thinking of the whole civilian population as “the enemy” which is what they think these days. At first it’s the blacks. Then the poor of all colors. Then the activists from all sides. And eventually even good, responsible, employed folks like this nurse.

People have been turning their backs to this shit for WAAAAY too long. What was the saying? First they came for the union organizers… something like that?

Gee, it’s a good thing Trump just made it possible for Det. Fascist to carry a grenade launcher around in his car, right?

THUG LIFE, bitches.

19 Responses

  1. The story in itself is horrible enough but the video is really disgusting. If you are not campaigning for civilian control of these mad dog cops and their cop accomplices and enablers, you are part of the problem. Complacency and inaction will only result in a further advance of this police state that was so in evidence in that video!

  2. Are you KIDDING ME!? You know, if you didn’t see it … you’d never believe it.

  3. Way to go psycho! Way to make friends and influence people (in a totally negative way)! I really don’t think these “officers” are trained in the actual law. And even though he should be arrested and prosecuted for assaulting a nurse on duty, he won’t even get a slap on the wrist because he’s a cop.

  4. He should be prosecuted…not to mention false arrest and false imprisonment, as well as sued by the hospital for disrupting its operations.

  5. Yes. Had he had a shred of legal authority the cop would have been within his rights to take the blood sample. Presumably the voice on the phone is the hospital lawyer who has informed the cop of the only legal conditions under which he can disrupt the hospital staff performing their required duties (NONE of which requirements he had met). It seems from the video that then the officer went into full-reptilian mode and began arresting the nurse. Does anyone see it any other way?

  6. Must be a great family man. What? You aren’t going to cook me dinner tonight because I’ve been a dick- OK little missy you are under arrest!

  7. The innocent man in the coma was also a reserve police officer. The goal was to prove his clean toxicology, not protect the police department.

    • and how does that matter? he had no legal authority to demand a blood sample & no legal authority to arrest the nurse when she refused. the cop was out of line.

    • why? think about that for a second.. WHO would bring charges against him? The department? For WHAT? Driving innocently down the road and becoming collateral damage of a car chase? That makes NO SENSE. The department would just simply assume he had a clean toxicology. Why would anyone assume otherwise? No. That’s SPIN being put out there by the Salt Lake City PD.

  8. Idc if that dick has a badge if I was there his as would’ve been in a coma.

  9. People talk about police brutality but the real problem is police impunity. Until scumbags like Payne go to prison, cops are nothing but criminals who get away with it.

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