A Personal Note for the Day

by Scott Creighton

Hi everybody.  Aside from this, I am not going to be posting anything today. I have a bunch of stuff to work on here at the house and I have to make ready for the result of my appeal that is supposedly going to come down some time in the next week or so.

Today’s a good day to take a break from all of this. After all, we have the race-baiting fight of the century to look forward to tonight. How about that weigh-in last night? How often, aside from St. Patty’s day (oops, St. Paddy’s Day), do you get to see a lit-up Irish man in in underwear with a half a chubby yelling in the face of a black man? Proud days boys. Proud days.

Yesterday’s “worst hurricane ever in history ever” hit Texas and was hyped by the various news agencies endlessly all day. On a side note, Goldman Sachs recently announced their billion-dollar plans for turning profits from Global Warming (boo) so this thing just HAD to be the worst ever in the history of ever.

Of course, that provided some nifty cover for the PR type folks who used the opportunity to announce:

Everyone takes advantage of the crisis… no matter what crisis it is. Even if they have to manufacture one. Especially if they manufacture one.

So I am going to do the same thing by taking some time off today and blaming it on the hurricane and Global Warming (boo)

I’ll be back tomorrow or maybe later today.

Hope you guys all have a good Saturday. Feed a squirrel. Be nice to someone. Drink a fru-fru beverage with an umbrella in it or something. Do something good for yourself today because God knows, the End is Nigh if you believe what you see on the boobtube all day.

Now, I was going to post a video, a heart-warming version of Tomorrow from Annie the musical, so you guys over in Texas on the coast would have something inspirational for you to consider, to pick up your spirits. And for all of the rest of us sitting around watching the end of the world (Global Warming (boo)) and the end of our “democracy” as we know it.

But you know.. fuck that.

Instead, I thought I would send this out to all the MSM fucking liars, provocateurs and profiteers who are doing their level best to terrify the nation and rip us all, one from the other, with every fucking breath they take.

This one’s for you assholes. Consider it a suggestion. God bless.