Charlottesville Cops DO NOTHING as Wrecked Dodge Challenger Drives by them On The Road (video)

by Scott Creighton

Protesters and witnesses to the Charlottesville attack can’t believe the lack of interest from Va. State Police when they tell them the fucked up Dodge Challenger driving slowly down the road just ran over a bunch of people on the street. Notice the police car in the upper left-hand corner of the screen at the beginning. It’s just sitting there as the clearly wrecked vehicle drives by dragging it’s front end off to the side.

Later in the video, you see those cops get OUT of their vehicle (their PURSUIT vehicle) and go on with their day.

The police on the side of the road, several of them, look at the wrecked Dodge Challenger, front-end totally trashed, dragging part of the car on the right side of the vehicle so much so it has to DRIVE WELL OVER THE YELLOW LINE to keep from hitting more vehicles parked on the right.

These cops see this display and DO NOTHING.

It doesn’t even occur to them this guy is CLEARLY leaving a hit and run incident?

Either there are a HELL of a lot of wrecked cars running from the scenes of accidents in Charlottesville OR…

Their Spidey cop senses don’t tell them that at that particular time of day ON A SATURDAY this guy could be SHIT FACED DRUNK and maybe they should stop the DANGEROUS VEHICLE and figure out WHAT’S GOING ON… even if they don’t know about the attack yet (which they probably did because clearly it had gone out on their radios by then)?

Watch as the witnesses and protesters try to alert the cops that the criminal hit and run driver is GETTING AWAY and the cops don’t seem to give a shit. The protesters can’t seem to believe it.

How much you wanna bet those officers would have RUN after the car ON FOOT had he hit a bunch of riot police officers?

Gee, it’s almost like the police inaction from the night before when the melee was ALLOWED TO HAPPEN around that stupid statue.

Gee, it’s almost like the police inaction on Sunday when that agent provocateur guy tried to give a press conference and he was attacked by other agent provocateurs and AGAIN the cops on the scene did NOTHING.

5 Responses

  1. Those cops must have had a ‘Stand Down’ order. They didn’t even react when an obviously suspicious vehicle drives right by them.

  2. okay I am a little confused. The smashed up car has hood stripes down the middle yet videos show a car without the hood stripes. Am I missing something???

    • not at all. it’s possible he had the car painted. possible he wrecked it and got a paint job. But here’s something interesting, the registration says the car he bought had a sun roof. watch the videos. does that car have a sun roof?

  3. That is a good catch Scott. When I first saw the photo of him next to the car (in the red shirt), i thought is looked a little shopped or something. Definitely not a power moon roof on any of those pics.

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