Car Plows into Demonstrators at Unite the Right Destabilization Rally in Charlottesville Va (videos)

by Scott Creighton

Last night a bunch of destabilization assets met around the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville Va. to hold a “torchlight” rally where they chanted things like “white lives matter’ and made sure folks with cameras filming the “event” saw them giving the Nazi salute to one another. They were almost exclusively white, military age men. As expected, things got out of hand and headlines were made.

They were holding tiki torches and selfie sticks.

No prison tats. No face tats. No AB jackets. All with short groomed hair. Damn, it almost looks like they got new recruits from the area police departments and set em to work as agent provocateurs without their masks.

Later, the police recruits are marching down the street chanting “blood and soil” which is from Nazi ideology. From what I understand, no arrests were made after the rally and march in spite of the fact that you can clearly see cops chase one cop-looking guy through the crowd and put him in hand cuffs before leading him off somewhere.

Several “alt-right” speakers were supposed to speak today but I don’t know if this event changed that or not.

A group of counter-protesters, the Soros-backed side of this destabilization event, were in the street and marching either toward the location of the event or away from it after it happened when this happened.

The Times described the events this way:

By 11 a.m., the scene had exploded into taunting, shoving and outright brawling. Barricades encircling the park and separating the two sides began to come down, and police temporarily retreated. People were seen clubbing one another in the streets, and pepper spray filled the air.

The police cleared the area before noon, and the Virginia National Guard arrived as officers began arresting some who remained for unlawful assembly. But fears lingered that the altercation would start again nearby, even as politicians, including Gov. Terry McAuliffe of Virginia, a Democrat, and Representative Paul Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin and the House speaker, condemned the violence.

A couple of hours later, a car plowed into a crowd of counterprotesters, and city officials said there were multiple injuries after a three-car crash. New York Times

As it turns out, a former State Department regime change asset just HAPPENED to be there to give the definitive version of events to the press.

Brennan Gilmore, a 38-year-old Charlottesville resident who came Saturday to oppose the white nationalists, was filming his friends demonstrating three blocks away from the park when he noticed a gray car drive past.

Mr. Gilmore turned his camera in time to see the car slow as it approached the counterprotesters and then suddenly speed up, ramming into the car in front of it and the crowd itself…

“The violence and hatred in our society is out of control. We like to think that it’s better than places like Africa and Asia, but it’s not,” said Mr. Gilmore, who worked in Africa as a U.S. State Department foreign service officer before leaving to manage the campaign of Tom Perriello for Virginia governor earlier this year. “I’m worried.” New York Times

Gilmore was in the perfect position to film the whole thing. I believe that first video is his.

Isn’t it funny how there is always someone with official ties right there to make sure a good video of the event?

Hospitals aren’t releasing details on the injured at this point.

Real neo-Nazis look quite a bit different than what we are seeing in Virginia right now.

Image result for aryan brotherhood

They don’t all look the same, but they got the same look in their eyes. At least the ones who don’t work on Wall Street do.

Related image

Image result for aryan brotherhood

I didn’t see any bike gang colors in that group from last night. No AB patches. No tats. Not a single one of those hanging out with tiki torches from some middle-class suburban home looked like he ever spent a day in the joint. Funny that huh?

And walking down the street chanting cliched Nazi slogans to make sure everyone could point their fingers and say “there go the Nazis”? Seems a bit obvious, doesn’t it?

Clearly the car ramming into protesters was real enough. So was the former State Department guy there at just the right place at just the right time to record it.

They are really cranking up the destabilization campaign aren’t they?

6 Responses

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  2. I’ll believe the car ramming was real when someone comes up with a steady shot of the entire event. Those videos prove nothing.

  3. Have you not seen all the videos we are being provided where the camera operators cannot seem to keep their camera on the actual event as it happens? And, incredibly, one actually puts his fingers over the camera just as the event happens?

    And, yes, that photo I first saw on the NYT and it’s exactly why I’m calling bs on this. Both of those guys look like they’ve been photoshopped in. The light on the black man, especially, looks like the photo was taken in another setting.

  4. Here’s some more evidence there were agents-provocateurs on both sides in Charlottesville. I wonder if they sell that t-shirt at the CIA Company Store?

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