Naomi Klein Says Don’t be Shy About Exploiting Hurricane Harvey to Push GLOBAL WARMING (boo) Agenda

UPDATE: Audio cuts out at 27:30 mark or thereabouts. Don’t know why. I keep checking mute button while making videos so it’s something else. But I left it up because it’s still a good video… just a little shorter than I planned.

Naomi Klein forgets to mention the real threat of Disaster Capitalism sprouting up in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. But she does say folks shouldn’t be shy about exploiting the tragedy to push her pet project, the globalists’ Global Warming (boo) scam.

links available after the break

My previous video Exaggerating Harvey: Why Disaster Capitalists Say It’s a “500 Year Storm”

Naomi’s Democracy NOW! interview –

Naomi’s Intercept article –

Naomi’s tweet in support of open borders

Kare Arnoff’s good reporting on Disaster Capitalism in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

Goldman Sachs’ page on profiting from Global Warming (boo)

Trump bashing on Global Warming (boo)

Common Dreams lies about Klein talking about Disaster Capitalism

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18 Responses

  1. Some of these people we thought were on “our” side are being found out as globalist tools after all. It’s good to know. I haven’t paid attention to Naomi Klein or any of these other “leftie” type heroes for several years. Anyone talking about Global Warming at this particular point in time is a globalist and not on “our” side. I hope no one will be fooled into thinking she’s acting on her own.

    • Global warming and environmentalism with with a misanthropic or “noble savage” bent have unfortunately become highly entrenched in left discourse. They don’t seem to realize how the disaster capitalists have weaponised environmental issues to serve their agendas. Dissident Voice, CounterPunch and The Greanville Post have turned into fundamentalist pulpits for this point of view.

  2. Does this resonate with anyone here?

    • Guess my link finally got posted, out of time sequence for whatever reason. I never trusted Naomi Klein–too light on 9/11. Maybe that’s why she’s allowed into some of the mainstream–a tipoff that something may be amiss.

      • the link went to moderation I guess because of the link. WP does that sometimes. that’s why it was posted out of order. When I read your comments I went to the “pending” file and found it and published it. WP is funny about what and when it does that.

    • Yes, it does resonate with me, Dennis. And I do believe it. However, I don’t care for the added drama. It’s very unnessessary.

    • no it doesn’t. I didn’t buy into directed energy microwave emitters when Wood tried to say they brought down the Twin Towers nor did I believe they caused the U.S. ships in Asia to hit cargo carriers and I certainly don’t believe they are being used to steer hurricanes around the Gulf of Mexico.

      • Thanks for the feedback, Scott. We disagree on this. I find Dane Wigington and his website credible.
        Listening to (and enjoying) your Jeff Sessions/Harvey “video” now and am struck by the idea that “the powers that be” are not merely exploiting Harvey, but may indeed have created it, at least in part, to give Sessions a platform/reason “to Justify End of Posse Comitatus,” as you put it (perhaps among other possible motives). In the link I posted earlier, Dane shows how unnatural Harvey’s path was. His analogy to Superstorm Sandy, I also find credible.
        The Harvey tragedy reminds me of the Boston Marathon bombing which to me was created, at least in part, as an excuse to impose martial law–as a kind of drill. And also, of course, of 9/11 being the granddaddy of all this, planned and executed as an excuse to create endless war, and strip us of our constitutional rights, etc.
        Admitted, however, that I might be becoming a bit like the Alan Arkin character in “Little Murders.” See especially beginning at the 3:15 mark.

  3. Willy: I posted a good article from wired at my place

    ” Houses both upstream and down are sitting in feet of water. Believe it or not, that’s how things are supposed to work.

    So the Army Corps of Engineers opened the floodgates. Just a little at first, a few hundred cubic feet of water per second, and then wide—7,500 cfs from Barker and 6,300 cfs from Addicks, looking to go up to 8,000 cfs from both later in the week. And the rest of the city is draining into Buffalo Bayou, too. Thousands of houses are flooded. That number might reach 100,000.”

    Listening to your video and you are addressing the issue of the release of water from the dams. It’s not clear whether they had to or not. It’s really not clear.

    Klein is, and has always been, a limited hangout, gatekeeper type
    Perhaps that’s why she wrote about “disaster capitalism”- so the idea would be implanted in our minds for he greatest disaster capitalism concept of all “man made global warming aka climate change’

  4. The litmus test for a so-called liberal activist is and will always will be 9/11. So what is Klein’s opinion about 9/11?

    From a long overview in:

    ” like Chomsky and Zinn, Klein has continually dodged all questions about 911 and other events since then. I don’t trust anyone who does that for any reason. Period.”

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