Watch Destabilization Assets Link Fake Nazis With Folks Who Oppose the Syrian Regime Change Program

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Ok… that didn’t take long…

“activists” who say we should get out of Syria and stop arming al Qaeda and al Nusra over there are… are what? Nazis.

You’re a fucking NAZI if you don’t support al Qaeda in Syria. That’s just fucking great.

I rest my case.

This is what they do. They cross-purpose events like these with movements they feel get in their way. In this case, it’s those of us out here who have been working for years to oppose our Global War OF Terror regime change operation in Syria. The operators/actors involved in this little scene are about as ham-handed and obvious as they could be when they deliberately insert propaganda about “barrel bombs” and Assad’s use of chemical weapons which has been debunked time and time again. But not for these ass-hat Special Ops agent provocateurs.

This clip comes from Friday as the fake Nazis were preparing for their little destabilization march.

I’ve seen some trying to link the BDS movement with this psyop. I’ve seen em linking Tucker Carlson with it as well because he dares suggest mass uncontrolled immigration does nothing but depress wages and hurt indigenous workers’ standards of living. Interestingly enough, after Tucker was linked with this event, he had William Binney on last night to talk about the new evidence which proves the Russians didn’t “hack” anything.

You will see more of this kind of disinfo/propaganda in the near future as EVERYONE on the MSM agrees, we are going to see more of this destabilization campaign very soon.

Funny thing is, these are supposedly Nazis and Syria’s legitimate government is Baathist… which means, VERY SOCIALIST. You tell me why fascists are cheering a socialist leader.

11 Responses

  1. They think everyone is as dumb as they are.

  2. Nazi = National Socialist.

  3. the update:
    I thought the people who opposed the take over of Syria were Communists ….now they are calling us (them) Nazis?
    they can’t get their stories straight.

  4. Israel and her Western lackey’s sure are PO that Assad hasn’t had a bayonet enema and Syria totally destroyed. By now, the death dealers should of already been Shocking and Awing Iran.

    Wonder if those antifa clowns know that if they get their wish, and the USA is totally taken over by the puppet masters pulling their strings, they’ll be the first to get rounded up and marched to some remote quarry?

  5. Great work on diciphering Charlottesville. As for the “Assad did nothing wrong”, that’s been a meme for years on /pol/. Those guys poke fun at the MSM lies with satire and humor. For example, they made T-shirts that say “Assad’s Barrel Bomb Brigade”. They know it’s MSM BS. IT’s been their way of countering the lies. Just like they did with Pepe. They troll the gullible MSM who take everything they say literally. They also joke about “tossing Communists out of helicopers” a la Pinochet. Again, it’s a troll. It has been effective at times, other times not so much.

  6. That’s a disturbing development to say the least.

  7. Hey Scott, long time no see, I thought I quickly share this with you. Speaking of fascism I found this gem from Facebook that really got my blood boiled. This is from Political Haze.
    “Lay down with Russian dogs, you wake up with Nazi fleas.”

    This is my response.
    “You disgrace the millions of people not just the Russians but the millions of Soviet peoples who gave their lives against fascism! Shame on you! I have no sympathy for Trump and his base but you are a bigot. Russians are people too and the way you dehumanize the Russian people is disgusting. You might as well join the racists and the Ukrainian fascists proclaiming your bigotry against Russians. Shame on you! Russians are human beings too!”

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