Charlottesville Attack: A Strategy of Tension (AE video)

This is the original video from Brennan Gilmore. He’s the guy from the State Department who’s video is all over YouTube on other people’s channels. One of the videos I include in this video is his. Just like I thought.

3 Responses

  1. The cops say they have the driver in custody, but have not released his name. Has anyone seen photos or videos from the front, showing the driver’s face, and if he had any passengers? All I have seen just show the highly tinted side and back windows. Just speculating, but I would watch to see if they frame a patsy for this.

  2. The fatality was an IWW member which plays perfectly into the “punch an Nazi” debate that has been going on in anarchist circles. Meanwhile the alt-right are calling it a Soros (aka Emmanuel Goldstein) backed false-flag. This means that anyone who raises questions will be seen as an illegitimate right wing conspiracy nutter. Do you ever feel like you are powerlessly watching a mass immolation unfolding like a nuclear blast in slow motion?

  3. Bet they find all sorts of anti-Israel garbage on his cell phone or other device, then watch how fast that anti-BDS bill sails thru Congress and the WH.

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