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  1. […] via McCain condemns far-right violence in Charlottesville while supporting Ukrainian nationalists — Am… […]

    • I didn’t know that was you. Now I’m looking at your email address. lol. yeah, I should have figured that out sooner. I’m a bit slow.

      She did the same thing to me when I did my first interview with Tom. She was MAD. Course, I said something about Di$info live on the air. I was bent a little when it happened. but you know, it’s her livelihood. and as you well know, that’s a small town all you guys share. so I got over it. you will to. she probably reacts as strongly as she does now because folks like me cost her some revenue and, you know, it’s tough out here these days.

      But it was good talking to you. I’ll be back on again and you call in and we’ll chat again. don’t take it personally. she does it with everyone. she did it to me and.. I understand. you know?

  2. Blame all our congressional prostitutes and not just McCrazy for this massive hyporisy, as very few of them have raised any objections to the spigot of cash Oldbummer set about opening and funneling to the real Nazis in the Ukraine.

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