VERY Fake News: Di$info Jone$ Stages His Own Little Sidewalk Destabilization Scene With Local Wrestler

by Scott Creighton

God Jesus I hate Di$infool Jone$.

Richie Allen tweeted something this morning about it being “assault” when AJ’s little buttboy Paul Joseph Watson posted a video of this ridiculous shit. Hell, I thought Richie was smarter than that.

A man currently serving in Navy Intelligence, Jack Posobiec, posted the video on his twitter feed as well saying it was an “alt-left terrorist attack” on our poor little Ayn Randian hero, Di$info Jone$!

Behold the chaos.

Those damn COMMIES!!!!

Oh wait. He’s a local actor/wrestler.

Here’s his MySpace account (people still have those?)

9 Responses

  1. Ahahah! Alexsei Jonestein makes me laugh.
    Speaking of Seattle will the huge Lenin statue there be torn down?

  2. Years ago I dropped a pot of boiling water on my foot. The pain was excruciating. All I cared about was making the pain stop, not running my face.

    • yes, but apparently Di$info Jone$ has his Patriot Fratboy on Steroids Superpower fortified by Tangy Tangerine! Pain is nothing to his short little fat ass because he’s trying to save the republic for Tel Aviv… oops.. I mean… all of us. yeah, that’s it.

  3. that vid with jones is hilarious — best laugh i’ve had in a while.

    “oh no, a jihadist with coffee!”.

  4. How can anyone take Alex Jones seriously? That video had me genuinely laughing out loud.

  5. The bozo who attacked the idiot–or vice versa–is one Jake Stratton, a failed actor.

  6. Remember when Alex Jones used to pretend to not be a conservative, and would have leftists on his show, like Ed Asner, Chris Hedges, Russel Means and Dick Gregory? Good times. RIP Dick Gregory.

  7. Alex Jones Exposed

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