What is the Difference Between Harvey Victims and the “Invisible Silent Minorities That Everyone is Happy to Ignore”?

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: To my point: on my own website where I have 1,100 subscribers and folks come here looking for insight and analysis on a daily basis, this article has been viewed less than 100 times since publication which means far less than 100 people have even bothered to read it. Were I to have spent my time writing about the Awan scandal or Trump “collaborating” with Putin banks or the Russian mob or some other dumb shit, I would have seen 5,000 page views yesterday, easy. The article has a total of 2 comments… and one is from my mother. I guess the invisible silent minorities aren’t click-bait these days. As I showed in the earlier update, when even the fake “socialist” Bernie Sheepdog Sanders doesn’t seem to give a shit about us, I guess no one does. Sad.

(see update at end of article)

I do not begrudge Harvey’s victims their sympathy. I chide. Like that nagging voice in the back of your head I say we can and should do better for ALL OF the least of our brothers in their ongoing time of need.

As it appears my appeal to the SSA ODAR office has failed and I will soon find myself without any form of healthcare (my successful appeal for Medicaid is contingent upon the SSA appeal), income or hope for either in the future, I have become truly despondent but curiously more acutely aware of the suffering of others around me. Funny how that works isn’t it?

As Hurricane Harvey subsides and the waters drain away, thousands of people left in it’s wake have lost almost everything they had. Almost everything that is. Some things were piled up above the water level. Some lived on the second floor of apartment buildings. Some simply moved prized possessions to the second floor of their home. Those who had a second floor on their homes.

But many others have lost nearly everything and it is a tragedy repeated thousands of times this past weekend. A horrible, personal tragedy for so many people caught in the path of something larger than themselves with no power to avoid it, no hope to escape.

Much of the media coverage over the past day or so has focused on the heroic, loving response of strangers to this crisis. And understandably so. At a time when everyone seemed to be pulling apart from each other, mainly thanks to the complicit media fueling that divide, this event has shown us what the complicit media seems at least for the moment to be holding up in the highest regard: man’s decency to his fellow man.

You can’t watch a segment on ESPN without being informed of various billionaires and their companies donating this million dollars and that million dollars to the Harvey Relief Fund.

Celebrities are busy writing huge checks, patting themselves on the backs for doing it and making sure their publicists inform the public of the “heartfelt generosity” their clients have shown to folks caught up in this tragedy.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m glad too see such reporting and the reaction from the billionaires and companies and various multi-millionaires who get paid so disproportionately to the services they provide this country. It’s nice too see someone care, even if it’s done for, shall we say, less than altruistic reasons.

And unfortunately, history shows us that no matter how much money is raised, more often than not, people are left out in the cold while that cash warms the cockles of those who control it. We saw that with Hurricane Sandy (see here and here), Hurricane Katrina (here and here), the BP Oil Spill (here and here), the earthquake in Haiti (here and here) and of course the mother of all misappropriations, the 9/11 event (here and here for starters)

You will notice I included the Red Cross scandals associated with each and every one of those disasters.

Perhaps I was mistaken. The Clintons’ stealing BILLIONS from the Haiti Relief Fund to feather their own nests (deck out their offspring’s wedding ceremony) is probably the mother of all misappropriations now that I think about it. But it happened to a voiceless people in another country and besides, they were mostly super poor… and black… so centirst/liberal/middle class ‘Merka! turns the other cheek when it comes to fleecing them I suppose (if Hillary’s candidacy is any indication)

President Trump is pushing congress to come up with some emergency relief funds to go along with the hundred million expected to be raised in the public sector to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey. They are expecting something to the tune of 2 billion dollars or so perhaps even more. It’s kind of difficult right now because the Trumpster’s budget included massive cuts to the funding of agencies like FEMA which are primarily tasked with providing assistance in just circumstances.

Congress will comply and the aid, like the spice, will flow. Where and too whom is another question altogether, but it will flow. As it should. Hopefully there will be a bit more regulation when it comes to dispersing the money to the people who desperately need it and states wont make new convention centers out of it and governors wont get new mansions with the cash. And maybe, just maybe, someone will be watching the Red Cross a bit more closely than they have in the last 5 crisis events they seem to have profited from.

But FEMA announced before Harvey’s rain stopped falling that 30,000 people would need shelter from the storm that dropped a record 50 inches of rain by Tuesday morning. An estimated 9,000 displaced people are now at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, which has a capacity for 5,000.

Storm victims in counties that were already declared disaster areas must apply for services such as emergency housing at disasterassistance.gov. More than 22,000 families began the process by Monday, Vice President Pence told KKTX radio on Tuesday. USA Today

Mike Pence has gone on record saying as many as half a million people may end up with valid claims for some kind of funding when this is all said and done and that’s a lot of people. But we are talking about people who are looking primarily to replace things. Not half a million homes. But… things. And that number might be a bit of an exaggeration considering what the experts at FEMA are expecting in terms of the overall number of people needing long term shelter after the storm passes. They estimate that number at 30,000 which could be higher but it seems about right.

So clearly this is a tragedy of significant proportions which has gripped the attention of a divided nation and is pulling us back together with the strings of empathy that have been decidedly absent over the past couple of months.

So I see celebrities, complicit media outlets, government agencies from local to national levels and the generalized collective conscientiousness all pulling together to provide aid and comfort to those desperate victims in need at a time when it seems we as a nation suddenly understand and live by the creed “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’

How does one not revel in a moment such as this? Does my wrongthink know no bounds?

564,708 people in the U.S. are homeless (in 2016). According to a recent report, over half a million people were living on the streets, in cars, in homeless shelters, or in subsidized transitional housing during a one-night national survey last January. Of that number, 206,286 were people in families, 358,422 were individuals, and a quarter of the entire group were children. Social Solutions

The actual U.S. homeless population is likely higher than HUD’s snapshot suggests because many people living without the means to put a roof over their heads are beyond the reach of the survey, sleeping on a friend’s couch or a relative’s basement. Reuters

The Reuters article notes that in 2014, 1.4 million different individuals sought shelter due to homelessness. Many others refuse to seek help at shelters for fear of attacks or abuse from other homeless people so even that number is low.

Every day in this country there are an estimated 80,000 or so chronically homeless people walking among us. They are those who have not had a place to call home for years and will in all likelihood, never have one again.

It is important to note of the many people made victim by the recent hurricane, most still have a home to return to. Belonging are lost. Damage will take weeks and months to recover from, but they still have homes, many of them. Unfortunately, not all. But that is an important distinction because even the 30k or 45k number of displaced people made temporarily homeless by this horrible tragedy, pales in comparison to the number of JUST those chronically homeless, who will never have a home to return to and is completely eclipsed by the nearly 600k reported as homeless in 2016.

And what pray tell is the government doing for them at their time of need?

The government has been steadily decreasing aid to homeless and hungry people in this country for a very long time now. Donald Trump’s latest contribution to this effort is merely a continuation of the program much like his criminalizing the aiding of the homeless is merely a continuation of an Obama-era agenda. Apparently not even the clergy are allowed to feed and care for the underprivileged anymore in America.

“If you want to be a “Good Samaritan” to the homeless in your community, you might want to check and see if it is legal first.  All over the country, cities are passing laws that make it illegal to feed and shelter the homeless.  For example, in this article you will read about a church in Maryland that was just fined $12,000 for simply allowing homeless people to sleep outside the church at night.  This backlash against homeless people comes at a time when homelessness in America is absolutely exploding.  In a previous article, I shared with my readers the fact that the number of homeless people in New York City has just set a brand new all-time high, and the homelessness crisis in California has become so severe that the L.A. City Council has formally asked Governor Jerry Brown to declare a state of emergency.  Sadly, instead of opening up our hearts to the rapidly growing number of Americans without a home, way too many communities are trying to use the law to force them to go somewhere else.” War On The Homeless: Cities Across America Are Making It Illegal To Feed And Shelter Those In Need

Feeding the homeless isn’t the only sin in America… apparently BEING homeless is just as much of a crime. BEING homeless and BEING SEEN that is.

All across the U.S. laws have been passed that specifically target the homeless.  According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, the following are some of the most typical ways that the homeless are targeted… (from the same source)

  • Carrying out sweeps (confiscating personal property including tents, bedding, papers, clothing, medications, etc.) in city areas where homeless people live.
  • Making panhandling illegal.
  • Making it illegal for groups to share food with homeless persons in public spaces.
  • Enforcing a “quality of life” ordinance relating to public activity and hygiene.

Funding cut. Feeding cut. Good Samaritans being hassled and fined. Wiping out their impromptu homes and stealing their meager possessions. And in some cases even arresting them on sight.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg in the ongoing War on the Homeless in the Shining City on the Hill. So is it any wonder that our citizens are taking a cue from the neoliberal government’s disdain for the homeless and violence perpetrated against them is on the rise as the people learn to hate and disregard them?

Image result for get a job homeless

And it’s not just the homeless we are conditioned to detest. Truly, it is all the least of the brothers and sisters of mine who are at risk.

At a time when an ever-larger share of national income is going to the richest 1 percent, and large segments of the working class population are seeing rising mortality rates, the Washington Post naturally turns to the country’s most pressing problem: the number of people receiving disability payments from the government.

Its second piece on the topic profiled a family with multiple generations receiving disability benefits. It seemed to go out of its way to include every possible negative aspect of their lives in order to give an unfavorable view of the family, and leave readers with the impression that the country has a serious problem of families who do nothing but collect disability checks generation after generation. FAIR June 2017

The Washington Post, a so-called “liberal” institution and one currently at war with Trump on everything EXCEPT THIS… promoting in two separate recent articles the notion that everyone on disability is lazy or a drug addict or all of the above and faking their disabilities. This trend is a developing/bipartisan one as well.

I wrote about this several months ago. How, after deliberately under-funding Social Security for a couple of years so a “crisis” could be declared,  the Obama administration and congress passed a bill which provided increased funding (to the tune of 1.4 billion dollars) to the SSA ODAR office which is in charge with reviewing disability claims of persons already declared disabled with the intention of finding a percentage of them no longer disabled and kicking them off the program. They started this increased effort back in 2014 and yours truly was one of the first to have their cases reviewed.

Obama put together a panel to decide how to fix the “crisis” of Social Security after his “compromise” caused it in the first place. The panel was comprised of neoliberals who wanted nothing more than to see SS privatized one piece at a time. One of those panel members was a member of the RAND Corporation. I wrote about her:

Her field of study is how to push older people out of retirement and back into the work-force as cheap labor and showing how people on disability tend to not want to work for minimum wage and how that hurts Big Business’s pool OF CHEAP LABOR. Read her evaluation of the SSDI program on “human capital” which she wrote a year before serving on that panel

Also read how she wants older retired people on Social Security to get their asses back to work to “help the economy”

And she was appointed by the Obama administration to help FIX Social Security.

This neoliberal reactionary fascist is one of the key reasons many people are being forced off disability, disabled or not, and back into the work force. me

I also wrote back then how this seemingly inhumane agenda of theirs is actually a repeat of the first year of the Ronald Reagan administration’s first term in office. Yep, before anything else Ronny Raygun did to harm workers and poor people in America back in 1981, he first went after the weakest and most defenseless… the disabled.


Tens of thousands of people were wrongly kicked off the disability program they had paid into their entire working lives and as a result, thousands died and still more drifted off into homelessness and obscurity before congress took action and forced an end to the ruthless action.

It took em three years to expose their efforts and the SSA put in place protections for disabled people in order to ensure the program was never enacted again. Those protections have been removed since 2014 of course and we are back to attacking the least of our brothers when they, like the victims of Hurricane Harvey, fall victim to circumstances beyond their control.

What happened to me was a CDR (continuing disability review) and back before this 1.4 billion dollars and the move by congress and the “liberal” president to reduce the number of people on disability, in 2012 the CDR rate was at about 6% meaning 6% of the people reviewed were kicked off disability and most were children.

CDRs — regular follow-ups of DI and SSI beneficiaries to weed out those who’ve recovered enough to work — lead to termination of benefits in a minority of cases.  About 6 percent of CDRs conducted in 2012 led the agency to stop benefits, though the rate was much lower for adults and higher for children (whose medical conditions tend to be more changeable).” Kathy Ruffing

You see, there was already a program in place for this process and in fact, it’s terribly difficult for someone to be put on disability these days. Was so when I applied after my first DVT and PE and had only gotten harder in the years that followed. That’s why the number is so low.

However, in my case, the Administrative Law Judge hired as part of the new 1.4 billion dollar push to kick disabled people out into the street has a much higher than average percentage than most:

My judge, Judge Wallace E Weakley, has dismissed 26% of all of the disability cases that came before him, approved 32% and denied 42%. Those are reviews and new cases. His actions have generated feedback on the website that keeps track of the Tampa office’s work. His individual stats also come from that same website me

Not intending to turn this article inward about myself, I post this information in lieu of actual statistical information about how many disabled people are now being kicked off the SSA program since this new purge started back in 2014.

The SSA website does contain statistical information about such reviews, but it’s complied in a way that focuses entirely on individual ALJs and does not provide overall numbers or statistics that I can find.

The point is, as the Washington Post’s recent efforts illuminate, there is a consistent and ongoing effort to demonize the disabled so that people like that woman working with the RAND Corp can get away with re-enacting cruel policies from the Reagan days to launch attacks on the least of our brothers and sisters while the general public sits back and does/says nothing about it.

Much like they do when laws are passed to criminalize homelessness.

In that sense it’s understandable the general public will flock to any and all opportunities to provide aid and EMPATHY to victims of hurricanes… they do it because those whom they might otherwise have held such feelings for are no longer allowed to share in such things.

Perhaps it is an oversimplification too say that as a society, as a community, we generally care more for the victims of hurricanes (temporary as their circumstances may be) than we do the homeless or the disabled because… we don’t think it’s the hurricane victim’s fault for being in that situation whereas we have been conditioned by the like of the Washington Post and other outlets to blame the homeless and the disabled for their condition.

Perhaps it is an oversimplification. Perhaps it is not. But it is a fact we view them and their plights differently and that is, to me, an obscenity that shames our nation now and for future generations.

It should also serve as a warning because we have not always been this way toward our troubled brothers and sisters and in the end I wonder, I fear, perhaps even empathy toward Harvey’s victims might be conditioned out of us in the future in just such a manner.

Yes, my current condition makes me hyper sensitive I suppose, but I have covered this issues and these topics for years and more to the point I have covered their efforts to remake our consciences in their model, their neoliberal model, for just as long. I had hoped they were failing. Some indicators are there to suggest as much. But as I see more and more suffering, and more and more dismissal of those who suffer the most, I worry their continuous efforts have not been in vain.

Like I said… I do not begrudge Harvey’s victims their sympathy. I chide. Like that nagging voice in the back of your head I say we can and should do better for all of the least of our brothers in their ongoing time of need.

UPDATE:  Bernie Sheepdog Sanders gave a speech in a church in New York yesterday in which he chided the unDemocratic Party by saying Trump didn’t win, “the Democratic Party” lost… I wonder if he should have said HE lost because HE allowed Clinton to get away with stealing the election from him and then HE rejected Jill Stein’s offer to run at the head of the Green Party ticket and then HE went out there and campaigned for the broken, pathetic nominee like his life (or his paycheck?) depended on it. I wonder if his mia culpa ran that deep.

He also said this:

“”I am confident the people of America will come together to protect the people of Houston and Texas. But it is not just the people of Texas who need to be protected right now. Our hearts go out to immigrant families who are scared to death (illegal immigrants he means)… to the young people on the DAKA program (young illegal immigrants)… to the African American community who recoils in horror seeing KKK people and neo-Nazis march on the streets of America (all 25 klansman and 100 or so neo-Nazis from the confidential informant ranks of the FBI cointelpro program)… to the gay community because the president wants to deny transgender people the right to serve in the military… to women who are fighting everyday for the right to retain control of their own bodies… so tonight we stand with the people… in solidarity with the people in Texas AND WE STAND IN SOLIDARITY WITH ALL THOSE PEOPLE WHO ARE UNDERGOING OPPRESSION AND SUFFERING TONIGHT”

Bernie doesn’t seem to understand the real lesson of Election 2016 does he? The Clinton team ignored the suffering of the average man, the average worker, and instead focused on identity politics seeking to rally the brown vote, the black vote, the woman vote, the gay vote. And here we are with Sanders telling us Trump didn’t WIN as much as Hillary LOST …. and he does the exact same thing.

Also notice… he apparently doesn’t stand with the 600,000 homeless or the thousands of disabled people like myself being steadily kicked off SSA’s disability program unjustly. Not a word about them… unless of course they just happen to be here illegally, black, female or gay.

He was standing on the spot where MLK gave his last important speech, the one that got him killed. And oh god what a scumbag. Sanders tacitly backed regime changes in Yugoslavia, Libya, Syria and Ukraine and he stands in that place, brings up MLK’s HISTORIC SPEECH where he said “the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today is my own country”… and then Sanders transitions to SELLING HIS GODDAMN FUCKING BOOK!?! What a scumbag.

Yep. That’s right folks. On Aug 29th, 2017, Bernie’s publisher published his NEW BOOK talking about how to win a “political revolution” which costs $14 for a hardcover.

Hillary Clinton’s NEW BOOK comes out in Sept. Hers is $18.

What a coincidence. They are both looking to cash in on the political chaos in the country at about the same time.

The hypocrisy of this man is absolutely stunning.

At one point he talks about the moral courage it takes to stand up to the entrenched political structures in America… as if he did and as if he didn’t buckle before the great Clinton machine before bowing and scraping to serve them.

Then he talked later about we need to remember our system is based on the “one person one vote” idea and we have to stop corrupt politicians from exerting too much influence over our elections. Of course, he failed to mention the DNC (and the courts) now say they can pick and choose the winners of the primaries (and of course that also means they can pick and choose winners of general elections as well apparently) AND he failed to mention JUST HOW MANY VOTES FROM HIS SUPPORTERS WERE TOSSED IN TRASH CANS AND NEVER COUNTED.

how the fuck can he possibly think he can get away with giving a speech like this in that space while constantly evoking the memory of Martin Luther King Jr.?

15 Responses

  1. You said it yourself…. the large amounts of money donated goes to an organization or city manager or State committee…. not to an individual….. hopefully people will be helped.. after filling out forms and proving ‘loss’…. if they can get to the funding office. The volunteers will do wonders for the victims….at no cost to anyone but the volunteer. The emergency care units (doctors and nurses) will go to the victims… I wonder if any funding will find it’s way to them?
    And the homeless and disabled are one …. and many, but not any special organization collects money to give to them. The help they receive is being slowly demolished by our governments (local and Fed.).
    Everyone fears being a victim of natural or man made events… like wars, storms, floods… because they know it could happen to anyone….
    but we don’t fear becoming disabled, because we just don’t believe it could happen to us. But it can.
    I see homeless people on the streets …. mostly men…. young…. between 17 to 40’s……. sometimes with a small child waiting on the corner for them. I have to turn my eyes away from theirs as I drive by in my 29 year old car…. because I don’t have anything to give. I have seen people hand out food to them. If I have something I can spare, I do share with them…. wish it was a big share……

  2. Jackie Mason woulda had a hell of a routine with this info…

    not to Mention Sam Kenison

  3. Re: Page views
    It’s all (or almost all in the title). Instead of
    “What is the Difference Between Harvey Victims and the “Invisible Silent Minorities That Everyone is Happy to Ignore”? you should have:
    “Putin”s Sex Life.” Then you go on with the article just as you have it, except every three or four paragraphs you insert:
    “You may well ask what does all this have to do with Putin’s sex life. Read on.” Towards the very end you say:
    “The reason it is impossible at this point to ascertain how any of this relates to Putin’s sex life is that we have been unable to find out anything about it so far, given the totalitarian regime’s secrecy and censorship. Nevertheless we will continue to investigate. Please stay tuned.”

  4. Thanks for writing this article. I have lived in homeless shelters for years and probably still qualify as homeless, living in a motel … the library won’t even let me check out books because I don’t have a lease! I personally don’t think this is my fault. I also don’t think it is the fault of under-treated physically & mentally fucked up war veterans used to conquer people for capitalism to find it hard to deal with keeping a full time job when they get home. But they get a big FU when it comes to neocon policy. People need to start thinking, “there but for the grace of God go I.”

    Please, everyone, don’t give to the Red Cross. I’m sure there are many more responsible charities who will do a lot more to ensure the people benefit from your generosity. All you have to do is look at past leadership and actions by the Red Cross to know they are crooked.

  5. Scott, my opinion’s that the first thing you should do is find a method to denounce that loathsome piece-of-shit judge anonymously. There’s got to be scandalous material related to W. subverting the rule of law in exchange for kickbacks from private/special interests. Try to get other judges on your side.
    The elephant in the room that neoliberals ignore is that the lack of well-paid jobs also exacerbates this incredible homelessness crisis. The oligarchs see you and most of humanity as slaves or cattle, not people worthy of considerarion.

    • when my rejection becomes official, I will file a federal lawsuit in an effort to bring this program to light. It was stopped back in 1983 when the public got wind of it and I think even though it started under ObamaGod and not Trump, it will again once people find out what’s going on. At least I hope so. I don’t anticipate being around for it’s resolution since my disability isn’t something akin to “bipolar disorder” or some random back pain but rather a condition that will get worse when I am forced to do the ONE THING I can be hired for… day labor (big companies wont touch me because they know I am disabled and their insurance companies wont allow it and small construction companies wont touch me because I take large amounts of blood-thinner on a daily basis and have been disabled for several years. Architectural firms and design companies wont hire me because I am now older and my CAD experience is on AutoCad 2004 which is way outdated. On top of all of that, back before the judge rendered his decision, I had been slowly repairing my credit score and had it up to a fairly good number. Once this happened and after selling what I could to make the payments that I could, that rating quickly dropped so now it’s somewhere around 320 and about to hit 300 in the very near future and as we all know… credit scores factor into employment for companies big and small. So, I either starve or do day labor). This will result in swelling and eventually clotting in my leg regardless of how much thinner I am on and it’s only a matter of time before that happens. Also, this result will nullify the temporary waiver I won down here in Florida which provides me with access to healthcare right now. Once it’s official, not only is all hope lost, but so is my medical treatment and prescriptions. So, no more blood-thinner. That should hasten the inevitable. People just dont survive 4 pulmonary embolisms and I have already had 3. But I will file the lawsuit so that someone can take it up in my name afterwards. I don’t tell you guys all of this embarrassing crap about my pathetic life because I am looking for sympathy. This website has never been about me and it wont become so now. I tell you this because I am just one more casualty of this reactionary neoliberal agenda that’s been taking place in this country and THAT is what this website is about. And to be honest, I doubt it’s being done for “kickbacks” from special interests but rather because this judge (and probably ALL OF THEM HIRED when the 1.4 billion dollar injection was made into the system) shares an ideological belief with those who created the program. First question they probably asked these guys before hiring them is if they have read Atlas Shrugged and what they thought of it. If they replied “it was brilliant” they were hired. If not, sent on their way. Folks like this BELIEVE they are doing specific harm to a few FOR THE GREATER GOOD kind of like a battlefield hospital. Cutting off the dead flesh so to speak. Of course they know who’s interest they are really serving and when you push em for explanations, they will get angry and lash out because ultimately they know what they do. But they can justify it by repeating the “crisis” mantra all day long if they need to, to the point where they actually believe it in some perverse way. In my opinion they are mentally ill. And like some police departments, I believe the leadership of this program and possibly the whole of SSA are mentally ill as well. anyway, thank for the comment and the suggestions. dont really know what I will do. im kinda in a dark place these days. but thanks

  6. Bernie was a sheep dog. But what he did prove is that there is an appetite (a very big one) for progressive policies out there in the electorate.
    And I don’t sense that people are falling for the Dems like they have in the past. Even Nina Turner and Tulsi Gabbard have been spotted as plants by quite a few people. And I think they’re right.
    So where to next?
    There is a big left out there with nowhere to go.

    • right. and there are a number of fake folks trying their best to fill that void. To be the next Great Progressive HOPEY-CHANGEY frontman like Obama and Clinton were. The problem for them is… social media. It’s almost impossible for someone to RISE to that level of public scrutiny without everything in their past being revealed on the interwebs. Just ask Kamala Harris (the female Obama) about that. They are doing their level best to market her and the ones you just mentioned but to no avail. Same with Big Tech’s Ro Khanna.

      Unfortunately I think they are going to have to force a billionaire on the left next time around. There was talk about Cuban but I think it will be Zuckerberg only because of his deep ties to the Deep State.

      And the field is being tilled to that end right now. While Google is steadily cleaning up the interwebs trying to do away with websites the kind which ran down Killary Clinton back during the election, the Antifa vs neo-Nazis program is making the country ready to accept the notion that free speech is something we could all do without.

      Clever really when you think about it. They blamed “the Russians” for spreading the truth about Killary which cost her her coronation and now here they are making a crisis that will allow them to do away with the troublemaker websites while American citizens cheer… kinda like they cheered when the storm-troopers shut down Boston looking for two kids with torn up backpacks.

      And for the record, the answer isn’t elections or finding some new faceman for the party. Elections are rigged and we all know that… and now, thanks to the DNC lawsuit… rigging them seems to be legal.

      The big left out there is real and pissed off with no where to go. That’s true. But like I have said for years, that happens EVERWHERE neoliberalism goes. Question is.. what do we do about it.

  7. There’s more reason for optimism than most realize: the PTB are shitty thinkers with shitty ideas that do not bear fruit. They study game theory because they suck at it and double down on losses frequently, only to lose and then double down again.

    For example, the harder they push things, the more backlash. Things like mandatory vaxing will only generate more home-schooled kids. Shutting the internet down now is closing the barn after the horses, the cows and everything else has escaped. As people are forced out of controlled media and schools more minds will open, which probably isn’t the plan. And once people realize the 60% consensus that exists in America on so many important issues their momentum will be impossible to stop.

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