New Australian “ISIS™” Video Adds to the Long Storied History of Manufactured Terror from the 5-Eyes’ Phony Boogeymen

by Scott Creighton

Someone on Twitter brought to my attention a relatively new video of some white guy dressed up in a boogeyman terrorist costume, holding all the right props and trying to speak in an affected cliche Arab accent calling on all Muslims around the world, and specifically in Philippines and Australia, to launch various attacks with household items like cars and nail guns.

The ridiculous propaganda video was released right around the time of the 50th ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting (AMM) held in the Philippines starting on Aug. 6th. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov met with his counterpart in the nation during the meeting.

How convenient of “ISIS™”. Gee, it’s almost as if they work for our glorious intelligence agencies (which, by the way, have their own show on CNN now “Producers collaborate with prominent intelligence, military and government agencies such as CIA, FBI, NSA, DIA, DOD, Homeland Security, The State Department, et al., to tell their stories in a non-political, objective way“)

Before I get into the “new” video, I though a little refresher course would be in order:

Partial list of phony “angry Muslim terrorists” from 5-Eyes nations:

  • BritishSamantha Lewthwaite – a.k.a. White Widow – sold story of conversion to British tabloid for $30,000 or so – Boogeyman affiliation: the evil anti-war protesters and then Al-Shabaab
  • AmericanAdam Gadahn – a.k.a. Azzām al-Amrīki – grandfather, Carl Pearlman, on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League. Boogeyman affiliation: al CIAdah
  • British – Muhammad Olayan – a.k.a. Mohammed Emwazi or “Jihadi John” – made a slew of fake beheading videos while President Peace Prize needed justification for Iraq War II – Boogeyman affiliation: “ISIS™”
  • Australian – Abdullah Elmir – a.k.a. the “Ginger Jihadi” – married British phony tuuurruuuist Amira Abase – Boogeyman affiliation: “ISIS™”
  • AmericanShannon Maureen Conley – a.k.a. “mentally unstable patsy set up by the FBI” – she was a mentally unstable patsy set up by the FBI for arrest – Boogeyman affiliation: FBI’s confidential informant
  • BritishSally Jones – a.k.a. “White Widow” or “Umm Hussain al-Britani” – used to be a punk rock singer – Boogeyman affiliation: “ISIS™”
  • Australian – Jake Bilardi – a.k.a. “Jihadi Jake” – looks like he was just kidnapped from a rousing 3 day game of D&D – Boogeyman affiliation: “ISIS™”
  • BritishJohn Cantlie (Cant Lie) – a.k.a. “phony hostage turned PR frontman” – one of his early videos featured what he called the “Islamic State Fire Brigade” who then turned into the “White Helmets” – Boogeyman affiliation: “ISIS™”

And then there was this:

isis defined

And who can forget this classic of the father of Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski arming and training Osama bin Laden himself:

Related image

Zignew Brzezinski with “freedom fighter” Osama bin Laden

We here in the Westernized and Propagandized Nations of the world (the Privatized Central Bank owned nations of the world) have a long and sordid history of manufacturing our own monsters when we cant find any real ones or cant piss off enough 3rd World nations’ citizens to rise up against our illegal drone strikes which I affectionately call the “Death Squads from Above” program.

And since the complicit corporate media “collaborates with prominent intelligence, military and government agencies” (a.k.a. The Deep State) and will NEVER tell viewers the truth about such things, the Boogeyman Industrial Complex has evolved to near cottage industry status as is evidenced by just how many losers in the game of life end up choosing the Professional Boogeyman in Training program as their way out of the downward spiral that is their pathetic existences.

Yep, all sorts of enterprising individuals have decided that a career in the Manufactured Villain profession is their calling and thus we get what we see above.

And it also seems to have been the Siren song that caught the attention of this latest phony angry Muslim Boogeyman professional who made the latest “ebil Muslim tuuuurrurist” video a couple weeks ago. Have a listen to this Aussie’s horribly phony “angry Mooolism” accent. It’s quite humorous actually.

It is claimed that in the video is “ebil tuuurrrurist” Australian Abu Adam al-Australi who has been identified by the “collaborating” media as Mounir Raad.

Here is a photo of Mounir Raad. And here is the source.

Melbourne man, Mounir Raad, has claimed to have join the Islamic State in Aleppo, Syria 

Here is another photo.

Image result for Mounir Raad

And here is a close-up of the man in the video.

Image result for Abu Adam al-Australi

Here is another still from the video which gives you an idea of his body.

Related image

Now take a look at this guy. He’s Khaled Sharrouf, another phony Australian angry Moooslim type Boogeyman who has a long history being associated with Mounir Raad.

Related image

Here’s one last photo of fat-boy Raad.

Image result for Mounir Raad

Who looks more like the guy in the video? Just sayin…

Khaled Sharrouf has a LONG history of being the “angry Muslim” Boogeyman in Aussie-land. He goes back to 2012 when he was supposedly pissed off over the Innocence of the Muslims video the FBI asset made as a honeypot trap in California. You know the one. The video Hillary Clinton used as cover for the Benghazi event she staged a couple years back.

leaving court after Innocence of the Muslims riot in Sidney in 2012, a fat Khaled Sharrouf on the left.

Two of the world’s most wanted terrorists, Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar, cut their teeth at the Hyde Park Muslim riot in what counterterrorism experts now believe may have been among their first direct links to the murderous cult, Islamic State.

International recruitment for jihadi fighters had begun in early 2012, nine months before the protest that closed down the centre of Sydney on a September Saturday afternoon and in which both Sharrouf and ­Elomar played pivotal roles…

During the Sydney riot, sparked by the Innocence of Muslims YouTube video’s mockery of the prophet Muhammad, protesters including one toddler whose mother later apologised, brandished posters calling for the beheadings of non-Muslims.

Posters that read “Behead all those who insult the Prophet’’ and “Behead those who ­insult Islam” were a shocking portent of what was to come for Sharrouf and Elomar.

Both men, who were childhood friends, have since ­become the evil faces of IS on social media…

Sharrouf was another of the Nine and has boasted he tricked doctors into believing he was mentally ill so he would get a shorter sentence. He served less than four years. Daily Telegraph Oct 2014

Imagine that. He was able to “trick” doctors into thinking he was crazy and that is the excuse they gave the people of Australia to explain how he was released early after staging some riots in which police officers were injured.

Yeah. Apparently in Australia when you have a mentally ill terrorist who threatens violence against the infidels, they let them out of prison early… for some reason… because… reasons.

The “protests” in 2012 revolving around the Innocence of the Muslims psyop video looked to me an awful lot like Antifa and the FBI’s American Vanguard squaring off in Charlottesville for some reason. Maybe it’s the Robert E. Lee statue in the back… or the obviously phony assets they have playing the similar roles.

Is that Robert E. Lee in the background?

Anyway, moving along, Sharrouf and all the other fake jihadis in Australia form a pretty tight-knit circle.

KHALED Sharrouf, the con­victed terrorist who in recent weeks has tweeted a string of atrocities that he and fellow ­jihadis have committed in Syria and Iraq, claims a second Australian has become a suicide bomber.

As fresh details emerged about the life of Adam Dahman, the Melbourne teen who blew himself up in Iraq two weeks ago, Sharrouf took to Twitter to proclaim the martyrdom of another Australian, this one in Syria…

Over the past 36 hours, Sharrouf and his companion, fellow Australian Mohamed Elomar, have posed in a series of highly graphic photos that have shocked even the authorities…

On November 12, a photo was uploaded to Facebook by a member of the Raad family, to which Dahman was reportedly related, that shows the pair smiling in front of a webcam.

In the following months, that post by “Mr MRaad”, who also calls himself Abu Adam al-Australi, was followed by other photos of the man dressed in fatigues and cold-weather clothing commonly worn by Syrian fighters” The Australian July 2014

Interestingly enough, Khaled Sharrouf’s sister and brother-in-law, Damour and Ahmed Alwash, are mega-wealthy and own a remittance service company called Bisotel Rieh. They basically make their money taking cash from cheap migrant labor and sending it back to whatever 3rd world shit-hole they come from. Now that would be a pretty easy business for the CIA to run, now wouldn’t it? Not a lot of check-able receipts since their clients are transient migrant workers and the recipients of the cash payments are probably refugees by now.

According to reports, Khaled’s sis and brother-in-law funneled something close to 9 million bucks to the CIA’s mercenaries in Syria before they got busted and shut down.

The timing of the new video is mighty suspect in my opinion.

And I don’t know who this guy who made the video is. Could be Raad, could be Sharrouf… could be some wannabe actor from any of the 5-Eyes countries looking to cash in with a J-O-B in this N-E-W economy of ours.

Whatever the case may be, I guess the point here is, since the masters of the universe didn’t get what they wanted in Syria, they are now going to shift their little terrorist destabilization campaign to focus on new growth venues and new potential profit margins to be generated elsewhere.

And we have a new generation of manufactured villains to go along with the project and breath some new life into it I suppose.

Kinda makes me think of this guy. The Mandarin super-villain.

Image result for iron man 3 villain

Who was actually this guy. An actor.

Image result for trevor slattery gif

Hell man, when Hollywood and comic strips put this shit right in your face and you STILL DONT GET IT… I guess we are better off being ruled by globalist monsters…. because you gotta be pretty fucking stupid to not get it after all of this.

14 Responses

  1. Fat guy has straight eyebrows over his eyes which are set deep and almost hidden. The other guy has an upward curve eyebrow over his eyes and his eyes are forward and out…
    they are not the same guy….

  2. Wonder why ISIS don’t ‘infiltrate’ into N. Korea? Cause the North Koreans would grab their sorry asses and feed them to the sharks.

    But elsewhere, like the Philippines, the US Navy will provide the transportation, some CIA cutout will supply weapons and the MSM will provide the propaganda.

    Back in 2002, right after we invaded Afghanistan and Rummy was saying it would be a 70 year long war, people thought he was either nuts or joking.
    But when there’s money BIG money to be made, anything is possible.

    Bet Adam Gadahn is in Tel Aviv, enjoying the beaches by day and the clubs at night, along with some of that Israeli XTC.

  3. Osama was 6’5″ Brzezinski 5’10”

    • Just curious… Are you implying there’s something wrong with the photo above?

      • Yes, possibly.

      • Many picts of this man with Zbig.

        You can gage his height. This is not OBL.

        Do you agree now that we do not have a photo of OBL with Zbig? This changes nothing in the narrative about US-Afghanistan but showing the photo is misleading.

        That you believed in the photo for 30-40 years does not mean you should continue. Humans suppose to have the self-correcting function. This also applies to our host.

        • the photo is taken from below and in front. That makes the person in the foreground look taller than the one behind him. its perspective. who gives a shit if it’s not actually bin Laden. Do you want to tell me Zbig didn’t FUND AND TRAIN AND CREATE AL QAEDA!? So what exactly is “misleading” about the photo? Yes, I have seen articles that identify the man as “an unnamed Pakistani soldier” but of course, I have also seen articles that describe the attack on the U.S.S. Liberty as an “accident” and of course, we all know how it’s probably not in Merika!’s best interest to show images of Zbig with bin Laden, so I take that with a grain of salt as well. Point is, it MAY be bin Laden… it MAY NOT be bin Laden… but the fact remains, Zbig worked with him, funded him, armed him, trained him and CREATED AL AQAEDA so what difference does it make? It’s an image that conveys a fact. You can quote SNOPES all you want to but it’s not all that important to me. Also, Zbig is described as 5′-11″ and Laden as between 6′-4″ and 6′-6″ so, could be as little as 4 or 5 inches of difference between the two and that also depends on what footwear they have on. I another photo, bin is standing behind Zbig showing him how to hold a gun and they appear to be about the same height but… as you may know or not… a taller person in the act of showing someone how to handle something may stoop a little or bend at the knees so his hands are on the same level and the person they are aiding. The better argument, aside from the height, would be the original caption and the location of the photo, which was in Afghanistan but supposedly taken at a Pakistani checkpoint. Of course, bin Laden was getting funding and training from Zbig through Pakistan so that might not matter either. Point is, it really doesn’t matter. The photo is widely accepted, even in some MSM outlets, to be of Zbig and bin Laden and it reflects a truth about their relationship… even if it isn’t bin Laden.

          • Did you look at other photos when they stand side by side? I gave the link. It is not OBL!

            “So what exactly is “misleading” about the photo?” It is not OBL.

            “Do you want to tell me Zbig didn’t FUND AND TRAIN AND CREATE AL QAEDA!? ” – Is this photo your only proof of the US first destabilizing Afghanistan to provoke USSR to get in and then creating Mujahideens and having OBL bring foreign fighters to fight USSR? I knew all of this w/o ever seeing the photo.

            “Point is, it really doesn’t matter. The photo is widely accepted” – It is a novel argument on your part. Did not know you had it in you. With such ethical flexibility what keeps you where you are?

          • “it reflects a truth about their relationship… even if it isn’t bin Laden.” – Wow, read what you wrote, reflect and repent. Do not destroy your reputation.

  4. Who believes this shit? WHO? I mean even on it’s face it’s so … well … staged, and badly.
    Well, hey I guess the pseudo-psychologists at our intel agencies, knowing the, ahem, incisiveness of the ready to hate average American, realize they can hardly go wrong when popular assets like Maddow, that white haired Vanderbilt cia dude, and whomever is the big star at Fox now, get behind this blather.

  5. FYI, this is one of your stories on “Google lockdown”. BTW, “google censor” might be a useful search term to use when monitoring such blocks. It’s very interesting what stories get the treatment and whIch don’t.

    • I’ve noticed that a lot of my work is on Google lockdown. Used to be if you Googled my name, I was the first to show up. Top of the first page. Now it’s that Pyramid hoax asshole. Aside from a few articles of mine posted on OTHER websites, my name and this site is all the way back on the third page… after “ERICA” Creighton’s GoFundMe page. And that change was, like, instant. “American Everyman” still comes up #1 right now, but I’ve seen it bumped back before as well.

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