Lionel Nation Video on Trump’s Reversing 1033 Program Militarizing and Weaponizing Police

Though I don’t agree with Lionel on a number of other issues, his breakdown of the developing police state and the reasons for it is pretty spot on.

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  1. Yeah, he comes up with some good stuff but ultimately I don’t really trust him. He’s selling himself as a product. Also doesn’t like people blaming Israel for anything. So…
    But! A bit off topic, however in the end it’s all related somehow: I was reading about another Antifa “rally” in Berkeley, CA yesterday. They beat up a bunch of people and threatened more folks taking pictures. Frank Somerville, a veteran Bay Area newscaster, was there wanting to see what was up, and he had this to say that you might find interesting:

    I watched a bit of some guy’s live camera stream on Youtube. He filmed the black clad antifers handing out heavy wooden shields that said “no hate” (no shit!) from a flatbed truck to the “troops” in black and they proceeded to, well, hate. I couldn’t help thinking how they reminded me of the ISIS boys moving into Iraq and Syria. They seem to have a similar zombie mindset.

    • just for giggles, e-mail whatever branch of antifa you can find (i haven’t found a “central” webpage) & ask them if their only understanding of fascism is racist/white-supremacist ideas. from there, ask them if they ever take a stand against the for-profit war industry, the “war on terror”, the u.s. gov’t’s regime-change operations, or israeli apartheid. ask them if they think they can stop a racist from being racist by fighting him in the streets. ask them if they think they can stop groups like the kkk from recruiting & spreading their message with the tactics they’re currently using.
      i contacted antifa in philadelphia & posed these questions but have yet to get a response.
      these antifa jerks seem to be a bunch of middle-class college students conned by identity politics — huge sense of self-righteousness but no understanding of actual fascism or the fact that both political parties are pushing fascist legislation while they engage in futile/counterproductive activities.

  2. Popular media figures such as Tom Clancy or Michael Bay

  3. have their works slickly marketed as “patriotic”, when in reality, the war and police repression they glamourise will likely also come to American shores.

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