The Moral Equivalency Question: Justifying Violence Against People Who THINK THE WRONG WAY

The Nazis, the REAL Nazis, rounded up people who THOUGHT THE WRONG WAY and they justified that action to the public in a myriad of ways. One of which was they were destabilizing the country and presented a threat to the German people. Today the “moral equivalency” propaganda is doing the same exact thing. Ironic? No. Deliberate.

First they came for the alt-Right, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a protectionist.

Then they came for the Bernie-bros, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the bloggers and Youtubers and I did not speak out—
Because I didn’t have opinions of my own and didn’t dare think for myself.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

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I Rest My Case: Vanguard America is Indeed a Honeypot Run by a Marine Corp Recruiter

The story of Charlottesville was written in blood in the Ukraine

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  1. I long for the peace and quiet of Pierce Street, lined with large leafy trees and front porches filled with rocking chairs used in the cool evenings by neighbors greeting other neighbors. The Hawkins Grocery store, on one corner of Pierce, was also a meeting place where one could discuss the news while waiting for their pork chops (or whatever) to be cut and wrapped in brown paper and tied with a white string. KIds (I was one of them) would come bubbling in with soda glass bottles to get deposit money for a cold coke-cola.
    The sidewalks were wide and loud with kids playing hop-scotch while their dogs were sprawled in the green grass which would be cut by a hand pushed lawn mower.
    Sometimes on Sunday evenings my family would gather around a floor model radio and listen to the ‘Squeaking Door’, a scary fiction program. My daddy would grin at us while mama finished setting the dinner table and placed fried chicken and a large hot bowl of banana pudding in the middle of the table.
    It was the mid forties. Buses were busy and only a few cars were competing. The house was cold and drafty, no AC, but large windows to open wide …… ice box was used for food or during the winter you could put covered food out on the roof. Horse-drawn vegetable wagons came by with gossip and fresh greens.
    Anyway, enough…. some things were not good in those days…. that is true…. just wish we could have fixed them and still left some dignity and peace for everyone to enjoy…… on their porches and in small neighborhood grocery stores…. people looked forward to tomorrow.
    Maybe some neighborhoods are still like this.

    • Ours was Cotton’s Grocery, Jan. Everything else fit those days just as I remember them.

      Thanks for the trip back,

      • You are welcome, Roy…. 🙂
        I take backward trips often now….it’s my age or…. the depressing times we live in.

        • We lived in my Grandpa’s house in the middle of a block of Springfield, Ill. He was a section chief on the B&O railroad there. My Dad, his youngest, was his section hand. All the rest of the men were gone to war. Grandpa would gather us kids up on his bed and tell us stories about the Old West while the women were making supper. I can still smell his sweat.

          Summer between my second and third grades, my immediate family took a train to S. E. Arizona to visit my Mom’s mother. Dad took a job in the mines there, and there we stayed.

          5 days after high school I joined the Army to see the World. What I saw was a corner of S. E. Asia–maybe the start of these depressing times.

          • What a wonderful memory….. can you remember the old West stories your grandpa told you? Would love to hear them!
            My father couldn’t go to war either (had three children)….. but he moved us to Baltimore so he could work in an ammo factory … we lived in the row houses …. I was only about 4 then.

            • There were dozens of them, Jan, but I can’t remember even one.

              I’ve got an appointment to see a doctor about my memory a week from Monday, though. Seems like I lose a big chunk every day. 😦

              • You don’t lose it. Just so much on your mind these days….. sometimes if you relax in a comfortable chair…. close your eyes and remember anything during those years.. look and see the people… like your grandfather…. just let any memory of him seep in…. sometimes the right one will peek around the corner..
                Like the ammo factory that I thought my father worked at in Baltimore…. it was the shipyard….. lol…. see….. my brother corrected me on that. but… I can remember my father trying to sell fruit on his old truck in Baltimore… I can see him grinning with excitement… his own business. It failed though… he had to move back to Virginia…

                • I know those things, Jan, used them before, know they work. Just takes someone to remind me to use them, so Thank You for that.

                  Sad that things didn’t work out for your Dad in Baltimore.

                  I’m going to keep that appointment anyway, now that I’ve got it, make sure it’s not something I don’t know how to deal with.

                  I’ll let you know how it went.


  2. Charlottesville=third rate false flag Kabuki theater for dumbed down lowest common denominator equality über alles drones:

    Post up while you can the big crackdown is here now.

  3. Now the WaPo is calling for more violence, to teach us uppity peons the lesson that you don’t fight back against totalitarianism.

  4. See this image- Code Pink plus the Purple Revolution?

  5. There is a fair bit of analysis that shows much of what we have been presented is likely false. Possibly more than one car being used. Photoshopped images. Driver in car not matching person arrested. So on and so forth. So extreme vigilance is required.

  6. The CIA cookie-cutter stamps out their same old polarization trick, that’s all it can do: destabilizing violence as a pretext for preplanned repression. When it was Nixon that CIA wanted to purge, the synthetic strife was hardhats v. hippies – both sides infested with CIA provocateurs, just like now, both sides equally against CIA war.

    Nazis v. antifas is the same bullshit. Just like then, Mockingbird media craps out tightly-circumscribed pro-and-contra to trick you into having an opinion. Countless dupes will think and think and take a side, and come out with some individual personalized civics essay though nobody gives a shit what they think. And then they will take their eye off the ball: CIA warding off threats to its impunity. As in 1970, it’s looking like CIA crime doesn’t pay. Then the threat to CIA impunity was international consensus on US aggression. Now the threat is more urgent and diverse:

    * Legally mandated NARA records release bearing on CIA’s 1963 coup d’état;

    * International legal pursuit (in inter alia Italy, Poland, Germany, Spain, and Canada, with international civil society including CCR and CJR) of systematic and widespread CIA torture and disappearance amounting to crimes against humanity;

    * Civil society legal challenges to CIA’s serious crimes (including Abdul Wahed Shannan Al Rabbat v. Blair, Saleh v. Bush, and prospective JASTA suits,) which, when quashed, will support ICC admissibility of crimes the state is unwilling or unable to prosecute;

    * NWC and BWC treaty bodies openly denouncing US proliferation effected by CIA assets including Marc Grossman, Will Cathcart, and Robert Garry, in the 2015 NWC Review Conference and in ministerial-level Russian statements exposing US efforts to thwart the object and purpose of the BWC.

    And at this juncture, after a quarter century of CIA cadres installed to head the executive (Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama,) a president under insecure control takes office. Of course CIA has to destroy him.

  7. Isn’t it amazing how the Trump-Russia vote hack BS story has disappeared to be replaced by another False Flag?

    Amazing, truly amazing!

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