What a Bunch of Mental Gymnastics from WSWS – Are They Looking for Some Antifa/Soros Money?

by Scott Creighton

This is a fascinating one.

Over at the WSWS, a source I routinely check on a weekly basis, they have been drinking the Kool-Aid of the Charlottesville attack since Day One. According to them, now watch the mental gymnastics here, President Trump “exposed himself” for trying to create a fascist brigade that was the measly 200 or so for-hire pretend racists who showed up in Charelottesville last weekend.

According to at least three writers for the WSWS, the whole plan, created by Trump himself, was to create a new Brownshirts brigade. But that didn’t work and the exposure of his fascist effort to create a fascist brigade by the fascist media threatened the interests of fascist Wall Street and the fascist generals who serve them so they came up with a plan to rebrand the image of the White House… by going all in… on fascism.

After months of deliberate planning and coordination with the police, the Nazi “Unite the Right” rampage in Charlottesville, Virginia reached its deadly apogee Saturday afternoon when a 20-year-old Hitler admirer from Ohio drove his car through a crowd of counter-demonstrators…

The corporate press has focused on Trump’s failure to verbally condemn the violence of the far right. But the American media’s handwringing over Trump’s statements is not only naive. It deliberately covers up the extent to which the White House was involved in encouraging and inciting and even planning the Nazi mobilization in Charlottesville…

This Nazi riot is not an aberrational event in American politics. It is the product of Donald Trump’s strategy to build an extra-constitutional fascist movement outside the framework of the two parties…” WSWS Aug 14, 2017

Trump’s self-exposure of his efforts to build an extra-parliamentary fascistic base increased the nervousness in financial circles over the danger of a collapse of the speculative bubble that has been built up since the 2008 Wall Street crash.

The response, laid out most clearly by the Times, has been to increase the grip of the military and corporate America over the government to an extent unprecedented in US history.” WSWS Aug. 21, 2017

Don’t bother looking in the article for any evidence that Trump’s White House had a hand in planning the event or the “mobilization” of all 200 or so former military sheep-dipped assets. Because there is none other than the writer saying “(t)his weekend’s Nazi violence is stamped with the political trademark of Bannon”

That of course was written before the establishment got Bannon’s head on a stick leaving only the ultra-Zionists, the fascist generals and the globalist Goldman Sachs crowd around the president.

The writer also seems to forget the police chief, the mayor and the governor of the state are Clinton-backers and the mayor had declared Charlottesville the capitol of the resistance a few months ago.

And they never once mention the chief “witness” to the event, perfectly positioned with camera recording BEFORE the car drove by, is a former Obama State Department employee with experience in destabilization campaigns in Africa and ties to the CIA and the mayor who ordered the police stand-down in the first place.

Lost in their narrative as well is the fact that the police chief himself, Al Thomas, said there HAD BEEN an order to have that street blocked off from traffic during the march and he DIDN’T KNOW WHY IT WASN’T.

But apparently none of that matters to the writers at the WSWS. Only Trump. I guess inexhaustible hate for the Cheeto president trumps common sense and reason over at the WSWS.

Hell, they even go so far as to post this without question:

Virginia’s Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, responded to criticism by stating on Sunday that the police did “great work” over the weekend. McAuliffe, former head of the Democratic National Committee and prominent fundraiser for Bill and Hillary Clinton, said the murder of counter-protestor Heather Heyer could not have been prevented. WSWS Aug 14, 2017

That sounds almost as if it were written by the DNC’s own publicist, doesn’t it? Of course it could have been prevented as the chief of police seemed to suggest with more than a little remorse.

What’s fascinating here is how the WSWS does all sorts of mental gymnastics in their effort to blame the master plan on Trump regardless of the prevailing evidence they themselves provide. Their working theory I guess is that since Trump planned the KKK/Nazi rally to “mobilize” a handful of his new Brownshirts and then exposed himself by calling out the violence on BOTH sides, rather than just his I guess, then that somehow threatened the fascists in the White House so they doubled down with still more fascism before the threat of fascism in the White House hurt their Big Business interests.

Yes, I know, it’s extremely convoluted:

The New York Times has led the way, with an editorial Sunday declaring that “Americans accustomed constitutionally and politically to civilian leadership now find themselves relying on three current and former generals—John Kelly, the new White House chief of staff; H. R. McMaster, the national security adviser; and Jim Mattis, the secretary of defense—to stop Mr. Trump from going completely off the rails…

In the same edition of the Times, a news analysis celebrates what its headline calls “The Moral Voice of Corporate America.” In this account, “a chorus of business leaders rose up this past week to condemn hate groups and espouse tolerance and inclusion.”

Among those named as part of this “chorus” of “moral” leaders are such corporate criminals as Jamie Dimon of JPMorgan Chase, one of those responsible for the 2008 financial collapse; Mary Barra of General Motors, who oversaw the cover-up of an ignition-switch defect that killed hundreds of people; and WalMart CEO Doug McMillon, whose company is a synonym for low-wage exploitation.

The ruling elite saw Trump’s incautious remarks defending the neo-Nazis who rioted in Charlottesville as a serious threat… WSWS Aug. 21, 2017

So let me see if I got this right.

According to the WSWS, Trump’s last vestige of his populist campaign has been run out of town on a rail with the townsfolk screaming Nazi at him as he left… the complicit neoliberal media cheered as that happened… now that same centrist, neoliberal, complicit media tells us the heads of these mega-corps are the “moral leaders” of the nation… while weak-willed non-interventionist Donald Trump is left in the Oval Office with nothing but a bunch of war-mongering globalist generals to advise him?

And this is all because Trump mobilized 200 Brownshirts “less than 2 hours from D.C.”? What are they suggesting by pointing that out? They might invade or something?

As ridiculous and irresponsible as their implications are in these pieces, which represent the whole of their coverage by the way, it gets even worse when they appear to grasp the real motive and culprit behind this destabilization event without actually making the obvious connection:

The overriding threat to democratic rights comes not from a handful of fascist thugs, but from the very alliance of Wall Street and the Pentagon that is being touted as the antidote to the racists in the streets.

As for the Times and the various affiliates of the Democratic Party, they see the real threat coming not from neo-Nazis, but from a socialist movement of the working class.

The promotion of racialist politics and the tightening of military-corporate control over the government go hand-in-hand with the suppression of oppositional views, above all the World Socialist Web Site. Thus the decision taken by Google, in close coordination with the state, to censor and blacklist the WSWS through the manipulation of search results. This is the prelude to more aggressive actions to target socialist opposition to the policies of the corporate and financial elite.” WSWS Aug. 21, 2017

So the Times are an affiliate of the Democratic Party who are in bed with Wall Street and the Pentagon and they all see the real problem being REAL LEFTISTS (like I wrote yesterday) and they will use this event to tighten down control of those folks while still demonizing the anti-establishment right by calling them all Klansmen and Nazis… and it never occurs to anyone at the WSWS to wonder about all those Democratic Party supporters in positions of authority last weekend as this whole thing unfolded?

They have neutered Trump’s populist/anti-interventionist agenda and all he said was there was violence committed by BOTH sides… which is the same thing the chief of police said. The same thing everyone says today, now that all those Youtube videos are out there. But that’s all he said and that’s all they needed. Something, anything to implicate Trump that the complicit media, the Clintonista/centrist/neoliberal media could latch onto.

Something the WSWS seems to have latched onto as well.

Oddly enough, they do seem to get it.

The racialist narrative is being used to demonize large sections of the population, buttress the identity politics of privileged layers of the middle class, provide political cover for a massive transfer of wealth to the rich, rally support for a virtual palace coup by the generals and corporate billionaires, and, above all, divert and suppress an independent movement of the working class. WSWS Aug. 21, 2017

That’s exactly what happened and it happened by design. All of it. From Soros backing Antifa AND probably the “Unite the Right” rally itself, to the military connections to Vanguard America, to the police stand-down order, to the police letting the car drive away from the scene to later be pulled over without incident, to the perfectly placed former Obama State Department ‘witness’, to the constant badgering of the president over a statement that turned out to be completely accurate. All of it leading like a trail of breadcrumbs directly to “a virtual palace coup by the generals and corporate billionaires”

Yet still, remarkably, it’s Trump’s fault… Trump’s plan.

Well, who knows. Trump’s a neoliberal billionaire himself isn’t he? And few in politics over the years have been closer to the king and queen of American globalization: Bill and Hillary Clinton.

So, maybe there is something to all of that. Maybe Donald thinks he is still performing for the WWE or on his own scripted reality TV show.

Or… it simply could have been the fascist elements of the unDemocratic Party looking to further destabilize Trump’s White House while simultaneously boxing him in even further, forcing him to give-in to their demands for more aggressive military action in places like Syria, North Korea, Iran and Afghanistan. (Bannon said recently there was no military solution to North Korea and Trump gives a conciliatory speech tonight on his plan to step up military involvement in Afghanistan (probably by sending in terrorist mercenaries like Blackwater or whatever they call themselves these days))

However you look at it (and we will probably never know the full extent or lack thereof of Trump himself in this event) you can’t ignore the definitively Podesta feel to this whole thing. And you certainly can’t ignore the unDemocratic Party’s contribution to it nor that of their owner, George “Destabilization” Soros. Yet remarkably, that is exactly what the WSWS has done consistently throughout their coverage of this event.

Guess I wont be checking them on a weekly basis anymore.

5 Responses

  1. a letter i just sent to the philly chapter of antifa. i’ll post the reply if i get one:


    I have been watching your organization for several years now, and I must say that you never fail to disappoint; do you guys even know what fascism is, or do you think racism is the be-all and end-all of a fascist state? As far as I can tell, your group has no political ideology that opposes fascism — I hear no statements/see no action against the for-profit war industry, hear nothing about the so-called “war on terror”, hear nothing against Israeli apartheid, and hear nothing about the U.S. govt’s various regime-change operations around the world.

    Do you think you can stop even one racist from being a racist by fighting him in the street? Do you think your organization in any way undermines groups like the KKK from recruiting or spreading their message? Even more importantly, do you think your actions have any effect whatsoever on institutionalized racism? From what I see, your group merely engages in street-thuggery that inevitably undermines the message of the political left — the REAL LEFT — not phonies like Hillary Clinton, etc.

    I’ll sum up the message of this letter this way: what do you guys think you’re going to change beating up your neighborhood klansman when BOTH Republicans and Democrats are pushing more and more fascist legislation?

  2. The staged riots in Charlottesville helped box in Trump to ‘stay the course’ and act like he was in charge by electing to kill Afghans for years to come. Along with the European False Flags, gotta be tough in times like these!
    Thank God all those US troop protected poppy fields will be safe for Wall Street banks and the CIA!

  3. Interesting this is one of willy’s less linked stories with some search engines. Another one on clampdown today was a piece on “American politicians oppose Nazis at home and support them overseas.” Go figure.

  4. Scott, you got angry at me for the last time Ib was criticizing the WSWS, but as far as I can tell, it has always expressed the views of sectarian Trotskyites who oppose in a knee-jerk fashion literally every existing regime on the planet, regardless of actual closeness to their values. Reread their hostile, badly biased coverage of places ranging from Iran to the DPRK. They have even called Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez “bourgeois nationalists”, hahaha! They’re quite keen on open borders and global economic integration without a second thought, too. I put them on a higher level than the ISO only due to the lack of open support for war.

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