I’ll be on Crowd Source the Truth Tonight at 7pm Eastern with Jason Goodman

Tonight I’ll be doing an interview with Jason Goodman on his show Crowd Source the Truth

Here is his Facebook page

Here is his Youtube channel

It’ll be a live broadcast on Youtube. One of these links will bring you to the program.

We’ll be talking about all sorts of things from #UNRIG Snake Oil to Charlottesville’s Gladio event.


Interview went well. Lots of new info. You can find the archive of it on Jason’s Youtube channel here.

3 Responses

  1. Comrade Everyman have you heard about the white van attack in Spain?
    Russian Nazi white nationalist Confederate hackers were controlling the van with an antenna hidden in a Robert E. Lee statue at KGB headquarters North America aka Trump Tower.
    More updates as soon as they can be made up.

    • oh snap. was that the same Russian Nazi white nationalist Confederate hackers who gave George W. Bush and Dick Cheney all that fake intell on Iraq and made us shock and awe them all to death? The same Russian Nazi white nationalist Confederate hackers who hacked all the banks and made them profit so much from the subprime loan scheme? Those diabolical bastards!!!!

  2. Hi Scott,

    Just finished watching the entire Crowd Source the Truth (CSTT) interview. I’ve been following George Webb for a few hundred days, so I’m familiar with CSTT. Awesome input and knowledge shared by you with the CSTT community. Hope that you return often and thanks for posting where to find you in all your other interviews. I’ve been on your site everyday since finding your MH17 commentary.

    Great exposure and great commentary with a new community tonight. Congrats!

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