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 North Korea, the Glorious Kurds, FBI raiding somone’s house other than Killary


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I Hear Ya, I Speak

by Scott Creighton

A reader left this comment:

I Speak

Thanks for reminding me of the reality behind the N. Korea – Trump situation. I had momentarily forgotten about the THAAD contracts. The MSM keeps bombarding us with news about who threatened who but with no background information.

I listen to classical music on the radio but I can’t avoid having to listen to the news on that radio station. Now I think I’ll try to listen to only recorded music, largely cut the radio out of my life, and get my news from selected internet sites. I already refuse to watch TV – I haven’t watched the idiot box for years.

To which I reply with a flashback to 1977. A time when, like now, our world is steadily shifting to make ready for the new reactionary revolution. A time when, like now, a new energy was surging just beneath the surface of our skin. At the tender age of 11, I didn’t understand it then. But I could hear it. And I understand it now:

You might not be a history buff, so let’s update that message a little, shall we?

McResistance Fully Supporting Trump’s Bloated Military Budget (Jimmy Dore video)

A little perspective on the North Korean “crisis”

The Latest North Korean “Crisis” – Brought to you by your friends at Lockheed Martin “We’re CRUSHING Peace for Profit”

by Scott Creighton

A representative of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions holds an anti-THAAD banner at a demonstration in Soseong-ri, Seongju County, South Korea. (Photo: Jon Letman)

A representative of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions holds an anti-THAAD banner at a demonstration in Soseong-ri, Seongju County, South Korea. (Photo: Jon Letman)

Back in May of this year, Moon Jae-in won a presidential election in South Korea and took office. He campaigned on the radical idea that maybe the people of his nation would be better off if they normalized relations with the government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK or “North Korea” and pursued the Sunshine Policy the previous corrupt president of South Korea turned her back on at the behest of America and her “national interests”

The previous corrupt president was kicked out of office for being corrupt but before she left she cut a deal to stick another THAAD missile defense system in her country, a deal that promised HUGE profits for Lockheed Martin, the company that manufactures them.

But when Moon took over, he put those plans on hold (as we knew he would) and the pundits, the bought off generals (both ours and South Korea’s) and the CIA (via their Mockingbirds in the MSM) started their latest round of destabilization/aggression toward the DPRK in an effort to turn up the heat on the Korean peninsula, defeat the dreaded idea of peace in the region and force Moon to acquiesce to the wishes of the glorious Military Industrial Complex. Lockheed’s website on the THAAD system says “We’re engineering a better tomorrow” and shows a missile blowing something up. Engineering a better tomorrow… with high explosives.

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A History Of Violence – The Myth Of The Moderate Kurdish Rebel

(Gee. Sarah has written three whole articles about the Glorious Kurds in terms of 1. their plan to steal parts of 4 nations 2. them being lapdogs for the U.S. and Israel  3. their brutal history and the fact that they are ethnically cleansing the areas with the help of “ISIS” to make their new Greater Kurdistan. I wonder if anyone else has covered this breaking news. I only wish there were some place you could go where you could find an archive of articles that covered this for the past couple of years while it was happening in real time. ಠ_ಠ )

by Sarah Abed, Mint Press

In Part I of independent analyst Sarah Abed’s three-part analysis for MintPress News, Abed began exposing the modern day Kurdish/Israeli alliance that both parties have tried to keep hidden in order to avoid drawing the public’s attention to their ultimate plan, as well as the U.S.’ use of Kurdish factions in destabilizing the Middle East.

The Kurds have engaged in such relationships in part because of internal divisions and disunity, which have also made it difficult to fulfill their goal of establishing a fully autonomous Kurdistan spanning over the four countries they currently occupy.

Abed also examined the Syrian government’s attempts at keeping the country united by addressing and implementing constitutional changes that benefit the Kurds – attempts that have still failed to convince separatist Kurds to abandon their goal of Balkanizing and illegally confiscating parts of Syria at the cost of the people who reside there.

Part II examined this topic in greater depth in hopes of raising awareness of this little-known but imperative part of the Syrian puzzle. Abed analyzed the Kurds’ link to apartheid Israel and why the country has taken such a strong interest in the group, as well as the strange phenomenon of Western military veterans traveling to Syria to fight alongside the Kurds…

In Part III of Abed’s analysis, she will cover human rights violations, both past and present, that have been committed by the Kurds against Arabs and Christian minorities, as well as address misconceptions as to why the Kurds remain stateless…

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