The Obamafication of Trump in Pipelineistan (AE video)

President Trump talked about the threat of terrorism coming from Afghanistan as his justification for his flip-flop. Truth is, he has been forced to change his stance on our involvement in the country due to our commitment to our “national interests” in Pipelineistan just like Obama did before him.

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Trump’s speech on Afghanistan policy

Trump’s bold new strategy isn’t so new

TAPI pipeline Wikipage

Sen. Corker puts 75 million on hold (2013)

Secure and stable Caspian Sea

Caspian Sea region map

Two companies in Caspain Sea Region

“Carpet of Gold” bombshell


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2 Responses

  1. And let’s all remember that the so-called surge in Iraq was only semi-successful because they paid off the opposition groups. The additional troop deployments were not meaningful to stopping the violence.

    Afghanistan is a completely different thing. We have been paying off the war lords with a share of the drug profits and some sort of autonomous control of their criminal fiefdoms. So we can’t really hand the country off to a central government because there isn’t one- just a kangaroo court that would be wiped out in months if not weeks.

    Plus the big prize in the near future is Central Asia. The Imperial war machine is unlikely to leave Afghanistan as it is the perfect launch pad for further encroachments into the “stans”.

  2. As we all know … We are never leaving Afghanistan as long as oil flows and poppies grow.

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