“Enough about Your Problems with Rabid Zionists Richie. I need some MONEY!” Robert David Steele on Richie Allen Show

by Scott Creighton

I am so sick of snake oil salesman Robert David Steele but he keeps showing up on all these alternative left-leaning news programs and not a damn one of these interviewers actually interviews the fucker. They’re infomercials for the prick and his #UNRIG scam. It makes me sick.

Steele was on Richie Allen yesterday and:

No. The answer to all of those questions is … no. Richie did not ask him a single question about any of that shit.

Richie did ask him if Robert thought Donald Trump was a Zionist’s wet dream to wit Robert replied “no”

At some point Richie asked a very pertinent question about a recent statement made by Henry Kissinger saying if we get rid of “ISIS” we would be opening the door to an Iranian empire and he wondered why it was that Kissinger is still relevant in this country today. It was a very good and reasonable question, certainly timely… to which RDS replied:

“well, the reptilian satanic cabal is very tight knit and Henry Kissinger is easily one of the satanic sodomized specialists”

Ah. Yeah. Thank you very much for injecting the word “reptilian” in there in an OBVIOUS pandering exercise to David Icke fans. Pandering to them so he could hit em up for $20,000 in traveling cash.

Like I have said before… Robert David Steele is a chameleon rain-maker. He’ll say anything he thinks your audience WANTS to hear. He’ll make sure to stick it in there someplace no matter how hard he has to work to force it into a conversation you have with him. He does that for fucking $$$$ WHICH IS ALL HE IS ABOUT.

Early in his talk with Richie, Steele introduced the possibility that they might “modify” the 12-point Election Reform Act to where it simply “calls for a national conversation about election reform”

How about that folks? Right at the time when congress gets back in session, Robert here, Mr. Self-described Champion of Election Reform, is going to soften his stance on reform and say we should have a “national conversation about election reform”

You know who else is saying that? James Woolsey for one. He thinks we should spend a bunch more money on NEW electronic voting machines. The Department of Homeland Security for another since they seem to want to have more federal involvement with the election system itself.

However you look at it, this sudden shift in Steele’s rhetoric about what he is ‘demanding” from Trump and congress critters seems a little convenient for those looking to push some kind of election reform next month, doesn’t it? Especially since his whole Big PLAN involves holding town hall meetings and making sure Trump ends up being “the greatest president of all time”

At the end of the interview, leading into it, Richie mentioned they were running out of time and went on to ask Robert what he thought about the ongoing Zionist attacks against Gilad Atzmon, himself and David Icke. Apparently whenever one of these guys tries to hold a public event, someone from the rabid ultra-Zionist camp either calls or threatens the venue and tried to get it canceled. Also, recently at one of Gilad’s jazz performances, some Zionist protester punched his 70-year-old jazz percussionist or something like that. It’s getting pretty bad over there right now. I talked with Gilad once on Tom Kiely’s show (which I will be on this coming Thursday by the way) and I like the guy.

But what does Robert Snake Oil Steele do when Richie brings that up?

All he heard was they were running out of time so he basically tells Richie to shut up so he can beg for donations for his ridiculous #UNRIG scam. It was that fucking rude and Richie should have pulled the plug on the bastard… but instead, he was polite and let the milk the last few minutes begging for 20 grand over the next two weeks to pay for his 3 month long RV road trip vacation.

Robert David Steele is just the next flavor of fake activist like Ken O’Keefe. He’s a scam artist who actually hinted that he would like Cynthia to be Trump’s next running mate while he gets to head up a new “crowdsourced intelligence agency” that he’s been pushing for decades. In case you don’t remember, another Zionist shill, George Webb, had a “crowdsource the truth” scam going a while back. He admitted he’s an Israeli asset. And you can thank “crowdsourced” intelligence for the PizzaGate bullshit disinfo.

And that’s what Robert David Steele wants to head up. After he gets Cynthia to “deliver” the black vote to Trump, the greatest president of all time (according to Steele)

Like Ken O’Keefe, RDS is a scam artist. He’s trying to scrounge up as much money as he possibly can before folks catch on to him and he has to pack up his snake oil RV and head out of town before they run him out on a rail.

I know that, according to #UNRIG’s website, RDS is bribing various Youtubers to give him interviews in order to get his snake oil plan in front of their viewers. He does a little research, figures out what bullshit he has to say to that specific audience to get their attention, then presents himself as the great savior, the “fastest and best way to restore democracy and save President Trump’s presidency”

I doubt Richie would take a “gift” (as they are labeled on his “budget” page on his website) from an interviewee before a show. I really doubt it.

But I have too say, I did an interview with Richie and was very gracious as was he as a host, but I can’t imagine him letting Robert get away with blowing him off when he was bringing up his, David’s and Gilad’s issues with Zionist so they could plug his donation page. That’s pretty fucking tacky if you ask me and I am surprised Richie put up with it.

2 Responses

  1. speaking of ken o’keefe, i’ve only seen him once in the last few months — it seems he’s keeping (o’keefing?) a low profile. i left a comment on his page telling him that he’s a liar and a fraud and a cheat, but that comment is still “awaiting moderation” — and it’s been several months now.

    scott, maybe you’re not presenting your stories properly. there’s probably a lot more money in stories about hillary & trump being lizards — along with some footage of them “molting”, of course.

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