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  1. Thanks Scott. You are the Go To Guy for pysops. Thanks for making the video and sharing your valuable insights.

  2. Great video, thanks! When I saw photos from the “riot” I was struck by the uniformity of the “Nazi” protesters. I have never seen US, EU or Ukraine Nazi dressed in khaki trousers-pressed mind you, sensible shoes and ALL with short haircuts. I thought it was very odd. Now that the ‘man on the scene” is identified as a State Dept and foreign service employee it all makes sense. I think this racial conflict aka Trump supporters hate blacks story is the latest project for the govt team that run “lone gunman massacres” under Obama. Thanks again!

  3. Just posted info about your video and a link on MoA, have a great evening!

  4. Gilmore attempts to defend himself in Politico here. His defense is basically “nuh uhh. Am not.” and then claim that the people making the claims are nazis and defending white supremacy. http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2017/08/21/fake-news-charlottesville-215514

  5. Brennan Gilmore is a C.I.A. officer, not a State Dept. employee. He was working under official cover inside State Dept. embassies in Africa.

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