What is Happening to Our Navy Ships in Asia?

Two incidents involving loss of sailors’ lives and large merchant vessels in the last 2 months when there has been nothing even remotely like them since 1989. What’s going on over there?

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WIRED article on USS John McCain https://www.wired.com/story/uss-john-mccains-crash-fitzgerald/

World Maritime News info on ALNIC MC http://worldmaritimenews.com/archives/227784/update-alnic-mc-john-s-mccain-arrive-in-singapore-for-inspection/

Stealth Maritime Corp http://web.stealth.gr/

WIRED story on USS Fitzgerald https://www.wired.com/story/uss-fitzgerald-navy-destroyer-crash-collision-japan-acx-crystal/

ACX Crystal wikipage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_ACX_Crystal

Previous Collisions Involving Naval Vessels New York Times https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/21/us/navy-collisions-history-mccain-fitzgerald.html

Commander relieved of duty right before he retired anyway https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/22/world/asia/us-navy-ship-collision-uss-mccain-search-sailors.html

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  1. 🤔: Laoks like a dry run here, BINGO!

    WWIII on in SLOW-MO … either US Can’t stop this or the plan is in cooperation with “enemies ” ?

    • I have to be honest wrt the video regarding the destroyer and the tanker ship- I personally find it not realistic. The speed and maneuverability of those massive cargo ships is just not there. They don’t have it.

      The ship (ACX Crystal) that hit the Fitzgerald was fully loaded- meaning it would have to turn so slowly and carefully, in order to not have that entire load shift. Any type of quick maneuvering would have put the tanker ship in an incredibly dangerous situation- Not to mention the dollar loss in cargo and mass insurance claims

      This type of story was going around immediately after the Fitzgerald incident… I had a whole slew of lurkers suddenly appear to spread it.
      Which was rather amazing to me.

      I wrote quite extensively about the Fitzgerald and most of the top crew was recently.. relieved of their duties
      last post covered the removal of service men:


      “The commanding officer, executive officer and command master chief of the guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) were relieved of their duties by Vice Adm. Joseph Aucoin, Commander, 7th Fleet Aug, 18
      Additionally, a number of officer and enlisted watch standers were held accountable.
      With absolute accountability for the safe navigation of Fitzgerald, Cmdr. Bryce Benson was relieved due to a loss of confidence in his ability to lead.
      Inadequate leadership by the executive officer, Cmdr. Sean Babbitt, and command master chief, Master Chief”
      Petty Officer Brice Baldwin, contributed to the lack of watch stander preparedness and readiness that was evident in the events leading up to the collision.
      Several junior officers were relieved of their duties due to poor seamanship and flawed teamwork as bridge and combat information center watch standers. Additional administrative actions were taken against members of both watch teams.”

      I would consider electronic interference as a possibility, but, it seems lack of crew readiness is a huge problem- Sailors just not doing there job as the biggest issue- Had they been doing proper watch, they could have prevented the Fitzgerald incident- It seems certain the McCain suffers from the same issue. It is vital for the crews to have their eyes on the seas especially if electronic warfare is being employed.
      The McCain incident occurred in the Strait of Malacca- a choke point location- very narrow, very busy.
      The Fitzgerald incident occurred, also, in very busy shipping lanes
      High traffic areas- so to speak.

      • Interesting that AuCoin ( head of the entire 7th fleet) removed Bryce and all the other men from the USS Fitzgerald Command and then he himself was removed…as head of the entire 7th fleet

        From the NYT’s article posted by Scott

        “Two days after ordering a rare suspension of ship operations worldwide, the Navy relieved the commander of the fleet (AuCoin) that had sustained four accidents in Asia and the deaths of more than a dozen sailors this year.”

        One of my commenters mentioned drug use as an issue in the Navy- he cited marijuana, but, I’ve previously read amphetamines are also an issue.

        • so you really think the entire crew was stoned or just not paying attention on the bridge… TWICE? when, as I have shown, that kind of thing hasn’t happened since 1989? or maybe, Aucoin was relieved two weeks before retirement and the sailors reassigned to other vessels to cover up for something like the Navy being used to slow or impede trade routes for ships owned by certain companies or nations?

          I certainly agree with you that the hijacking by Islamofascist a.k.a. “radical Islam” theories showing up whenever someone writes about this is a CLUE in itself, don’t you think?

          • Hey Willy!

            I mentioned the drug use as just one issue of a whole host of issues with the ship and the crew- maybe the other sailors were reassigned? I don’t know? I find it amazing they were even removed at all! Thinking of 9/11 where nothing happened to anyone. Anywhere.

            There is a possibility the US Fitzgerald crew was playing chicken with the big container ship (ACX Crystal)

            It’s possible electronic warfare was employed and the sloppy crew work
            didn’t act as a necessary fail safe-

            It’s possible that the ships themselves have problems in their systems

            Container shipping has increased immensely in this age of globalization. I’m quite certain there are many, many more container ships traversing the seas then in the 80’s

            Found this graph


            “The cargo capacity of the world’s combined container fleet increased from 4 million TEUs in 2000 to 12.5 million today”

            Lots to consider-

            You made some very good points Scott- I just took exception to the video of the container ship deliberately ramming the Fitzgerald.

          • “I certainly agree with you that the hijacking by Islamofascist a.k.a. “radical Islam” theories showing up whenever someone writes about this is a CLUE in itself, don’t you think?”

            Yes, I do Willy! I think it’s a big clue. It suggests that a cover up of some sort is at hand- For example the “lurkers” that showed up to leave comments at my place made clear that at the bare minimum damage control/obfuscation was at play.

            Or possibly ” the Navy being used to slow or impede trade routes for ships owned by certain companies or nations? ”

            Entirely possible!

  2. Give them a couple hundred billion, that should fix the problem. Or start buying the same kind of ship from either the Russians or Chinese, who make virtually the same ship for a fraction of the cost.

  3. …especially since the U.S. military budget is a googleplex of all money for all time over and above all other money. I guess the Navy is not in good favor with Israel? Hard to know.

    That’s truly interesting because, APPARENTLY, a trillion dollars was (were?) lost in Iraq somehow? At least that’s what was quoted. Donald Rumsfeld’s off-the-cuff remark? Something like that. I remember some things, others I have to be reminded.

    Which world am I living in again?

  4. Oh, I get it. It’s all a fucking joke.

  5. Oops, did I say that out loud?

  6. How could you good people ignore the possibility these ships we’re colliding with are of Romulan origin – with cloaking devices engaged? Think about it…

  7. Maybe, just maybe, our sailors are just stupid and inattentive and they accidentally run into things while they are sailing a ship around a crowded area.

    I have a young friend who fairly recently left the Navy after a couple of years of service. He was in Okinawa for awhile and told me that the sailors he worked with routinely got rip-roaring drunk while on recreation leave, trashed the local civilian areas, started fights with local men and sexually assaulted and/or harassed local women. Then they’d come back after their leave complaining of the massive headaches caused by their hangovers and could barely function for the next couple of days, although they had to report for duty, since “hangover” is not grounds for medical leave.

    This might have something to do with the bad piloting.

    • My husband was Navy….
      no boat or Navy ship of any kind allow everyone to go on leave or to shore at the same time…. always there is a full crew on board to handle maneuvers…. and the Shore Patrol crew makes sure the ‘drunks’ get back on board and stay out of the way….
      Sailors are not stupid. ….

    • Granted. All of these things you say regarding shore leave are true. Have been for decades. Of course, you are assuming the sailors piloting the ship just returned from shore leave AND they were ALL hungover to the point where they couldn’t pilot the vessels (plural you notice). That’s a hell of a lot of assumptions and it doesn’t bear out the fact that, as I showed, this kind of accident on this level hasn’t happened since at least 1989 and probably even before that. And it also doesn’t take into consideration the considerable technology that is at play on the bridges of these vessels that is there specifically to keep these kinds of collisions from happening.

      No, I don’t think we can lay this at the feet of a couple sailors on shore leave behaving… well.. behaving like drunken sailors on shore leave. There is something else at play here. I don’t know what, but there is something else.

  8. From the look of the hole in the SS Mc Stain it would appear that the warship was at a complete stop. No tearing along the hull as would be expected if it were under “steam” So the US ship sitting absolutely stationary in the water..gets T-boned by the freighter .. looks like at almost 90 degree angle… mmm… might have thought both ships would have had some kind of radar. Very suspicious… much more to this than we are being told…as usual.

  9. Does anyone understand just how easy it is to fool us—the American people? And that it’s actually “legal” to do so? Wake up people.

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