What a Bunch of Mental Gymnastics from WSWS – Are They Looking for Some Antifa/Soros Money?

by Scott Creighton

This is a fascinating one.

Over at the WSWS, a source I routinely check on a weekly basis, they have been drinking the Kool-Aid of the Charlottesville attack since Day One. According to them, now watch the mental gymnastics here, President Trump “exposed himself” for trying to create a fascist brigade that was the measly 200 or so for-hire pretend racists who showed up in Charelottesville last weekend.

According to at least three writers for the WSWS, the whole plan, created by Trump himself, was to create a new Brownshirts brigade. But that didn’t work and the exposure of his fascist effort to create a fascist brigade by the fascist media threatened the interests of fascist Wall Street and the fascist generals who serve them so they came up with a plan to rebrand the image of the White House… by going all in… on fascism.

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