Bannon Driven Out by Media in Service of War Agenda, the Ultimate Hate

An Open Letter from Guam to America

by Victoria-Lola Leon Guerrero from Boston Review (H/T Declan)

Dear America,

I am glad that you are finally paying attention to what is happening in Guam. Many of you, as I am reading online, are asking for the first time, “What is Guam?” Every day growing up here, we have been told all about you. I am sorry that it is only when we are the subject of bombs that you even attempt to say the word Guam; there are so many more interesting things I wish you would want to know about us. We, on the other hand, are not as surprised by the latest bomb threat. We are quite used to hearing Guam and bomb in the same sentence. Every month or so, when another missile is tested, or rhetoric fired, we hear how North Korea, or China, or Russia could bomb Guam. I have even saved pictures of China’s infamous “Guam Killer” bombs on my computer so our Independence group can use it in Independence 101 presentations as an example of why we need to get free NOW. Yes, there are people in Guam who want independence from you. But there are also people in Guam who hear these threats of bombs and cower to the hype. They start to believe that we need your mighty military bases and beg for more, because then we would not be bombed, right? But you have been the source of all our bomb problems.

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Some Twitter Wisdom


I’m a REAL Anti-fascist from the Left and You Will be As Well, One Day

by Scott Creighton

As a member of the real anti-fascist left (not the paid provocateur type) it’s been kinda hard for me over the past week or so. Even before that really  because folks on the left think I’m going all… alt right or something for simply pointing out that there really is a war going on in the heavens and some faction of the masters of the universe want more war and regime change from Trump’s administration than they are getting. But this past week and my coverage of the event in Charlottesville and the subsequent shutting down of free speech and the corporate/fascist media’s attempt at justification of political violence from one side and not the other has left a bad taste in some readers’ mouths I suppose.

Anyone got proof of Soros paying antifa? So antifa = DNC = MoveOn? Congrats on your new alt-right fan base. Good bye.

I am not “alt-right”.

I am not “alt-left”.

I am left. The REAL left.The REAL anti-fascist left that hates the neoliberal Clintons and their centrists that have taken over the unDemocratic Party.

The REAL left that beat corporatist/fascist Hillary Clinton and her neoliberal establishment ilk in the Democratic Party primary in 2016. That’s because the REAL left, the REAL anti-fascist left, outnumbers the centrist fascist neoliberal left. WE are the left and THEY are the alt.

The REAL left has been fighting centrist, neoliberal, fascist globalization for decades. And we don’t intend to stop. Ever.

Did you notice something about this past week? Something about the nature of the event that took place in Charlottesville last weekend?

Let me break it down for you.

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