Jason Kessler of the “neo-Nazis” Attacked and Chased by “Progressive Nazis”

by Scott Creighton

Nazis Nazis everywhere…

This is almost as despicable of a scene as I saw yesterday when that car ran into a bunch of protesters.

Apparently Jason Kessler who was one of the organizers for the Unite the Right rally, tried to give a public statement regarding the events of yesterday. For some stupid reason they held it outside rather than inside where attendance could be controlled. They also didn’t have any police protection keeping the raving angry mob from him during the event. Needless too say, they didn’t allow him to say anything that could have even remotely resembled remorse because that wouldn’t serve their interests. So they attacked and chased him and the police were only mildly involved while all the cameras followed like a pack of vultures just hoping to get something juicy for the 6 o clock news.

Do you what this reminds me of? It reminds me of the Black Lives Matter professional disrupters breaking up a Bernie Sanders rally in much the same way. Remember that? Of course they didn’t hit him and chase him off the stage, but they might as well have.

Anyone who reads my website knows I am certainly not a fan of Jason Kessler (whoever that is) and/or what is called the ‘alt-right”

But I am a fan of free speech and human decency.

Someone smarter than I am once said “if you don’t support someone’s right to utter the most offensive speech you can think of, you don’t support free speech” or something to that effect. And that’s the way I look at it.

Let’s take a second and consider just what would have happened if the Soros-backed paid provocateurs and the Koch-backed paid provocateurs had carried out their little destabilization event these past few days and no one gave a shit. How would that have been? Pretty nice huh?

The MSM is angry because they no longer get to tell us what to think. We figured them out and tuned out. Pissed em off.

These destabilization campaigns will go the same route in time. I’m sure of that. But until then we all have to suffer with this shit.

I’m not going to rehash all the reasons I know for a fact this was all part of a new round of American Gladio destabilization campaigns that are probably kicking off to distract from any number of important stories that are surfacing right now in this country.

This particular moment is very telling though in that it seems certain factions out there feel so threatened by ideas they are doing their level best to normalize violent opposition to hearing them spoken. And this is troubling indeed.

In the UK certain factions are steadily working to shut down voices who oppose Zionism. Here in the states AIPAC has a bill in the works to keep businesses from supporting BDS, folks who oppose Zionist businesses profiting from the occupation of Palestine.

Used to be people could express their feelings and their ideas and we would either confront them on their merits or ignore them because they didn’t deserve the effort to reply. Now that is steadily being replaced by a sense that we can use violence to stop them and in some twisted way be considered heroic or even patriotic for doing so.

When ideas become this dangerous to a society, the sickness may already be terminal.

The Nazis these people hate with such passion are all around them. Hell, many of them get paychecks from some like Soros for instance. Many of them openly support neo-Nazi color revolutions in places like Ukraine and Venezuela. And in fact, a former president of the U.S. had a Nazi-banker for a grandfather and another had one for his father. So I don’t think any of these assholes really know what a Nazi is. And that’s a Goddamned fact. Hell they worship Zuckerberg and Google and it’s hard too find a more Nazi company than Google these days.

But that’s a different article.

It’s worrisome that so many can be so easily affected by these psyops today. You would think they’d seen enough of em that they could recognize them instantly. Unfortunately not. That’s the power of identity politics I suppose.

“Neo-nazis”, “progressive Nazis”, Banker Nazis, “Black Lives Matter Nazis”. Lots of Nazis. Nazis everywhere you look these days. Nazis under every bed. And who are we supposed to hate on the left and the right? Yep. The Russians.

Oh what tangled webs we weave, huh?

6 Responses

  1. I agree, it looks to me like one group of ignorant of history, misguided and easily led group encountered another just as ignorant and just as easily led. I am hoping in the next week plus we will hear that members of each group were paid to attend and paid to riot. Sad, if they were marching to support the South’s position on State’s Rights and the other was marching in support of the North’s position on Federal supremacy over states it might have been worth hearing about.

  2. Hard to figure out who the real spider is.

  3. what communion hath darkness with light ?


    where specifically in the CONstitution do you find the word…


    what a tsunami of hypocrisy bedevils this {{{{MODERN SOCIETY}}}}

  4. y’know, one truly weird aspect of this whole thing is how these neo-nazis have been conflated with “conservatives” & that some of our right-wing neighbors are buying into it (or at least it seems that way from some of the comments i’ve seen online). i’m sure there have to be at least some real conservatives who condemn & want nothing to do with white supremacists.

    • of course there are. some liberals aren’t Clintonista Nazis as well. but unfortunately, none of them seem to hold favor with the masters of the universe these days.

  5. Maybe u recognize kesslers name of occupy wall street obama voter this runs deep

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