I’m a REAL Anti-fascist from the Left and You Will be As Well, One Day

by Scott Creighton

As a member of the real anti-fascist left (not the paid provocateur type) it’s been kinda hard for me over the past week or so. Even before that really  because folks on the left think I’m going all… alt right or something for simply pointing out that there really is a war going on in the heavens and some faction of the masters of the universe want more war and regime change from Trump’s administration than they are getting. But this past week and my coverage of the event in Charlottesville and the subsequent shutting down of free speech and the corporate/fascist media’s attempt at justification of political violence from one side and not the other has left a bad taste in some readers’ mouths I suppose.

Anyone got proof of Soros paying antifa? So antifa = DNC = MoveOn? Congrats on your new alt-right fan base. Good bye.

I am not “alt-right”.

I am not “alt-left”.

I am left. The REAL left.The REAL anti-fascist left that hates the neoliberal Clintons and their centrists that have taken over the unDemocratic Party.

The REAL left that beat corporatist/fascist Hillary Clinton and her neoliberal establishment ilk in the Democratic Party primary in 2016. That’s because the REAL left, the REAL anti-fascist left, outnumbers the centrist fascist neoliberal left. WE are the left and THEY are the alt.

The REAL left has been fighting centrist, neoliberal, fascist globalization for decades. And we don’t intend to stop. Ever.

Did you notice something about this past week? Something about the nature of the event that took place in Charlottesville last weekend?

Let me break it down for you.

Kessler (formerly a backer of Obama and therefore the centrist, neoliberal, fascists of the FAKE left) calls for all kinds of angry Americans to show up at his ‘Unite the Right” demonstration in Charlottesville.

Few who aren’t on one payroll or another show up (yes, Vanguard America is a honeypot run by sheepdipped former military destabilization assets)

But the point is that some folks in this country are angry because they feel they aren’t relevant anymore. And you can hardly blame them. Black Lives Matter. Transgender Lives Matter. Immigrant Lives Matter. Women’s Lives Matter. Gay Lives Matter. Everyone’s lives matter… but for one specific demographic. And folks, shit aint handed to every white, straight male in the country because he’s a white, straight male. The economy sucks for everyone and that’s a goddamned fact.

Be that as it may, few still turned up at the rally. And fewer still who weren’t on the payroll joined in those who were when they started chanting racist, Nazi slogans while marching around with Ukraine’s spare tiki-torches.

But who gets demonized? Trump voters. Folks who are opposed to the ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICANS. The ESTABLISHMENT, CENTRIST, NEOLIBERAL, FASCIST REPUBLICANS.

And, by the way, as we saw last November and during the Republican primary, THOSE REPUBLICANS seem to outnumber the establishment, centrist, neoliberal, fascist Republicans.

Alright, stick with me for a second.

Now, let’s look at the left. The counter protesters.

David Swanson (professional activist that he is) ran around and got a bunch of well meaning lefties to show up at the event as well.

But who else showed up?

Antifa, the group that is now being absolved of their abhorant behavior by much of the establishment, centrist, neoliberal fascist main stream media. And what do they do? They attack anyone they can. They scream offensive slogans filled with hate. They attack and insult the police.

They do for the REAL anti fascist left what Kessler, Vanguard America and the rest of the psyops performers do to the anti-establishment right… right?

BOTH sides are diminished simultaneously… not just in the eyes of the opposition… but in the eyes of everyone.

Who causes the centrists, the One Party Fascist Party, the most problems in America these days? Who caused them problems with the election cycle last year?

The anti-establishment RIGHT

And the anti-establishment LEFT

And now… BOTH groups are demonized as a result of the events of last week while neither had anything to do with any of it.

There are people on the right with every reason to be upset about the way the country is going. And the same holds true for the real anti-fascist left, does it not?

Not only does Soros get to sow discord and unrest in the country with the help of his little NGO assets (on both sides of the fake conflict) and the corporatist media, but then he also gets to start a narrative that BOTH SIDES are dangerous to our “democracy”

In the end the media will turn on Antifa and stop making excuses for them. At that point it will be considered out of fashion to be anti-fascist and wont that be an interesting development.

It doesn’t take a PhD too see where this is going. Not necessarily a civil war (unless you think what happened in Ukraine or Syria or Libya was a “civil war”) but certainly increased violent clashes and destabilization to the point where EVERYTHING OTHER THAN CENTRISTS WILL BE CONSIDERED “DANGEROUS”

When you can only see the world in Red or Blue, you’re missing an awful lot of the full spectrum dominance programs taking place out there. You’re missing half the show.

That’s why I cover what I cover and investigate what I investigate. It may seem like one day I attack Trump’s neoliberal agenda and the next I defend his administration from the endless attack of the centrists running the show and that’s because I do. I doesn’t mean I’m bi-polar or confused. It means nothing is black and white anymore. Not even black vs white.

Years ago I was kicked off a website I helped found and set up because prior to the presidential election of 2008 I was writing here and over there that President Obama was not a progressive Godking and he wasn’t even progressive in fact. But the fad of the day won out and I was gone.

Today, those folks understand and have figured it out since I am sure. Barack Obama was a left-cover neoliberal in progressive clothing. And I was right all along.

Someone back then asked me if I would rather be right or have friends.

I couldn’t understand being made to choose but when I did, I went with my own moral compass. Just like I did when I didn’t vote Clinton in 2016 (or Trump for that matter)

I am a real anti-fascist from the left. If you don’t understand where I am today… that’s ok. You will one day.

When neoliberal fascism infects a nation either by corrupt politician imposing it (Greece for instance) or by Shock and Awe (Iraq) or by Humanitarian Intervention (Libya) or by U.S. backed coups (al Sisi’s Egypt) there is ALWAYS a certain reaction that takes place: the rise of the anti-fascist left.

And that’s because once libertarian-minded youngsters get a real taste of what their Ayn Randian world really feels like, they tend to wise up pretty quickly.

Look across the history of nations that have expelled the fascist dictators we have installed across the globe. What brought them down wasn’t free-market ideology or small gubmint proponents (like Bill Clinton for instance)

What brings them down are people rallying together around traditionally leftist ideologies like unions, Social Security, housing rights, workers rights… things like that. Things that diametrically opposed to fascist ideologies.

In short, the REAL anti-fascist left.

So you might not understand where I am today and why I do what I do. But there is method to my madness.

I’m a REAL Anti-fascist from the left and you will be as well, one day.

15 Responses

  1. Where’s the protests against all the illegal and immoral wars the US has been waging since 9/11, mostly against ‘existential’ enemies of Israel?

    Why does that nation get to drive our foreign policy for its benefit?

    The FED has been gutting the USD and anyone who has money in a bank savings account, but that’s not worth protesting?

    Or isn’t there a ‘Sugar Daddy’ like Soros paying for the above protests?

    • right? where the fuck are they? we’re too busy being led down the primrose path of identity politics to worry about such things anymore. and that’s bullshit.

  2. Great manifesto, Scott, and insight:

    “…increased violent clashes and destabilization to the point where EVERYTHING OTHER THAN CENTRISTS WILL BE CONSIDERED ‘DANGEROUS'”

  3. I stand right there with you, although more fortuned bc I don’t have to explain myself to anyone….

    • thanks. I typically don’t take the time to explain where I’m coming from. but these days are strange days indeed and I guess people are left wondering if I’ve abandoned the cause or something, because everyone else they trusted is. So, I figured a little exposition never hurt anyone I guess.

  4. Reblogged this on The Most Revolutionary Act and commented:
    There are people on the right with every reason to be upset about the way the country is going. And the same holds true for the real anti-fascist left, does it not?

  5. I posted an apology to you for speaking out too reactively. I don’t see it.

  6. Scott, I owe you an apology. I hear and ‘get’ what you say you are doing, vast majority of which I agree with and respect. I was mostly pissed at the tone of some comments, which is why I said “fan base”. There are those who take comfort in demonization of anti-fascists in general. What you’ve written above I think well clarifies your position, and I thank you for the effort.
    We all know “if it bleeds, it leads”. I have been reading accounts of VA locals, the vast majority of whom seem to be normal, protective citizens of their communities, unpaid, and ok, emotionally “reactive”. Hard to say how many are real anti-fascists or just Hill-bots/Trump-haters. Many say they simply “armed” themselves to protect self and others. They DID protect the church-goers (C. West, etc). Kessler’s an asshole, sure. Was Swanson some kind of ‘leader’ needed to garner support? I doubt it. The identity-pol folks are lame and small-minded, but so many don’t fit into those categories. I’ve been politicized for 60 years, consider myself a real anti-fascist, never supported ANY war-party candidates. I’ve come up against racists/fascists in the North, South, Midwest, West, and on the Native Rez’s all my life. Racism and police fascism is still deeply imbedded throughout our society, with real consequences. I too have lost most of my friends. But we are many, like you say.
    And we too would like to see people in great numbers come out against the imperialist masters and all their capitalist, patriarchal, militarist, and social-engneering institutions. Hopefully things are changing fast enough in the collective consciousness for more spontaneity and more thought-out actions to stay ahead of the NGO manipulations. And information-sharing to allow ID groups to gain a wider perspective (“wise up”, as you say).
    Damn, it does seem like many leftists are dropping like flies. It’s been disturbing to watch, and I guess I’ve been disheartened lately. I threw out an in-appropriate comment. Sorry. I truly appreciate your work and the clarification.
    [ps – any thoughts re: Jason Goodman and “Mr. Hudson”? Been liking Jason and George’s work, but Hudson creeped me out.]

    • no apology needed. like I wrote, people are getting tired of seeing their left-leaning sites cut and run or get their minds right (and by “right” I mean “right of Reagan”) so I completely understand. Yeah, the whole “Mr. Hudson” thing is pretty creepy. But then again, Goodman is wrapped up in George Webb, who also has said some pretty creepy things and promoted some of the most obvious disinfo campaigns as of late, so, I kinda chalk it up to his whole “crowdsourcing” thing which is basically an invitation to disinfo assets to plant false stories. I did the interview with them because, they are correct about RDS… NOW. Of course, they did support him in the beginning. And of course, the whole thing with the nuclear bomb coming in on a shipping vessel seemed like a dry run to test the effectiveness of their crowdsourced “intelligence” thingy. But again, there are some things they get right.

      • The main thing that Webb and associates get right is very much in line with your own insight– it is that any progress in assessing where we are, what is wrong, and how to change it is going to be made pluralistically, by people who agree on some things and disagree on others, but can keep a common goal in view and each contribute what they can.

        George’s particular genius is that he has good instincts and an ability to engage different sectors. He has said he is “making stone soup.” That is, he has showed up where we’re starving for information with a “recipe” for what we need, and the charisma to cajole the components out of the people who have them, but are starving because they haven’t combined them. They have had to be tricked, with razz-ma-tazz patter about magic rocks. They could have done it all along. But they didn’t.

        So, step right up, step right up. Any real food is welcome in the pot.

  7. Alt Right vs Alt Left – you couldn’t make it up. These are manufactured constructs. The first wilfully mixes up ‘white supremacists’ (aka Nazis) with perfectly moderate libertarians to aid the former and denigrate the latter. The second muddles together everything to the left of the Democrats. And by attaching the prefix ‘Alt-‘ whoever genuinely opposes the establishment will sooner or later be pigeonholed on one side ot the other. Then, as violence escalates between the most radical and extreme factions (enabled by agents provocateurs), the media will be able to play up the fear of ‘populism’ and demonise anyone who steps out of line with the ‘centre’. Thanks for the analysis Scott – your honesty is greatly appreciated!

  8. Time for the alt-Center, aka the 60 Percent Party supporting policies favored by majorities of voters in both parties, such as reducing wealth inequality, preserving the social safety net, clean, food, air and water, and staying out of foreign interventions. This is what the neos fear most.

  9. I understand where you are coming from. The thing is, the entire political spectrum has shifted so far to the right economically since the mid-seventies (that’s the neo-liberal part), that most people don’t even remember what it was like before this. Add to this, that the average American knows zilch about US foreign policy other than what they hear via the MSM, which is nothing new, of course.

    Add into this that Silicon Valley is creating a virtual echo-chamber, particularly via ‘personalization’, which actually discourages from taking in other people’s viewpoints, and you have a brew of ignorance. One other thing, there are very few people who actually have the time to do the research for themselves, unless they do it professionally, in which case, they will soon fall prey to institutional bias, either via funding or via being around like minded people at all times.

    Even though I don’t agree with you on every single issue, you go deeper than most non-professionals. I was lucky enough to have had a broad based education, but remained working class all my life and still am. If you’ve never read Joe Bageant’s work, it’s still on the net. There is a LOT of truth in what this man said, and now the chickens are coming home to roost.
    The biggest danger to us all, now and in the foreseeable future are the tech giants in the Valley, including AI and biotech. Also climate change, which I know you disagree with. I believe it is very real, but the way it’s being handled is another matter altogether and too involved for this comment.
    Thanks for your research and speaking your mind.

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